Nimitz Fully covers Nimitz s naval career in addition to delving into his rural childhood and roles as husband and father

  • Title: Nimitz
  • Author: E.B. Potter
  • ISBN: 9780870214929
  • Page: 400
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Fully covers Nimitz s naval career in addition to delving into his rural childhood and roles as husband and father.

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    1. E.B. Potter

      Elmer Belmont Ned Potter was an American historian and author He was the leading naval historian at the United States Naval Academy from the late 1940s to the mid 1970s, and author editor, in collaboration with Fleet Admiral Chester W Nimitz, of the Naval Academy s famous textbook on naval history, Sea Power.


    1. Having recently read a biography of Chester Nimitz's World War II Army counterpoint Dwight Eisenhower, I came into this expecting considerably more than what was delivered, and in this case I can't fault the subject."Nimitz" is what happens when a figure of great historical significance entrusts his story to a handpicked historian and instructor from the Naval Academy in Annapolis: a biography that reads like a textbook with about as much sizzle and controversy.To this baby-boomer, Nimitz is one [...]

    2. Good study of Nimitz. Unfortunately, the author’s real world friendship with the subject contributed to a somewhat biased view, allowing certain negative aspects of his personality and worldview to go unchallenged or unexplored. I would, however, still recommend reading for someone wishing to explore this more reclusive figure of the Second World War.

    3. In-depth study of a heroKnew the name and a little of his service. Now know a great deal more and have a greater appreciation of a quiet warrior.

    4. Wow! An exhaustive read on the greatest Admiral the US Navy has ever had. E. B. Potter has outdone an exceptional job in this 1976 edition on Chester Nimitz. It is thoroughly written, details the intimate inner-personality and leadership style of a truly great military leader of World War II. I got to know Admiral Nimitz so well because of this book, I felt I had made a personal friend. I truly admire Nimitz's particular brand and style of leadership qualities, his deep sense of moral and ethica [...]

    5. Potter's biography of Chester Nimitz, CinCPac, is a good war biography. It can usefully be read in conjunction with Potter's volume on William Halsey, "Bull Halsey," and Thomas Buell's biography of the less flamboyant Raymond Spruance, "The Quiet Warrior." The book is functionally--but surely not elegantly--written. It traces the life of Chester Nimitz from his childhood to Annapolis to his rise in the ranks of the Navy to World War II and beyond. Much detail is provided, including information o [...]

    6. "Nimitz" is one excellent biography. I'm doing research on the first seven months of the war in the Pacific, and "Nimtz" gave me great ideas and a large fund of information. It traces the life of one of our greatest sailors from the prairies of Texas to his death in California with WWI and WWII in between, and it is one thrilling story. You see a man who remained calm under pressure, who brought out the best in his subordinates, and who could face the Japanese when they had superior numbers and [...]

    7. One of this nations greatest leaders coming out of WWII, Admiral Chester Nimitz was the right man at the right time in history to lead the victory over a tough and determined enemy. As CNCPAC (Commander N Chief Paciffic) he lead Naval, Marine and Army elements in a struggle for supremacy in the Pacific. In a series of island hoping campaigns ultimate victory was achieved but not without serious losses of men and ships. The tremendous pressure that he worked under and the awsome responsibilities [...]

    8. I think I am fairly knowledgeable about the events of the period, but this book told me quite a few things I didn't know, especially about the inner workings of the small groups of men running the war in the Pacific. Not sure I know a whole lot more about Nimitz the man - you are pretty much left to draw your own conclusions - but perhaps that's as it should be.Interesting that Nimitz ran a destroyer aground in the Philippines and was officially reprimanded, but still went on to the pinnacle of [...]

    9. Tom Allen loaned us this book. An interesting read about the man and his life. (Completely different from "Visions from a Foxhole") He was a good officer and commander and had a lot to do with the outcome of WWII. Not a detailed narrative of all the battles but more of what was happening from his place on Pearl Harbor and Guam as a commander who was not on site. He was a very respected man throughout his life.

    10. Excellent biography. First, it wasn't done in chronological order which helped make it a much more interesting read. Second, it focused on the big battles of the Pacific but from the standpoint of what Nimitz knew and why he made the decisions he did. So it wasn't a repeat of battle descriptions but provided insight from a different perspective.

    11. An outstanding biography of the leader of the Pacific Fleet in WWII. Nimitz was one of those rare (non-existent?) WWII leaders who was less interested in self-promotion than he was in winning the war. A model of leadership and humility. A great American and a great story.

    12. Fantastic book on one of the perennial figures on the U.S. Navy. Goes into significant detail on leadership decisions during the Pacific War, and provides an excellent overview of the pre-war, war, and post-war periods and Admiral Nimitz's contributions.

    13. My favorite biography of one of our greatest leaders. I really enjoined how it bounced back and forth between his early days and his time as a wartime commander

    14. A good view of a military genius written by a historian. No, that part is not a compliment. However, he is a good historian.

    15. A very pleasant well crafted recount of Nimitz, with particular focus on the many decisions he made or contributed to, in the Pacific War.

    16. Was this guy the bees knees or what? The United States produced some incredible human beings in the mid 20th Century. Wish we cold find their ilk today.

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