Six Weeks to Yehidah

Six Weeks to Yehidah The thing you would notice most was the rain how the rain fell and fell and never seemed to stop The sky was constantly swollen with it then birthing it swollen then birthing again and the hills

  • Title: Six Weeks to Yehidah
  • Author: Melissa Studdard
  • ISBN: 9780984651702
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • The thing you would notice most was the rain, how the rain fell and fell and never seemed to stop The sky was constantly swollen with it, then birthing it, swollen, then birthing again, and the hills, like greedy babies, suckled up all that rain They shone and glistened green as the backs of frogs on bright green lily pads.Annalise was ten then, old enough that she d be The thing you would notice most was the rain, how the rain fell and fell and never seemed to stop The sky was constantly swollen with it, then birthing it, swollen, then birthing again, and the hills, like greedy babies, suckled up all that rain They shone and glistened green as the backs of frogs on bright green lily pads.Annalise was ten then, old enough that she d begun thinking about grown up things, like picking her own clothes out for school, yet young enough, still, to indulge in fanciful imaginings of enchanted trees and talking hills Her best friends were the clouds that canopied her village and the verdant hills that hosted her most precious and outrageous dreams As spunky young Annalise travels from one adventure to another, she learns ancient wisdom traditions and gains deeper and deeper insight into herself and her world Eventually she must make the most important decision she s ever faced whether or not to return to the self she has always known.

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      Melissa Studdard s debut poetry collection, I Ate the Cosmos for Breakfast, was recently released by Saint Julian Press She is also the author of the best selling novel Six Weeks to Yehidah its companion journal, My Yehidah both on All Things That Matter Press and The Tiferet Talk Interviews Her awards include the Forward National Literature Award, the International Book Award, the Readers Favorite Award, and two Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards.Melissa s poetry, fiction, essays, reviews, and articles have appeared in dozens of journals and anthologies, including Boulevard, Connecticut Review, Pleiades, and Poets Writers In addition to writing, Melissa serves as editorial advisor for The Criterion and a host for Tiferet Talk radio She received her MFA from Sarah Lawrence college and is a professor for the Lone Star College System and a teaching artist for The Rooster Moans Poetry Cooperative.


    1. There’s a scene in Melissa Studdard’s delightful Six Weeks to Yehidah in which 10-year-old Annalise enters a portal to another world through an ancient petroglyph. Six Weeks to Yehidah is a true portal as well, a wide-open door into enlightenment through expert storytelling.I read the book in one sitting, charmed by its characters and pleased by the wisdom threaded through its pages. “There is no then. There’s only a chain of nows, a translucent yellow character named Bob tells Annalise [...]

    2. Six Weeks to Yehidah, and the story of Annalise of the Verdant Hills, is one of those rare books you will always treasure. As you delve fully into the story, dwell within the story beside Annalise as one of her guardian angles, you will experience a quickening of flesh and spirit, Spiritual Goosebumps. As Annalise discovers the depths of her being, so will you. As Annalise travels through heaven, so will you. As Annalise begins to awaken to the nature of her truest self, the truth, so will you. [...]

    3. Six Weeks to Yehidah is the story of Annalise, a young girl who enters a wondrous dreamscape. With the company of two very special friends, she takes a journey and meets a variety of intriguing and highly entertaining characters. Ultimately, it is up to Annalise to solve the greatest riddle of all: why she’s here, and what it all means. Her each step towards this answer is both delightful and thought-provoking. Six Weeks to Yehidah is a must read for any young person who knows there is more to [...]

    4. Six Weeks to Yehidah is a spiritual delight, a page-turner fantasy that takes its readers on a journey not to be missed. Melissa Studdard makes a brilliant debut in this young adults’ novel with memorable characters, powerful scenes, and intimacy rather than spectacle. The story is intelligent and compelling, a must-read for spiritual literature fans of all ages – refreshingly original, haunting, and heartfelt. This exceptional voyage with the heroine, Annalise, is delightfully childlike but [...]

    5. If you didn't have an open mind and open heart before reading Six Weeks to Yehidah, you certainly will after. In a time when every young person can use a hero, from the youthful and spirited imagination of Melissa Studdard comes Annalise of the Verdant Hills, a courageous ten year-old girl on a journey of innocent curiosity and discovery. In this debut best-selling novel, the characters Annalise encounters are vivid, vibrant and three-dimensional, challenging her to trust her own inner wisdom an [...]

    6. In Six Weeks to Yehidah, author Melissa Studdard gives her readers a rollicking account of a young girl’s adventures in a magical “other-where.” After 10-year-old Annalise and her two pet sheep, Mabel and Mimi, are caught in an unexpected flash flood, they awaken to find themselves transported to a place above the clouds. Here they meet a number of strange and wondrous beings, from Bob, a man made of light, to Hagski, a nasty bag lady who likes to make rules, to a shaman named Tony and his [...]

    7. I'm usually pretty leery of people who throw around the words "brilliant" or "instant classic" when they talk about books; however, in the case of Melissa Studdard's debut novel those descriptions are apt and inescapable. This isn't a genre I read very often--usually because I find it tedious or too fantastic for its own good. However, "Yehidah" sidesteps those traps in favor of a fresh story and believable characters drawn from friendly--and familiar--archetypes. The fact that there is a positi [...]

    8. (Copy received free through the First Reads giveaway.)I wanted to like this book much more than I actually did, but while it succeeds on a certain level, overall it just wasn't to my taste. I admit that based on the description given here on , I wasn't really sure what to expect from this book. The comparison that's made in the book's blurbs and endorsements is to the Wizard of Oz, but I felt that was somewhat misleading. For one thing, Oz had something important that this book doesn't: the Wic [...]

    9. DefinitionYehidah – The highest plane of the soul, in which one can achieve as full a union with God as is possible…SummaryWhile outside playing, young Annalise of the Verdant Hills finds herself far away from home in a mysterious land of clouds. She’s joined by her two sheep friends, Mabel and Mimi, who suddenly find they can talk. Together, they meet captivating people, visit new and enchanting lands, and have adventure after adventure, all the while discovering new truths about the worl [...]

    10. Six Weeks To Yehidah is a fantastical journey containing so much wisdom and insight. I can see why this is an award winning novel. This book has so many levels to it and you can read and enjoy it from any of them. At it's base it is a fun and spectacular fantasy story, containing lively worlds and creative characters. This book also has an immense amount of depth and if you choose to let it, it will really get your brain churning. The world building is wonderful and very enjoyable. You can easil [...]

    11. Six weeks to Yehidah is one of those books that have different messages for different readers. If you are a little kid you may enjoy the fantasy and the amazing world created by Melissa. Also you might find helpful lessons on it, because it has a lot of things that would help children through some paths of childhood. As for an adult (or a young adult like me) the book is a lovely book about self-discovery and about getting the wisdom to live a full life. It helps us to remind a lot of the things [...]

    12. Read this review and more at funsmartreviews/ When I started this book, I expected a simple story about a little girl with talking animal friends that grows up to get everything she wanted. The End. Boy, was I wrong! This book is so much more! You meet Annalise, who soon finds herself in a land that can hardly be named. She is taken many places, all the while finding her way through obstacles, and meeting people or rather, beings. Annalise learns about the person she really is, and her connectio [...]

    13. Reading Six Weeks to Yehidah, the debut novel by Melissa Studdard, one cannot help, but be reminded of a few other books. In fact, the more I read, the more I began to formulate a recipe in my minds-eye:Directions: Take pen and paper and add the following: A half tablespoon of The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum A pinch of Alice and Wonderland by Lewis CarrollA sprinkle of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis A smidgen of The Odyssey by HomerA dash of A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine [...]

    14. Where to begin. At the beginning of the book i felt or thought that i might be reading a children's book. But i soon realized that i as the reader was meant to travel with Annalise in her adventure. To take the journey with her, to awaken parts of me, to grow, and understand as she did how beautifully all things in our world are connected. Annalise has some very weird and silly experiences as she travels beyond that makes you think at first that what you're reading is children stories. However a [...]

    15. Melissa Studdard's joyfully written "Six Weeks to Yehidah" takes us into ten-year-old Annalise's magical dreamscape where thoughts become things and light manifests in sparkling colors that live and breathe and speak.An inquisitive child by nature, Annalise prefers the woods and fields to staying indoors. So when she finds herself on a grand adventure with sheep that learn how to talk, she is more than ready to explore each new wonder than to worry overly much about the strange and happy world t [...]

    16. Six Weeks to Yehidah takes you on an enchanting adventure with the delightful nine year-old Annalise and her two amazing, talking sheep friends, Mabel and Mimi. Swept away from her peaceful home in the rural Verdant Hills, to a mysterious place in the clouds, Annalise encounters a series of challenging circumstances, meets new friends and learns to deal with those who aren’t so friendly. Annalise is forced to make life changing decisions and learns not only about the new world she sees, but ga [...]

    17. Annalise of the Verdant Hills is a young girl with a super sized imagination. The fascinating visuals and sounds she conjures up in her mind lead her on a magical journey. Annalise travels to a variety of places beyond her wildest dreams with her sheep, Mabel and Mimi. What starts off as an amusing adventure quickly turns into an array of invaluable life lessons.Six Weeks to Yehidah is an enchanting and refreshing story that enlightened me in ways I never expected, and I easily adored Annalise a [...]

    18. When I first began reading "Six Weeks to Yehida", I found myself thinking of the beloved classic, :The Wizard of Oz". Soon it became apparent there was much of "Alice In Wonderland" within the pages. Then, as I read even further, it became very clear this book had much more meaning and combined the world of Fantasy with our own reality.It is my opinion, this book should be read by educators to their students and parents to their children. I rarely make a statement such as this, but it is my hone [...]

    19. In "Six Weeks to Yehidah," Melissa Studdard takes the reader on a spiritual journey through the eyes of Annalise of the Verdant Hills. In "Yehidah," “the hold of imagination” becomes as persistent as reality,” and Annalise discovers that the journey to discover one's self is also the journey to understanding the human (48). Despite her young age, Annalise shows the reader the meaning of universal acceptance, encountering strange creatures on her journey but ultimately discovering that peop [...]

    20. Six Weeks To Yehidah by Melissa Studdard weaves a spellbinding tale rich with imagistic prose and glittering landscapes. Told through the eyes of the 8 year old Annalise the reader travels through the clouds to magical lands and down into the mythical shimmering underwater city. Along the way, we meet a slew of compelling and relatable characters, charming, effervescent, frustrating and delightfully annoying. The author intersperses elements of music, magic, myth, native Indian iconography and m [...]

    21. Six weeks to Yehidah is a quick, easy and a fun read with some good messages in there, like acceptance of others and patience among others, the young generation would greatly benefit from this story, and learn some things along the way. It is a story of told through the eyes of Annalise, who enters a magical land with her two sheep and they meet different cast of characters from very annoying, to charming. I enjoyed Melissa Studdard’ delightful writing style and a her great imagination in writ [...]

    22. I found the book to be written very beautifully, it was simply not my cup of tea. It lacks a central plot and driving force behind the story, instead the character "falls" into every situation. The other reviews that compare it to "Alice in Wonderland" are spot on! See full review here:appraisingpages/2012/09/06

    23. Melissa Studdard is an author who needs no introduction. Of her many diverse talents and endeavors, Melissa serves also serves as a professor, editor, critic, and talk show host. But among the highlight of her many accomplishments is her award-winning children’s novel, Six Weeks To Yehidah.I cannot recall the last time that I have read a children’s novel—but to hold this book in my hands and indulge in the wonderment of these pages awoke my inner child and reminded me of how I came into wr [...]

    24. “The hold of imagination, Annalise realized, was as persistent as reality.”It took me a while to rate and review this book because I wanted to make sure I did it justice. The book contains very spiritual themes, some of which grated against my personal beliefs, so I wanted to process the story for a week or so to make sure I reviewed it honestly.Six Weeks to Yehidah is a beautiful book that explores religion, spirituality, and the value of self through the main character, Annalise, a 10-year [...]

    25. What debut novelist, Melissa Studdard, has cryptically crafted, in the lively and fantastically entertaining Six Weeks To Yehidah (SWTY), at the very least might be a Möbius strip in this rather fast-paced, mostly plot and idea driven narrative that unfolds in myriad and unexpected ways, and which begs this final inquiry – what really happens to our precocious, ten-year old protagonist, after she follows that initial flashing light into the hills? Light that might, or might not be, Bob’s fi [...]

    26. Summary"The thing you would notice most was the rain, how the rain fell and fell and never seemed to stop. The sky was constantly swollen with it, then birthing it, swollen, then birthing again, and the hills, like greedy babies, suckled up all that rain. They shone and glistened green as the backs of frogs on bright green lily pads.Annalise was ten then, old enough that she’d begun thinking about grown up things, like picking her own clothes out for school, yet young enough, still, to indulge [...]

    27. Review: Six Weeks to Yehidah by Melissa StuddardRating: 3.5 out of 5 starsSix Weeks to Yehidah by Melissa Studdard is a middle grade book essentially about theology and the meaning of life. The protagonist is ten year old Annalise who wanders away in the rain even though her mother said to stay near the house and goes on an incredible adventure with her two sheep Mabel and Mimi. On her adventure of self discovery Annalise learns so very much about herself, her purpose, and about the wonders of l [...]

    28. AudioBook Review: Overall: Stars: 4 Narration: 4 Story: 4A curious mix of children’s fantasy stories, Alice in Wonderland, Chronicles of Narnia and The Wizard of Oz, Melissa Studdard has crafted a lovely story perfect for middle-grade readers (or in this case, listeners). Annalise is 11 and a dreamer, she loves to sing to the clouds and imagine herself in the stories her mother reads to her. Despite her very tender age, Annalise is grappling with the questions we all have: why are we here and [...]

    29. This is a very unusual sort of book, at least compared to what I normally read. I don't read a lot of literary fiction, I prefer a straight-forward kind of story, but I found this book very thought-provoking. I couldn't just read it as a story, I had to think deeper about what the author was trying to say or what she seemed to be saying. This is the sort of story that what you see in it depends on what you bring to it. For example, when Annalise first enters the world above the clouds she runs i [...]

    30. Read & Comment Here: turningthepagesx/2This book took me completely by surprise. In fact even though I just finished this book a few hours ago I think I'm going to have to go back and re-read it because there were so many elements at work in the novel. I know one thing though that while this book is classified as a young adult novel and centers around a 10 year old little girl I think that the book could easily work as an adult novel regardless of the 10 year old heroine Annalise. In her nov [...]

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