Persuasion: A New Approach to Changing Minds

Persuasion A New Approach to Changing Minds At thirty Arlene Dickinson found herself stranded Recently divorced she had a high school diploma no savings and no clue how she was going to feed four young children But just one year later she w

  • Title: Persuasion: A New Approach to Changing Minds
  • Author: Arlene Dickinson
  • ISBN: 9781443405966
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Hardcover
  • At thirty, Arlene Dickinson found herself stranded Recently divorced, she had a high school diploma, no savings and no clue how she was going to feed four young children But just one year later, she was a partner in Venture Communications Ten years on, she was CEO, poised to grow the business into one of Canada s largest independently owned marketing firms Today, as aAt thirty, Arlene Dickinson found herself stranded Recently divorced, she had a high school diploma, no savings and no clue how she was going to feed four young children But just one year later, she was a partner in Venture Communications Ten years on, she was CEO, poised to grow the business into one of Canada s largest independently owned marketing firms Today, as a co star of the CBC TV hit Dragons Den, she is one of the country s most sought after female entrepreneurs The secret of her journey from poverty to the corner office The art of persuasion, as she explains with wit and unusual candour in this, her first book.Blending her own frank and highly entertaining stories with compelling social science, she explains how to persuade both in the boardroom and in everyday life the crucial importance of a particular kind of listening how to get people to buy into your ideas how to attract followers and deal with naysayers the art of storytelling how to turn mistakes to your advantage and how to seize opportunities where others see only roadblocks Anyone, she believes, can be persuasive just look how good we are at persuading ourselves we can t do things Using the tricks of her trade and insights from her own fascinating experiences with some of Canada s leading companies, Dickinson explains how to master the art of persuasion, without an M.B.A to achieve maximum success in business and in life.

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      Arlene Dickinson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Persuasion: A New Approach to Changing Minds book, this is one of the most wanted Arlene Dickinson author readers around the world.


    1. I've always enjoyed Arlene on Dragons' Den, how successful she is in business while often making her morals a deciding factor on whether or not to invest in a company. Her story intrigued me, how she managed to become a successful CEO despite no formal education. This is what led me to give Persuasion a shot, expecting it to be a biography of how she got to where she is.Persuasion ended up being completely different from what I had expected. Though I would love to learn more about her career lif [...]

    2. I like "Dragons' Den" and I like reading bios and books about how to improve oneself this book had it all.I could definitely hear Arlene's voice in this book. The focus is about persuading people to do what you want, whether that is in a business setting or in your personal life. Not surprising, because it is Arlene's voice, it's not a hard sell.To her, the basis of persuasion is made up of authenticity, honesty and reciprocity. If you don't believe in yourself, how can you persuade others to b [...]

    3. I found the content of this book rather dry and repetitive. When Arlene did tell personal stories they were vague and impersonal in order to protect the privacy of her clients. This is of course understandable but not very engaging. I also found she used similar stories and phrasing repeatedly throughout the book. This could have been a stylist choice as marketers know that repeating a message makes it more likely to stick. I would have found this book more effective if it had been 100 pages sho [...]

    4. This was an easy, pleasant read. I really admire Arlene. She is an excellent role model for professional women (and men!) and I was happy to hear more about her personal story here. The book was part memoir, part self-help, and part business guide. I learned a lot of useful things, and think I read "Persuasion" at a good time in my life. I will remember plenty of her nuggets of advice as I move forward in my career, especially what she had to say about persuading yourself that you're ready and a [...]

    5. Great book! Basically, a book on being a better person, finding your selfworth and learning how to better to deal with people, especially difficult ones. Great confidence builder!

    6. I enjoyed this book, and I learned aspects of persuasion, business, and working with people. I learned the difference between good persuasion and bad persuasion (coercion). What to do in business for long term benefits instead of short term. How to be a good leader. Arlene teaches to get into the mind of someone else and see what they really want, even if they can't communicate it, and listen, more than talk. I didn't like that she had a negative connotation to billionaires though, which I talk [...]

    7. I purchased this book because I saw Arlene Dickinson as an inspiration for many Canadian business owners, both men and women, and wanted to gain a better understanding of her hardships and obstacles she overcame to become an accomplished, respectable, business owner. With that being said, this book was a huge disappointment and failed on these above deliverables. The book left out many names, which at first I thought was for privacy purposes (which 100% acceptable), but as I got further into the [...]

    8. This could have been just a business memoir from a television personality cashing in on her fifteen minutes of fame. And indeed, the book contains many amusing and illustrative anecdotes from Arlene Dickinson's career and also her personal life. She tells the story of her journey from young housewife with no self-esteem to single mother of four working crappy jobs to makes ends meet, to her ambitious rise up the corporate ladder to become CEO of a major marketing firm and star of the television [...]

    9. Mistakes, failures, adversity-they're all wonderful teachers, so long as you focus on the lessons to be learned than the disappointment to be experienced. ~ Arlene Dickinson (Persuasion, page. 233)This book has some valuable lessons in it. Arlene tackled the subject of persuasion throughout this book and there were many other subjects covered, such as: fear of failure, fear of criticism, perseverance, tenacityThe one thing that caught me off guard was near the end of her book she mentioned that [...]

    10. I watched Dragon’s Den and I took a liking to Arlene Dickinson. She is genuine and it radiates from her. She doesn’t put on an act and try to sell herself to the public. Instead, she is authentic. When I heard that she wrote a book I went to my local library and picked it up. She is someone young people, like myself, should learn from. “Persuasion” is filled with lessons Arlene has learned in her life and the rules she upholds in business. The whole book is centered on the importance of [...]

    11. I managed to find a copy of Persuasion at my local library, although, I'm going to have to find the cash to buy it--I know I'll be re-reading it any time I'm faced with difficult decisions or uncertainty in my career or even personal life. Maybe saying that this book has been a pretty life changing read might sound like an overstatement, but it's not far from the truth. I can really identify with Arlene Dickinson's story, and I find my self nodding along the whole time I'm reading. Her story is [...]

    12. Though I enjoyed reading about Arlene's personal road to success, this book had few meaningful or unique lessons. Additionally, often it was somewhat dry and repetitive. I found that this book read more as a self-help book, rather than illustrating lessons regarding persuasion. Granted, my expectations may have been too high (clearly, there is no "hidden formula" to persuasion), I still was hoping to walk away with a few key learnings that I hadn't considered before. Instead, the key lessons I g [...]

    13. Five things I learned from reading:- "Gut instincts are frequently very reliable guides in life."- "The key is to say no in a way that shows the other person you've heard and really considered their point of view."- "What if this phone call is being taped - would I be embarrassed if others listened to my side of it?"- Authenticity is telling the truth to yourself, honesty is telling the truth to others, and honesty sets the stage for reciprocity-- constructing your propositions to show that ther [...]

    14. I started reading this book, selected for me by the bookmobile staffer, out of curiosity, not expecting to like it well enough to finish it. It was fairly padded with white space and repetition, so I put it down and moved on to other books. A day or so before the bookmobile was to return I picked it up again and found that it became more interesting and finally, encouraging on a personal level. Aimed at prospective and struggling entrepreneurs, the encouragement she imparts serves the rest of us [...]

    15. I heard Arlene Dickinson speak at a work event a few weeks ago and found her to be very engaging and inspirational. Unfortunately her novel didn't live up to my high expectations. Arlene Dickinson mixes her novel with both personal and work experiences as well as tips on persuasion. Even though the tips were for marketing, I found it easy to relate it back to my own work experiences. My problem with the novel is that the tips were pretty straight-forward and I didn't learn anything new. As well, [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this book because it made me think about the business decisions and interactions in my past. Whether it was a success or a failure to persuade this book made me take stock and appreciate either a win or a lose and learn from past decisions. I appreciated the anecdotes in the book while valuing Arlene's ability to keep big names out of the context. In my reading I also saw that as a manager I gave in to poor persuasive arguments by my staff and gave in far too easily. Doing so ma [...]

    17. The author shares the secret of persuasion with many personal examples. In many ways, her examples were relatable to me. She talks about principled persuasion (honesty, authenticity, reciprocity), obstacles for persuasion, process of persuasion and what we need to do after persuasion.I find the book to be very useful in many situations such as job interviews, asking for a raise or promotion, convincing your parents or child of doing something. I think Arlene could have improved on certain exampl [...]

    18. This book was better than I expected. I enjoy Arlene on Dragon's Den, she brings a lot to the show but I often find business books written by people who aren't, well, writers to be lacking at times. Arlene does not disappoint! She is honest, clear and tells a great story. Her anecdotes on picking herself up and finding a job, then a career and growing her company, Venture to where it is today was a positive read with some very useful lessons. I highly recommend reading this bookwhether you're lo [...]

    19. I just finished reading this book and enjoyed it. Persuasion is billed as a biography however I found it to be a cross between a non-fiction business book and biography. Arlene does a wonderful job at getting her point across without making the subject seem boring. It was a result of reading Persuasion that cemented my resolve to say no about some fund-raising initiative at my daughter's school. Definitely not a how to book, but worth the read if you want to be more convincing in your interactio [...]

    20. Practical and motivational, Arlene chronicles her life from single mother, broke and beaten down to the marketing exec of Venture and host of Dragon's Den. The early portions were fairly good but I found the latter to be a bit generic in the advice and failed to resonate with me.I do like the end quote. "It's never too late to change your life. But the hardest person to sell on the idea of your potential is almost always yourself. Which is why all persuasion starts with you. Before you can persu [...]

    21. An excerpt from one of our Girl Guides book club reviewers:"When I initially received Persuasion by Arlene Dickinson to review I thought, oh, how fortuitous, I work in Marketing, the first book I get to review is written about the art of persuasion. But, Dickinson describes how becoming a good persuader is relevant to everyone. “It’s a social skill that’s useful in all kinds of situations where you need to persuade people to give you a chance, help you out and see the world your way.”" - [...]

    22. I bought this book when it was first published. I began reading it but it ended up on the back burner as life kept me busy elsewhere. Opening the book again and reading it cover to cover in two days came at the right time in my career and life. I work for an amazing company and much of what we do is built around a passion of mine. Arlene Dickinson is an inspiration and Persuasion has given me some great tools and building blocks to work towards my goals. I highly recommend this book.

    23. This was a great read by Canadian marketing guru, Arlene Dickinson. While weaving her own stories as examples on how to persuade others she teaches you things that make a lot of sense and are sure to stick. Of course it is important to find out what the other person needs and to listen to them when you are trying to persuade them to do business with you. It seems so obvious now!A very readable book on marketing, life, and more.

    24. While I didn't really learn much that is new in this book, it is well put together and left me thinking about some other people who should read it. I'd really recommend this book for anyone, but particularly a young woman who is starting out in her career. I believe she would learn some very helpful techniques around being effective both at work and at home. There was a nice blend between the personal life of the author and time-tested ways of working with other people.

    25. Network marketers note - this book will change your business. Selling is 10% product, 90% psychological. To get in the minds of your customers you have to understand their buying decisions, which are entirely emotional in most cases. Persuasion is the honest approach to recognizing and responding to those emotions while other gimmicks are cohesive and corrupt. Arlene explains this well and maps the way through it in a very open, sincere and logical manner.

    26. Meh. I got this book as a gift, so I felt compelled to read it so I could tell the gift-giver that I didotherwise I don't think I would've finished it. Dry and repetitive, and not overly inspiring. I totally like and respect Arlene Dickinson, but she should stick to business; she's obviously very good at it. Not so great at writing.

    27. I was very happy with this book. It was not a challenging read but that meant the concepts were easy to grasp and I got through it quickly. It also means I'll be reading it over and over to make sure I really soak it in.I'm a huge fan of ethical business practises and this book has some great tips in that domain.

    28. The booked rocked. Within the first chapter I had already received insight and good advice. I always liked her on "Dragon's Den", but I enjoy watching the show even more since I get where she is coming from. I say this book is a must-read for everyone. It is not about sales or debates, though they certainly factor into the premise. It's about finding the best "you" and showing that to the world.

    29. I admire Arlene Dickinson for her success and her self motivation; however this book did nothing for me. I was so craving an historical account of the day to day trials of her making it to where she is currently; how she managed to do that being a single mom; the how to's of her business operations. I didn't receive any if this; thus feel utterly unsatisfied.

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