The War of Wars: The Epic Struggle Between Britain and France 1789-1815

The War of Wars The Epic Struggle Between Britain and France At the turn of the th century the greatest nations in Europe offered history two distinct ideals that would shape the new century England was a democratic constitutional monarchy while France had s

  • Title: The War of Wars: The Epic Struggle Between Britain and France 1789-1815
  • Author: Robert Harvey
  • ISBN: 9780786720286
  • Page: 334
  • Format: Paperback
  • At the turn of the 18th century the greatest nations in Europe offered history two distinct ideals that would shape the new century England was a democratic, constitutional monarchy while France had suffered the cataclysm of Revolution that ripped the absolute king from the throne and replaced him with the mob Out of this maelstrom emerged a military leader, Napoleon BoAt the turn of the 18th century the greatest nations in Europe offered history two distinct ideals that would shape the new century England was a democratic, constitutional monarchy while France had suffered the cataclysm of Revolution that ripped the absolute king from the throne and replaced him with the mob Out of this maelstrom emerged a military leader, Napoleon Bonaparte, commander of the revolutionary army, who would conquer Italy and Egypt before returning to Paris to proclaim himself emperor As Napoleon gained power in France, the world stood on the brink of total war By 1805 the general was making plans to cross the channel and invade England The subsequent drama reaches from the frozen plains surrounding Moscow to the Caribbean waters, from the debating chamber of the Parliament to the muddy fields of Waterloo The Great French Wars 1793 1815 can truly be called the first global war it was also the first conflict driven by industrial might As Napoleon s revolutionary guard ravaged Europe, men like the Duke of Wellington, Horatio Nelson, as well as their allies, Duke Charles of Hapsburg and Gebhard von Blucher stopped his complete domination of the continent.

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    1. I call myself a history lover, so it is with some embarrassment that I must admit how little I know about one of history’s greatest actors: Napoleon Bonaparte. A quick rundown on my mental file on the diminutive conqueror. He has a very large tomb in Les Invalides, which I visited during college but could not enjoy because I spoke zero French. I once watched part of a miniseries about Napoleon and his wife, Josephine. Their relationship makes my marriage look excellent! I also read the first i [...]

    2. Catastrophic ! Although written in a very agreable style this book is full of incredible errors. To list just a few :According to Mr Harvey :Napoleon I used Baron Haussman to reshape Paris (it was his nephew Napoleon III that did it, 50 years later)The king of Prussia is repeatedly referred to as 'The Kaiser' , (His son Wilhelm will only acquire this title - which means emperor in german - in 1871)On the isle of Hispaniola, Haiti is located in the east and Santo Domingo in the west (it is actual [...]

    3. This is a book with an extremely ambitious brief, to cover the history of the pan-European conflict that began with the French Revolution and ended with the second and last downfall of Napoleon after Waterloo.Although the book is 900 odd pages, it by necessity has to move at extraordinary speed. The French Revolution is covered in just a few pages. This is fine, for a general history of this sort cannot afford to get bogged down in topics that are best covered by more specific histories.Before d [...]

    4. I'm so proud of myself for reading this - but of course actually 927 pages on the Napoleonic wars is easy when it's as well written as this. Never heavy, full of interesting and amusing insights into characters, fantastic descriptions of the horrors of the wars, the retreat from Moscow etc. i loved the pen portraits of characters completely new to me, such as Cochrane, and many mysteries were solved regarding names I know so well but know so little about, like Wellington. A philanderer! who knew [...]

    5. Given the enormous number of books available on this period, both academic and popular history and biography, I'd suggest looking elsewhere if you're really interested in learning more about the revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. This book isn't worthless, but it needed serious editorial intervention before it got published. There are mangled sentences, missing words, really odd punctuation, and seriously wonky statements. This one, near the end, is a doozy: "His body was surprisingly fat and we [...]

    6. Gives a good understanding of the life Napoleon Bonaparte from his childhood until his exile to St. Helena

    7. If you have no understanding of what happened to Europe between the start of the French Revolution of 1789, the 'Terror', and the slow but inexorbitant rise of the Corsican Corporal known as Napoleon Bonaparte, then, as a quite hefty primer (coming in at just over 900 pages long.m), then this book would suffice. Written in narrative format, the book takes certain prominent individuals during the Napoleonic Wars, expands on them and using those as a base to work around, tells the history of Europ [...]

    8. I found this book very engaging. Usually I'm good at picking out a book that I know i will enjoy by reading the first few pages. While I was wondering around Barnes and Noble the cover really attracted me. Dont judge a book by its cover is right but when it attracts you, you have no choice to pick it up. And Im glad I did. Robert Harvey isnt just your run of the mill historian. He's very distinct in capturing the romantic aspects of history unlike any historian ive ever read, and that makes for [...]

    9. I found this on the wrong shelf at the book store where I work, took a look at it and decided this is just what I need to help me get a sense of Napolean before I start reading the Pevear/Volohkonsky translation of WAR AND PEACE which just came out.This is a description of Britain's 26-year struggle with France in and around the time of Napolean. I've read the first three chapters. They deal with the French Revolution and are very direct. Harvey is an engaging writer. I've already learned that T [...]

    10. The fact that Britain and Napoleonic France were at war from 1802 to 1815 is well known. What is not so well known is that Britain and Revolutionary France had been at war since 1793 and that the war was not merely a European war but one that spanned the globe and could therefore claim to be called the first world war. This book attempts to provide a comprehensive view of that war and does so successfully although in somewhat brief fashion but that is primarily due to the fact that the events le [...]

    11. A really quite riveting and fast-paced account of over 25 years' worth of war. Definitely pop-history - the author does exercise some poetic licence with his judgements, I feel - but worth the read if, like me, you are not familiar with the narrative of the French Revolution and its subsequent years of war. There are some comments regarding some apparent bias of the author towards Britain. On this, I'd just point out this is not bias in the usual sense, in that the author isn't seen to be favour [...]

    12. Before reading this book, I did not know much about the Napoleonic wars apart form 1812 and the major battles. For me this book did an excellent job of teaching me about this time period and how the events from the French Revolution to the Battle of Waterloo were linked together. The author had a good narrative style that made me want to keep reading. I also had another question – did Napoleon really deserve the vitriol that, particularly the British heap on him? From reading I would have to s [...]

    13. What a great over-view of a very long and very complex period in European History. Harvey's book is clearly from the British perspective, but he gives ample space and good detail from the French side. The Russian, Austrian and Prussian perspectives are lacking—especially in the wars of the Fourth Coalition, the French invasion of Russia (Lieven's Russia against Napoleon is a really good account from the Russian experience) and the war of the Sixth Coalition. These periods of great complexity a [...]

    14. A superb one volume account of the wars resulting from the French Revolution from roughly 1789 to 1815. Being a real military history nerd, this book helps flesh out famous battles such as Austerlitz, Borodino and of course Waterloo with events leading up to them thoroughly analysed and the leading characters painted as whole characters.The writing is fantastic and immensely readable, more similar to Bernard Cornwell than a dry academic.Overall a belting read for any history fan.

    15. Very well-researched book. I came across it in the gift shop in L'Arc De Triomphe and knew I wanted to read it as I am an avid reader of history, especially military history. That said, I learned so much about the seeds of the French Revolution and things I never knew about Napoleon. I never learned in school that Josephine cheated on him at every turn or that Ney was loyal, but wasn't much of a tactician.

    16. Given the scale of the French wars from 1790-1815 it would be impossible for this book to be completely detailed. The books' strengths are in putting events and people in context. It does have the odd howler (Napoleon wanted to redo the streets of Paris, it was Napoleon III who did, or the "turning into a woman" medical condition) so you need to double check. Still if you need to know about Dumoureiz and what he was doing in 1804, it's a good place to start.

    17. Enjoyable easy read, but sometimes felt like it was a first draft in desperate need of editing and fact checking. Definitely paints Napoleon as the bad guy while berating England for not going to war with France sooner. I found the constant tally of battlefield casualties very sobering - a lot of people dying for the egos of the privileged few.

    18. Only read a few chapters in so far and I found the book very readable considering the scope of the material .Bit concerned about some of the reviews here though ,a condition where napoleon changed to a woman !i certainly not come across that before and I consider myself reasonably well read on the subject !will be keeping a careful eye on the material from now on.

    19. I love this book. In the last year I've read it through twice. The time period covered it so colorful and exciting, and Harvey manages to move through a massive amount of material while still maintaining that excitement far better than many another author would have done. A great read and a wonderful overview of the whole of the "The Great Europeon Confict."

    20. An ambitious and accessible history of the French Revolutionary Wars, but the author's clear bias against Napoleon unbalances the whole. If Napoleon was such a mediocrity, Harvey fails to explain his extraordinary decade of triumph. His portraits of Nelson and Wellington are more nuanced.And if you are going to read the book, set aside plenty of time: it's lively, but very long.

    21. This was a very thorough look at the Napleonic wars. The author's clear anti-Bonaparte bias is annoying at times, but the detail and research put it into telling the history of this era cannot be denied.

    22. This book is superb if you want to learn about this war and period of history. I like to read a popular history book like this in conjunction with playing the corresponding Total War game, in this case Empire:TW.

    23. This book can get a bit tedious, not a lot of new learnings but he did put a different face on Wellington with mention of all his affairs (he preffered married women). Clearly written from the English viewpoint. The aftermath chapter at the end is interesting.

    24. Stunningly well written and comprehensive account of the Napoleonic wars. Lots of social information of both Britain and Revolutionary France.

    25. Great book!This book gives superb insight into the napoleonic wars,and is well worth a read if your into history/military history.

    26. Fantastic book about the long war period between France and England, with europe's turmoils mixed in. A must for who loves history.

    27. Simply stunning. A thought provoking, incisive, and comprehensive review of a complex topic, Harvey writes history better than any other author I've read, keeping you gripped from page one.

    28. great book for a glimpse of the true horror of that campaign. there is a lot of name dropping though, generals politicians and such, a bit toomuch so i started skiming over those quickly.

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