Operation Breakout

Operation Breakout As a viper Kate s no stranger to death As a Richmond she ll do anything to protect her brother Kate Richmond has seen it all The former army ranger and ISS operative has engaged in missions of sabot

  • Title: Operation Breakout
  • Author: Mark E. Cooper
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  • Page: 310
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  • As a viper, Kate s no stranger to death As a Richmond, she ll do anything to protect her brother.Kate Richmond has seen it all The former army ranger and ISS operative has engaged in missions of sabotage, cyber theft, espionage, and assassination on her path to become a viper cyborg After barely surviving a full scale alien invasion by the Merkiaari, she doubts life canAs a viper, Kate s no stranger to death As a Richmond, she ll do anything to protect her brother.Kate Richmond has seen it all The former army ranger and ISS operative has engaged in missions of sabotage, cyber theft, espionage, and assassination on her path to become a viper cyborg After barely surviving a full scale alien invasion by the Merkiaari, she doubts life can hold any surprises, until a family mystery lands on her doorstep.Her brother has been linked with a dead viper and numerous Merkiaari corpses Now she must embark on a mission she never expected It s time to find her brother.Operation Breakout is the fourth installment in Merkiarri Wars, a military science fiction space opera about alien invasion and exploration in the far future Get lost in a detailed universe with heroes, villains, and everything in between If you like page turning futuristic action, you ll like this.

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      310 Mark E. Cooper
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      Incursion Merkiaari Wars 5 is out now 11 11 2016 impulsebooks incursion Mark E Cooper lives alone in a small town in the south of England, where he writes most mornings and evenings His background is in mechanical engineering where he spent over thirty years working for Ford He loves reading about strong female characters and can often be found laughing to himself as he listens to a book on his iPod.His hobbies include driving his cobra a V12 monster he built with his best friend reading fantasy and sci fi, and maintaining his blog at impulsebooks markcooHe is now the author of than eight titles in the genres he loves to read.


    1. It’s been awhile since I got back to this series and I had to think about what happened in the previous book catch up. The story doesn’t repeat a lot of the history of the series but does give you some hints as to what has happened in the past. This book focuses on a trio of Vipers operating on their own, initially, to find a fallen comrade but develops into a bigger mission involving the Alliance Navy.The story is pretty good although I was really getting tire of Richmond’s obsession with [...]

    2. (I hope you read Hard Duty, What Price Honor, and Operation Oracle first…)The Merkiaari Wars series continues with the same always-interesting characters, an unpredictable plot line, and compelling mayhem. This one has pirates (in possession of the bodies of Merkiaari, humans, and several previously unknown alien species), a rogue Viper operative, and a massive return of the Merkiaari, much better prepared this time to cleanse the galaxy of human vermin. Mark E. Cooper reads like a best-sellin [...]

    3. I swear this series gets better and better with each book. I've loved every one. The story line is great as well as the narration. I'm definitely looking forward to book 5!

    4. The 4th instalment of the Merkiaari Wars Saga has a similar structure to the first 3. It continues on from the events in part 3, and this time we are back with Colgin and the crew of the Warrior. The start of these books are always interesting, a short couple of chapters in which something fairly incredible happens, before we are torn away to another event of no relevance at all in another part of the Galaxy with another Main Character. It is a good way to keep you reading, as you not only want [...]

    5. I enjoyed that this book was able to arrive for the holidays.I don't really know how I feel about this new novel. The writing was quite good and our story allowed our characters to grow while shaping the way for the battles to come. However in my opinion this book seemed to be a bit thin, the last couple of books we had battles interspersed with logistical and strategic preparations for the new war. This book spends most of our novel with Stone and Kate and their complicated relationship. While [...]

    6. The Hits Keep ComingFor all fans of the Merkiaari Wars, this title will NOT disappoint! Mark takes the reader through a roller coaster of events and surprises that will keep you up at night, trying to get through one more page. Fair Warning - His mix of his characters' personal development, and engaging fleet actions guarantee that EVERYONE who picks up one of his books will NEED to stick around to read more! Gotta go, book 5 is in my inbox (I delayed reading this, so I could go back-to-back)

    7. This review is for: Operation Breakout: Merkiaari Wars Book 4 This book proves we'll go faster than the Speed of Light; the Story does February 8, 2015I've Rated this book 5 out of 5 starsI just finished Book 4 in the Operation Breakout series and I'm still breathing heavy. As soon as I finished books one through three I had to order book 4. I will have a difficult time waiting for book 5. I've read many Sci Fi books and this is the best series I've ever read. The science, physics and technology [...]

    8. When I started reading this series, I was hoping it would be a tetralogyever, after reading this (so far) last book, it seems much more likely, it's gonna be one of those never ending series well written as it is, I don't particularly like endless sci-fi. I don't mind long fantasy series, but somehow I always loose interest in it, if it isn't something really special. The book itself wasn't bad was pretty much the same as the last three booksbut I was disappointed that no resolution is in sight. [...]

    9. A bit of a letdown after previous books.Spoiler Alert.I was hoping this book would hold exciting news of possible Viper-enhanced Shan warriors or details of the ramifications of the "advances" in Viper predictive capabilities, but no such luck. The overall storyline of the series did move forward, but not by much. I felt like a disproportionate amount of the story was spent on the "long lost brother" subplot (which I personally never found to be a very compelling subplot in any of the previous b [...]

    10. Operation Breakout by Mark E. Cooper is the 4th book of the Merkiaari Wars series and I can't say enough positive things about this great book and series. This is science fiction space opera at its best.The author has developed a tale of adventure and action that is nonstop and fast paced. It will leave you breathless after each segment. As each book in the series has developed the tale becomes more exciting and deeper.The characters Mark E. Cooper has created are full of life and are very belie [...]

    11. This continues the plot of the previous three books, and while it adds a richer background, doesn't resolve any problems. He is just nursing the success of the previous 3 books. I liked the book, but wasn't happy with the open ending, and the lack of any flash back history. Since I am reading these one after another, it isn't a problem, but if their was a time interval between reading the books, I would be sunk, and would probably drop the series. I am getting the next book called Incursion, whi [...]

    12. I am really enjoying the series but disappointed that the next book is not yet released in America. Sigh. I have enjoyed the characters and how they have been brought together. I have enjoyed that the author is taking his time and not pushing characters into artificial situations to speed the plot. Of course the downside is that as some of these character developments are occurring the overall big story arc is slowed but the subplots have been pretty enjoyable. I am looking forward to book five [...]

    13. I love the excitement and intrigueThis series homes me from the beginning. Mark creates characters you become attached to right away, and simply must know what happens to them next. Building upon one race of people to the next, the story grows at a pace that has kept me enthralled. I'm off to buy the next in the series.

    14. I love this series! The ending will leave you searching the web for book five, but I have it on good authority that we wait will not be much longer. I have been listening to the audio, and the production is great. If you love scifi, start reading. You wont regret it.

    15. A slow burn of a plot which is a good thing but it felt a little like a middle book in a trilogy made to check some boxes. The sub-plot/background was better than the main line. 3+ stars. A bit of a dip for the series.

    16. I really enjoyed this series. Enhanced humans, evil warlike aliens intent on extermination of humans, new aliens to make contact with, corrupt politicians. I liked this so much I read 4 books worth of the tale.

    17. Surprisingly better than expectedEnjoyable and not as predictable as I expected.Vipers still need more depth and need more alien interactions to become more believable in the story line.And where are the original masters?

    18. Great,human meets alien first contact, humans have cyborgs that other humans are afraid of, space battle in large ships, dog fights, exploration. Novel I really enjoyed. Great Tech!

    19. Brilliant seriesI love these books. This is military sci fi at its best and I can,t wait to read the next one.

    20. More!It's really unfair to have to wait for the rest of the series to be released in the US when they are already available in the UK

    21. WowThis series gets better the further along it gets, will ot really finish with one more book? I vannotbwait for the conclision

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