The 9/11 Machine

The Machine Dr Donald Ellis lost his family on But while others grieved or plotted revenge Dr Ellis threw himself into a long dormant research project He traded his lab at the University of New York for an

  • Title: The 9/11 Machine
  • Author: Greg Enslen
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 114
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dr Donald Ellis lost his family on 9 11 But while others grieved, or plotted revenge, Dr Ellis threw himself into a long dormant research project He traded his lab at the University of New York for an ugly riverfront warehouse in Brooklyn What is he working on And why does he spend every free moment at the warehouse staring across the river at Ground Zero Because DrDr Donald Ellis lost his family on 9 11 But while others grieved, or plotted revenge, Dr Ellis threw himself into a long dormant research project He traded his lab at the University of New York for an ugly riverfront warehouse in Brooklyn What is he working on And why does he spend every free moment at the warehouse staring across the river at Ground Zero Because Dr Ellis has a plan He s going to make 9 11 unhappen.

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    1. I wrote this book. There, I said it. Don't hate me for posting a review--I'm just trying to get the proverbial ball rolling. But this book turned out a lot better than I'd expected when it was just getting started. If you like conspiracy theories and alternate histories and branching timelines, give it a read. I think it's a hoot, and I'm particularly happy with the way the book's opening chapter is mirrored in the final chapter. The blurb from the back cover: "Dr. Donald Ellis lost his family o [...]

    2. Enormously fun time travel novel about a physicist's numerous attempts to prevent the terrorist attacks on 9/11. I recommend it for its entertainment value, but I have a few reservations about its politics and its distorted views on history.There are many things that Enslen does extremely well in this book:- The time travel (and later teleportation) machine is described with more detail than most other time travel stories.- The knowledge of 9/11 details is apparent. Enslen did his research.- The [...]

    3. WOW, what an emotional and thought provoking story. This story covers just about every angle you could imagine in what you would do if you had the means to go back and change history. The ripples it creates when you change something in the past and what spawns from that. I remember 9/11 like most others and this story did it justice in such a way that a story like this could, it did not trivialize the events nor did it get into conspiracy theories, it plainly laid out what would happen if you co [...]

    4. A wonderful book. I came to it with no expectations other than hoping it would live up to the curiousness of its synopsis. It was a page turner, a couldn't put it down. It is so well written that although you do reach the end with that delicious "I don't want this to end" feeling, you are also deeply satisfied that it will work itself out somehow/somewhere/sometime. You'll wave your major character goodbye with a grin. Top writing, I hope many more experience this.

    5. Are things meant to be.If you lost what matters most to you would you be willing to pay the price to go back and change it? Maybe some things are meant to happen.Follow Don Ellis as he tries to change what happened and find out.A very good read and maybe a lesson that some thing happen no matter what you do to try and change them.

    6. SorrySorry I just couldn't get into it, but it may be just what someone else desires. Please don't take my review badly.

    7. Wonderful bookReally enjoyed this story and how the different timelines played out. Heart breaking the way things got worse. Satisfying ending.

    8. Thought provoking!This book brings back many memories of 9/11, and it shows how the events could have been even worse. To me, it also shows that the past can't be changed, but we can make the future better by our actions and/or decisions.If you enjoy history and sci-fi, you will enjoy this book. It opens up the possibilities that may possibly lie ahead in our future. It is very interesting and thought provoking.

    9. 9/11This book I found gripping from the moment the authors forward, this is a story I have enjoyed reading and would suggest to anyone. We follow the main character of a professor after the events of the twin towers, and his life after the death of his girl and daughter. I felt a range of emotions through reading this book, from sadness through to humorous, although this being said he details a lot of events and things that came to fruition in the wake of the twin towers. From the patriot act th [...]

    10. On September 11, 2001, Dr. Donald Ellis lost his wife and daughter when the second tower of the World Trade Center was destroyed in a terrorist attack. Many who lost loved ones that day retreated in grief or plotted revenge, but Ellis retreated instead to an isolated warehouse where he worked on a strange machine. Though consumed by grief over the loss of his family, he was not plotting revenge. His objective was to perfect his ‘time travel’ machine to make the events of 9/11 ‘unhappen.’ [...]

    11. First when I saw this book, I already fall in love with it. I know from the tittle and synopsis, I am gonna get hooked with it. And Mr Enslen really deliver its promise. The main char is Dr Don Ellis. He is a scientist that lost his family in 9/11. He creates time machine and come back to the past to prevent 9/11. With the story like this and real name person, who doesn't curious what will happen if 9/11 never happen. Even though I am not American and not lose anyone because of 9/11, I still I w [...]

    12. This was surprisingly good! I guess it doesn't have to be surprising, but I tend not to expect much from e-books that I get for free on . Frequently, they appear to be self-published novels that have almost no editing, and weak characters. (Again, why do I do this again? I guess because I sometimes find gems like this.) That being said, the book did need a bit more editing, e.g: punctuation, effect vs. affect, and over use of the phrase "American psyche," etc. In the preface, the author says the [...]

    13. This is the third book I've read from the author, and this one outshone the rest (and they weren't too shabby either!). Time travel and conspiracy theories- doesn't get much better than that. The research was impressive and I genuinely didn't want this one to end, although it did manage to stay with me for a while after the final page was done. So impressed I'm sticking with this author until I've run out of books (Black Ice next) and I'm hoping for something that leaves as lasting an impression [...]

    14. Donald Ellis is a scientist who lost his wife and daughter at the World Trade Centre at 9/11 and starts wondering what if he could change things. He uses science to try and do this, and repeatedly makes things worse and a lot worse.He makes one final trip to ensure that his family remain intact realising that this is best solution out of a bad bunch.I enjoyed this book and was interesting to see how bad that day could have. The writer has produced as very good book with a good storyline throughp [...]

    15. This was a fascinating book, looking at the events of 9/11 and what might have happened. 9/11 was a horrific event, one of the ones that everyone remembers where they were. This book treats the subject with respect but shows alternative realities where things happened differently and what the consequences might have been for the world. I did feel the book moved a bit slowly at times although that may well have been because my reading time was limited.

    16. Such an amazing book. I loved the concept right from the start. Building a time machine to stop 9-11 is such a great idea. I like how things just kept going wrong every time. The main character was interesting and his drive to save his family was great. I recommend this book to anyone who loves time travel stories.

    17. An all too realistic look at the multiple, potential outcomes from the fallout of 9/11. We follow scientist Don Ellis as he tries to rectify the personal and political mistakes made up to, and after 9/11. Heartbreaking, thoughtful and powerful. A great work of fiction on a subject matter still so very raw for those who lived through it

    18. Pleasantly surprised by how much i enjoyed this book. Dr Ellis time travels to try & prevent the death of his wife & child on 9/11. Interesting to read how the time travel machine improves each time with technological advances. Worse case scenario for him is events turning out worse than original events of 9/11. Seemed to be well researched and definite page turner.

    19. Very good time travel and alternate history story with a twist. The author did all his research well to give a very good storyline. I highly recommend if you are a history buff, like alternate timelines or time travel stories, or are even in to conspiracy theories. Very entertaining!

    20. A high octane and thought provoking thriller with a twist on time travel that everyone can relate to. Hands down , my favourite book of the year so far. I don't think you can go wrong with a book by Greg Enslen.

    21. Excellent ReadAlternate time stories are notoriously hard to create. Enslen does a terrific job. It took me a moment to catch up with his starting point, but from then on it was non-stop.

    22. A very good readI had a hard time putting it down. couldn't wait to see what happened next. I lost a lot of sleep finding out and wasn't disappointed. I will read more of Enslen's work.

    23. A really excellent thriller with a convincing plot. There's not too much I can say without giving the plot away but the author Greg Enslen has come up with a real winner here. Plenty of action with an intelligent and convincing plot thread it's what I would call a real page turner!

    24. Intriguing mix of Time Machine and 911Science-fiction meets current affairs. An intriguing, folding tale of science fiction and current affairs that keeps a reader on their toes. Well thought out and engaging.

    25. Once again Celina Grace wrote an excellent book. Her characters have depth and I care about what happens to them. I could not figure out who was killing, if I can't figure out who did what, I enjoy it more.

    26. Gripping readHolds your interest from the very beginning to the very end. Entertaining but thought provoking at the same time. Highly recommend.

    27. An interesting readWell written book about the events of 9/11 and very interesting ideas about time travel and teleportation. How trying to change events can make them worse

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