The Mysterious Shrinking House

The Mysterious Shrinking House Mindy found the miniature house hidden in the attic of the old barn It was so perfect it looked like a real house that had somehow shrunk But she never guessed its terrible secret or that she herself

  • Title: The Mysterious Shrinking House
  • Author: Jane Louise Curry
  • ISBN: 9780590031615
  • Page: 320
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mindy found the miniature house hidden in the attic of the old barn It was so perfect it looked like a real house that had somehow shrunk.But she never guessed its terrible secret or that she herself would be trapped inside

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      320 Jane Louise Curry
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    1. Jane Louise Curry

      Jane Louise Curry was born in East Liverpool, Ohio, on September 24, 1932 She is the daughter of William Jack Curry Jr and Helen Margaret Curry Curry grew up in Pennsylvania Kittanning and Johnstown , but upon her graduation from college she moved to Los Angeles, California, and London, England.Curry attended the Pennsylvania State University in 1950, and she studied there until 1951 when she left for the Indiana State College now known as Indiana University of Pennsylvania In 1954, after graduation, Curry moved to California and worked as both an art teacher for the Los Angeles Public School District and a freelance artist In 1957, Curry entered the University of California in Los Angeles UCLA in order to study English literature, but in 1959 she left Los Angeles and became a teaching assistant at Stanford University Curry was awarded the Fulbright grant in 1961 and the Stanford Leverhulme fellowship in 1965, allowing her to pursue her graduate studies at the University of London She earned her M.A in 1962 and her Ph.D in medieval English literature from Stanford University in 1969 From 1967 1968 and, again, from 1983 1984, Curry was an instructor of English literature at the college level She became a lecturer in 1987 Besides her writings, Curry s artworks are also considered among her achievements She has had several paintings exhibited in London, and her works have even earned her a spot in the prestigious Royal Society of British Artists group exhibition Among the many groups that Curry belongs to are the International Arthurian Society, the Authors Guild, the Children s Literature Association, and the Society of Children s Book Writers.Curry illustrated and published her first book Down from the Lonely Mountain in 1965 This juvenile fiction based on Californian Native American folklore has paved the way for Curry s expansive literary career She has penned than 30 novels, which are mostly based on child characters dealing with a wide variety of subjects Many of Curry s writings deal with folklore, such as the Native American folklore that she explores in her novels Turtle Island Tales of Algonquian Nations and The Wonderful Sky Boat And Other Native American Tales of the Southeast, and the retellings of famous European folk stories, such as Robin Hood and his Merry Men, Robin Hood in the Greenwood, and The Christmas Knight Yet she also delves into the genres of fantasy, such as in her novels Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Time and Me, Myself, and I historical fiction, such as in her novels What the Dickens and Stolen Life and mystery, such as in her novels The Bassumtyte Treasure and Moon Window.Curry has been honored with many awards throughout her writing career In 1970, her novel The Daybreakers earned Curry the Honor Book award from the Book World Spring Children s Book Festival and the Outstanding Book by a Southern California Author Award from the Southern California Council on Literature for Children and Young People The Mystery Writers of America honored Curry two years in a row by awarding her the Edgar Allan Poe Award, or the Edgar, for Poor Tom s Ghost in 1978 and The Bassumtyte Treasure in 1979 Also in 1979, for her complete body of work at that time, the Southern California Council on Literature for Children and Young People presented Curry with the Distingushed Contribution to the Field of Children s Literature Award.Curry resides in Palo Alto, California, and London, England.


    1. The Mysterious Shrinking House comes out of the Golden Age of Book services. Before there was R.L. Stine, there were authors like Ruth Chew, Jean S. O'Connell, and Jane Louise Curry. These authors wrote books that were tinged with mystery, magic, and menacewhat could be better for kids forced to cope with the monotony of fractions and the metric system?By the way, I am still angry at being forced to study the metric system in the 1970s, only to have it summarily abandoned by adults who wisely k [...]

    2. Lots of fun. An element of whimsical fantasy that isn't aimed for critical adult readers. However, the story unfolds in a way that challenges the reader to join Mindy in figuring out what can possibly explain her predicament, and what can she do to get out of it.

    3. i loved this book! why can't modern YA authors write more like this - think edward eager, gone away lake, you know - instead of churning out all that other crap?

    4. I read this a hundred times, and now that I'm getting older-- in a profession that has been populated with people significantly older than me my whole career-- there are certain elements I still resonate with (but it would be spoilers to tell which one.)A mysterious dollhouse, minaturization, an elderly woman who once was young-- what's not to like? Classic.

    5. One of my favorites when I was young. I forgot about it until a couple of years ago and was chagrined to find that my parents no longer had it. Thank goodness I was able to get a copy of it from Abe books. I think because I've always had a love of dollhouses that this book appealed to me so much. It's a shame that it's out-of-print because it is a delightful story.

    6. Found this little book on the third floor bookshelf in my mother's attic & had to re-read immediately as I remembered it was one of my childhood favorites. Forty years later and it still makes the list. Sweet story with just enough excitement to keep it interesting and children wanting to read.

    7. I am so excited to find the title and author of this book! I LOVED it as a kid (and yes, I'm sure it caem from the Book Club) but could not for the life of me remember the name. Thanks, google!Great little fantasy read for girls.

    8. One of my favorite books when I was younger. Read and reread this book until the cover was almost coming off.

    9. Loved this book as a child. for stirring up the imagination. I hope to find it to purchase online and introduce it to my own daughter.

    10. Have you ever been jealous of your dolls fantastic living quarters and clothes? This fun little book will cure you.

    11. I read this as a kid and loved it! Becca, I bet Natalie would like it. Or maybe it's for older kids more like 12 years old. I can't remember.

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