New X-Men, Volume 6: Planet X

New X Men Volume Planet X The genetic terrorist known as Magneto Master of Magnetism is back to end the X Men They have battled him on countless occasions and once thought him dead but can they survive his latest attack and

  • Title: New X-Men, Volume 6: Planet X
  • Author: Grant Morrison Phil Jimenez
  • ISBN: 9780785112013
  • Page: 324
  • Format: Paperback
  • The genetic terrorist known as Magneto, Master of Magnetism, is back to end the X Men They have battled him on countless occasions and once thought him dead, but can they survive his latest attack and prevent his planned genocide of the entire human race Collecting New X Men 146 150

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      Scottish comic book author Grant Morrison is known for culture jamming and the constant reinvention of his work He is known for his nonlinear narratives and countercultural leanings in his runs on titles including DC Comics Animal Man, Batman, JLA, The Invisibles, Action Comics, All Star Superman, and Doom Patrol, and Marvel Comics New X Men and Fantastic Four Many of these are controversial, yet rate in some of the most critically acclaimed and popular books He is also active in screenwriting.


    1. Umm, what? 2.5 stars rounded up. Here's a bunch of interrogative sentences:Is it just me or is Magneto totally off in this volume? (view spoiler)[And he was secretly Xorn all along? Just to teach the special class and recruit the outcast mutants to his new Brotherhood of Evil Mutants? (hide spoiler)] DUDE, what?! Morrison had this planned all along? This is terrible! You take away my favorite new X-Men (or is it, X-Man?), say he never existed, and then ruin Magneto?Morrison I would have words wi [...]

    2. I have one BIG complain! First, in vol.5 we have a HUGE spoiler in the back cover of the book. Then in this volume we have a huge spoiler on the cover. like WTF MARVEL??? But lets talk about the book. It was more about the characters interaction than the storyline. This book was a lot of drama! It was great, but something is missing. I don't know what exactly. I think the all magneto plot wasn't very interesting :S Btw f*ck jean and cyclops marriege! I want Jean with Wolverine and Cyclops with E [...]

    3. I don't like that Magneto is huffing performance enhancing drugs, as the dude's strong enough without him - other than that, I liked this brutal, earth-shattering story-line with the "final" showdown between Xavier's dream and Magneto's nightmare. Of course, the second Morrison left the book Marvel hit the reset button and unkilled Magneto, cheapening Jean's "final"(?) death and the drama of loosing their olderst villian, but that's not Morrison's fault.

    4. A strange representation of Magneto courtesy of Morrison, but one, I think, that works with the series' larger aesthetic of exploring the nuanced approaches individuals can take to "Peace". Like a lot of Morrison's work, the artist feels only vaguely suited to the task, unable to get beyond the idea of simply drawing what's written, rather than using his own creativity to enhance the story-telling experience.That, in a nutshell, is my beef with comics in general. The need for creators to "show-a [...]

    5. What a god-awful conclusive twist to a story for a series that starts out interesting enough to keep me reading up to this point. I heard a lot of hype about Grant Morrison's run on the New X-Men, anticipating reading the whole series, only to be completely baffled by how cheesy and ridiculous the climax is. Marvel, Chris Claramont in particular, spent YEARS making Magneto an incredible 'villain' and a highly complex character, one that was much more likable and believable than most heroes and w [...]

    6. We knew it was comingGrant Morrison gives us a battle of epic proportions against their oldest and greatest foe Magneto.This volume was great in that it encompassed one big story: "Planet X". My original inkling before even reading this volume was that it would be huge, and it was. It seems that (Volume 2 of this series) "Imperial" and this volume: "Planet X" were the stories that Morrison had been waiting to tell. Both were fantastic and really got down to some earth-shattering plot points. Ama [...]

    7. The culmination of the first full run of any X title I was ever compelled to read. Written by Grant Morrison from issue 114, New X-Men existed as the title change from X-Men and reduced the team to something manageable. It made me like characters I'd never given a rip about, it challenged my perceptions of the Marvel Universe, and this collection, Planet X features the best villain reveal in the entire history of the franchise.

    8. Amazing!! This really would have worked as an end to Morrison's run. This volume showcases everything that's right about the X-Men (not morally). Morrison takes chances and pushes the characters to their end. Yay!!

    9. Magneto is back, and all those threads in previous volumes come together for a big fallout. This is surprisingly good, all the xmen are in real danger. Not many character moments but the plot is good enough without them.

    10. A tremendous end to Morrison's run, with shocks aplenty, interesting storytelling, and a brilliant finale (that unfortunately was undercut by less talented writers almost immediately).

    11. Continuing the x-citing x-read of 2017…So I have been a bit wishy washy on Morrison’s run on the X-men, neither really loving or hating it. What I will say is that the man knows how to narratively build to something. Many of the character and main plot threads coalesce in this volume into something much more than the sum of their parts. It’s a really great story – exciting, emotional, impactful.I suppose the problem for me is so many comic (and x-men in particular) clichés come into pla [...]

    12. When Marvel signed Grant Morrison to tell X-Men stories, they and everyone else thought they were getting the Morrison of DC’s JLA, a hugely successful franchise relaunch that reinterpreted superheroes at almost mythic proportions. What Morrison’s X-Men ended up being, though, was something else, and there’s a good reason for that: because Grant Morrison doesn’t always tell stories like he did in the pages of JLA. The Morrison who wrote the X-Men was more like the one who worked on The I [...]

    13. Mm. Don't know how I feel about this. What I liked about this series is it essentially starts with Magneto having won. In death he stood as undeniable proof that he was right, that humans would wipe out all of mutantkind if they could, and they did, with 16 million dead at Genosha. In his absence, in his martyrdom, in his victory, it left Xavier with no one to externalise the conflicts of the mutant issue and led to a more introverted examination of the various hypocrisies/contradictions of his [...]

    14. Graphic novel, collecting together New X-Men #139-145.Main line up: Wolverine, Jean grey, Cyclops, Beast, Professor X, Emma Frost.Jean has caught Scott in his psychic affair with Emma Frost and gone postal. Next thing we know Emma's been murdered - her diamond form shattered and Beast heads the time to solve the puzzle (both of whodunit and putting her back together) - Beak confesses saying he did it to protect the secret of his offspring with Angel, but it turns out that Angel pulled the trigge [...]

    15. Note: the new Volume 6 is the old Volume 5. Two stories here: The Murder of Emma Frost and Assault on Weapon Plus.The murder story just shows how ridiculous death has become in superhero universes. You know, from the first panel, that she's not going to stay dead, and in the end she comes back to life in time to identify her murderer. I get what Morrison was trying to do, playing up the inter-generational conflict theme he started in the previous volume, but the entire thing just seems unduly ch [...]

    16. Un broche de oro para una etapa dorada del cómic, aunque este no sea el último libro de Morrison sino el anteúltimo, que hace las veces de epílogo. Finalmente los secretos que tan bien venía guardando uno de mis personajes favoritos salen a la luz y -para bien o para mal-ya nada será lo mismo. Hasta que el próximo guionista que vino deshizo todas las cosas que Morrison había planteado acá y reescribió a los ponchazos toda una sub-trama que quedó dañada por siempre. Por suerte, uno se [...]

    17. Whoa! Can the X-men ever catch a break? They seem to come from catastrophe to catastrophe to catastrophe to catastrophe. The herd is getting rapidly thinned out its getting harder and harder to feel for them. But that's the mark of great writing, right? Conflict. Conflict. Conflict. The Xorn to Magneto metamorphosis was one helluva plot twist, can't say I saw that coming, even though I always harbored doubt as to Magneto's demise in Genosha. He's always been my favourite X-men character, and he [...]

    18. (Spoilers) Xorn is Magneto!? I never put it all together until Jean and Logan realized they were on Asteroid M. Then of course, the reveal happened.This Volume was great. A quick read, but lots happened as well. A good action filled typical Volume. with the huge loss as well. The only thing that I didn't like about Jean's death was that it seemed extremely convenient for the story. And to have her go out like that and basically still not be back all these years later. tragedy.One Volume left on [...]

    19. Grant Morrison seems to have two great themes: underground pop culture subversion and super-psychedelia. We've had the former and now we get a good dose of the latter. He keeps the plots moving along but this feels a little more like business as usual than the heights of the last issue. I think there's more substance to students who inhabit the underground culture elements of Morisson's X-Men - Beak, Angel, Quentin Quire, the Cuckoos etc - than the ultra-hero Fantomex. Maybe that's true of all h [...]

    20. Borrowed it from my local branch of the public library. While I usually try to read series like this in order, when borrowing from the public library, that is not always possible. Titles like these tend to be very popular, thus not always available when one wants them. Though I can request them, the requests don't always arrive in order. I made a brief note about it in my blog: [gypsylibrarian/20]

    21. While I wasn't the biggest fan of Morrison's New X-men, I liked even less what they did to it after he left/was ousted from/whatever/ the book. Xorn was Magneto all along? SUCK. The Magneto that "killed" Phoenix and was subsequently decapitated by Logan wasn't really Magneto? Double Suck!It was crap writing like this that made me stop buying X-Men at issue 300 (and believe me, it should have been before that).

    22. Another fantastically absurd installment of this mutant soap opera. This one involves Mutants In Space; like 17 people die dramatically; there is betrayal galore and a lot of weeping; and Erik (sorry sorry, "Erik" is his slave name, man, he is MAGNETO, MASTER OF MAGNETISM, never mind he named himself 'Erik') keeps Charles locked up and naked in some kind of tank for like an entire issue, ranting to Charles about how he will see that Magneto is right. Then he does a lot of drugs. Perfection.

    23. It is by no means suited to everyone's taste, but again Morrison does something different and captures the essence of the day.This run is my foray into comics (since my Dandy days as a kid) and I have loved it! It also probably explains why my bookcase has suddenly been crammed full of TPs waiting to be read!

    24. Se devela un secreto muy importante en este tomo, secreto que se viene desarrollando desde el primer arco argumental de la serie y con algunas consecuencias extremadamente trágicas. Pura explosión, quizás este sea mi tomo favorito de todos los new x men de Morrison, aunque todavía me falte el último para cerrar con, espero, broche de oro.

    25. Nope, nope, nope. The reveals here made absolutely no sense; I can't really get on board with the fact that (view spoiler)[Magneto is Xorn. There was nothing that indicated this, the powers he had as Xorn make no sense; the entire thing was just too ridiculous for me to champion in any sort of way. (hide spoiler)]

    26. The X-Men face betrayal by one of their own! As the true purpose of Xorn is revealed, the X-Men are struck devestaing blows from within and without in the penultimate chapter. While the Magneto section of the story could use some work, it is the mystery of Xorn that is the greatest gem in the collection. Nice bait and swith by Morrison - and it all makes sense!

    27. My god. That was incredible--the best of the New X-Men trades so far, and I only have one left. The problem is, where do you go from something so monumental? How is there still an entire volume (though only four issues) left after such a gigantic story?Art is aslo so much better here. This is superhero comics at its best.

    28. Ug. Big ideas, not all that clever, very porly executed. Seemed rushed through, like Morrisson was already hurrying out the door. And I don't know what it is about Jimenez's art, but I find it intensely irritating.My search for a good X-men book continues

    29. Grant Morrison has reignited my love of X-men in this run. This volume sees plot points that have been boiling for some time begin to reach their inevitable climax. Can't wait to see how it all ends.

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