Melody's Crush

Melody s Crush year old Melody Jenkins has spent the last years of high school crushing on one guy Jake Kensington who sees her as no than a sister from another mister and best friend Not wanting to risk thei

  • Title: Melody's Crush
  • Author: Alora Dillon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • 18 year old Melody Jenkins has spent the last 3 years of high school crushing on one guy, Jake Kensington, who sees her as no than a sister from another mister and best friend Not wanting to risk their friendship, Melody has kept her crush a secret and her emotions in check whenever she s around him which is daily since they live on the same property It s her senio18 year old Melody Jenkins has spent the last 3 years of high school crushing on one guy, Jake Kensington, who sees her as no than a sister from another mister and best friend Not wanting to risk their friendship, Melody has kept her crush a secret and her emotions in check whenever she s around him which is daily since they live on the same property It s her senior year and she has made it through the past three years of high school with little social psychological trauma That s excellent considering she goes to a school in Los Angeles where the majority of the bored students graduating will have executive paying jobs the moment they walk across stage If all goes well, she will graduate as the Valedictorian with multiple offers from colleges on the East Coast, far away from California.But when the health teacher announces a special project that requires students to be paired and live under the same roof for one week, Melody s world gets completely turned upside down She is forced to spend time with someone totally opposite of her and frankly, she can t stand or so she thought One night of catching a glimpse of the softer side of Kyle Warner, the school s most popular and arrogant quarterback, has her heart pounding and her stomach doing flip flops.But when Melody shows an ounce of affection toward Kyle, Jake discovers feelings of his own as he tries to protect his best friend from the guy he knows Kyle can be.As the project comes to an end, Melody goes to homecoming will it be a night to remember, forget or both

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    1. Amazing!Wow, I loved this book! The writing is great and the characters are amazing. I loved Melody and Jake's friendship and the special bond they shared. As for Kyle, wow I loved him and the chemistry between him and Mel was awesome. I highly recommend this book and can't get the next book from Kyle's point of view fast enough!

    2. I FINALLY, FINALLY got this one and read it. Oh man, it was so good and I loved the change ups from the three different novels. It was so much smoother when it was all put together. I really wished it would of ended differently but it set my heart aflutter regardless!

    3. 3 stars for Kyle not for Melody. Love that coverNormally I don't like these story's, I hated the main character I wanted to bitch slap her so many times, but for some reason I still liked this book. Don't ask me why I have no clue. Ohh and this book is as unrealistic as the come.I want to read the sequel, I want more Kyle

    4. ***WARNING!!! This review may contain spoilers!***Awww God, I loved this book! It was cute, funny, amazing, hot and set my blood on fire. Seriously! Is it just me having hormonal issues or did it make your hormones do a happy dance too? God, Kyle and Melody together were just. wow! Fireworks, sparkles and goosebumps! I loved, loved, loved Kyle! I know I was supposed to be teaming for Jake, the best friend. And I meant to, really. I actually did want him and Melody together for real, at first. Bu [...]

    5. I loved this book! It put me through a lot of emotions but, mostly, it made me laugh. Teenagers dealing with fake but realistic, newborn babies, crushes, real love, family drama, grief, guilt, expectations etc. I adored Melody! She's smart-mouthed but extremely lovable. Jake is the perfect big brother/best friend. I loved how he swung back and forth between being selfish about Melody, and doing what would make her happy. And Kyle what a doll!! A totally jerk in the beginning but then total Pr [...]

    6. Just perfect!I absolutely loved this story! It had me smiling, mad laughing, crying and on edge. For being a first novel, it had decent writing and the editing wasn't terrible either. I really hope that the author continues with the story line. I'd like to see how her friendship with Jake (and Maxi) continues and I'm kinda curious to see who would of received the valedictorian award.

    7. This book was too cute and I found myself grinning like a Cheshire Cat at many points throughout the book. From the beginning I felt a connection between Kyle and melody that just wasn't there with her and Jake. One of the better teen romance novels I have read in a while! Love!

    8. Can't wait to read the next bookI loved this book! It was perfect for anyone to read. Hopefully it will last even when they go off to college.

    9. Give it a chance. Isn't it every girls' dream to have 2 hot guys fall for her? Well, it is mine. It all starts with a project. Melody gets paired up with the 'jock' instead of her bestfriend and discovers many things which she did not anticipate.Over the duration of the project she begins to learn new things and starts embracing the changes. Despite this being Alora's first book it was really well written. The characters were likable and as soon as you start you are pulled into Melody's story wh [...]

    10. Enjoyable and sweet readingI waited until the final book was out until I started reading because I knew it was going to be that good. Not your typical high school activity. Am I glad the author didn't fall into the typical plot of covering bullying as many of the YA books. Loved the female character and the hot guys. It was unexpected who she ended up with. Am I glad since I was rooting for her to end up with him. The only drawback was the ending. Too short of the HE A moment. I give this a 4.5 [...]

    11. Great first book by Alora Dillon. Melody's Crush takes you through the awakening of Melody, who transforms from shy brainiac nerd to the desirable, adorable focus of two young men's love. Melody has had that "first love crush" on her best friend, brother from another mother, Jake for 3+ years, but buries it in order to preserve a friendship that is the dearest thing to her in all the world. A school project puts her in the sights of the spoiled rich boy, school star jock, cocky QB Kyle. Melody f [...]

    12. 4.5 STARS!! A friend added this book to her "to read" shelf and after reading the description, I new it was something I would like. I'm so glad I was right! This book had me hooked within the first couple of chapters and I couldn't put it down! I really enjoyed the characters and story-line. The characters are well written and I found myself unable to predict what was going to happen next! This love triangle had me on a roller coaster ride. Seriously. Multiple times I laughed out loud. I mean if [...]

    13. This is a G-rated, young-adult romance, which itself is refreshing. However, if you do not like romantic triangles, this book employs an overwhelming use of that young-adult, Twilight-inspired, plotting device. I personally jumped to the end of the book before finishing it because I wanted to know which boy she ultimately chose. I don't like to waste time emotionally investing in the loser. I do not think it is a spoiler to say that the author does not completely assure us which boy is the winne [...]

    14. I think I got the wrong book here. Am I the only one confused by how much it skips from one boy to the next? I gave it a solid 2.75 annoying electronic babies. but it does hold a lot of can see a full review at my blog.

    15. OHMYGOSH! So cute! I was a little wRy about how I'd like this but I shouldn't of been because it was adorable and captivating! Ugh! I have to get up early in the morning but I just had to finish this book, I had to.d possibly sneak a peak at the second onewhich I'm reading nextAaah! Melody was a great heroine in this book. I could relate to her a lot. Jake was great too. Iv never really like both sides of the whole two love interests thing but this one actually had me conflicted. But I'm glad wi [...]

    16. Wonderful book.I had the wonderful chance to read the first 2 parts of this unbelievably wonderful story melodys crush. As I continue to read the rest of this story I was amazed at how well written it was. Alora is a very gifted and talented writer. I hope she will continue with this beautiful young love story. As with all books I love to read the beginning of a book the dedication and to my surprise there was my name. Thanks Alora your the greatest. Hugs Andrea

    17. I really liked the story and the dynamic between Melody, Jake and Kyle. When you thrown Kyle's brother in the mix, Max or "Maxi" it just becomes kind of funny. I am excited to begin reading Melody's heart to see the POV of Kyle because he seems like such a complex character with all the "issues." The only thing I wish came out more clearly was WHY. Why didn't Jake make a move sooner? I don't understand. He never comes all out and say it.

    18. Fun, fluffy story but seriously needs a copy editor (I'd be willing, lol). Maybe there's been a better version released, but the one I read looked like it was written and formatted by a middle schooler. If you can read it without cringing too much, it's an enjoyable read, though a bit cliche and not very deep.

    19. I enjoyed the plot, however the story became a bit confusing at times. The description of some of her interactions with both boys became unclear and hazy.I would have given this book 3 stars, but all of the grammar mistakes earned it a lower rating. It just made it a bit too distracting from the actual story.All in all, it was a good book :D

    20. Not bad. Dont judge a book by its coverThe cover is questionable but it was cute and not unbelievable. There were a few grammatical errors throughout the book and it was heavily cliched but not to the point where it distracts from the story or is intolerable. It doesn't get inappropriate so it's a safe read, and I suggest it to anyone looking for a fluffy novel.

    21. Sweet and endearingI loved this book! You have moments where you hate all three main characters but love them all at the same time. This isn't the girl loves her best friend and he realizes it and falls for her too typical story line. I love the twists and turns and the sweetness and in cogency of the story line!

    22. Great bookI loved this book because it ended differently than I expected it to. I like a book to surprise me. I also really liked the characters. They were well developed and relatable.

    23. Great start.Cute start, easy reading. After the first couple of pages it kinda sucked you in until the last page. The characters need a little development and the heroine seems a little immature but the writing was good.

    24. Great BookThis book had me sitting on the edge of my seat, dying laughing, and crying tears of joy and sadness. Anybody who loves a great teen romance should definitely read this book.

    25. It was cute. I felt the author drew it out way too long, and made the female character especially naive. For as strong as it seemed the author wanted the main character to come across, she barely spoke up to eliminate confusion and had too much self doubt. But all in all it was a cute story.

    26. I enjoyed the characters, but the story was too all over the place for me. First she's in love with her best friend that she's known for forever. Then in the span of a week while doing a social experiment for health class she falls in love with this other guy. It was just ok for me I guess.

    27. Awesome bookOMG this book is amazing. I guess everyone shouldn't judge people by their faces and all because Kyle turned out to be some one she could consider a husband and a father. I wish that Alora Dillon could consider writing a next book about this character.

    28. Sweet young love story Sweet young love story. Nerd gets the jock after discovering she is not truly in love with her best friend. Well written pg rated. Good story line and likable characters.

    29. GreatThis was an awesome story. I can't wait to read Kyle's POV. This was a must read. I loved it. I want to read more about them though. It ended to soon. I want more.

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