Something in the Heir

Something in the Heir He s a prince with a problem she s a commoner with a getaway plan Modern day Prince Adrian of Monaforte has a most old fashioned problem his demanding mother wants him wed to her best friend s daught

  • Title: Something in the Heir
  • Author: Jenny Gardiner
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • He s a prince with a problem, she s a commoner with a getaway plan Modern day Prince Adrian of Monaforte has a most old fashioned problem his demanding mother wants him wed to her best friend s daughter, the hard partying Serena When his refusal falls on deaf ears, Adrian decides it s time for him to slip away from his gilded cage and figure out his life, all on his ownHe s a prince with a problem, she s a commoner with a getaway plan Modern day Prince Adrian of Monaforte has a most old fashioned problem his demanding mother wants him wed to her best friend s daughter, the hard partying Serena When his refusal falls on deaf ears, Adrian decides it s time for him to slip away from his gilded cage and figure out his life, all on his own As luck would have it, event photographer Emma Davison, weary of a revolving door of lost cause men and tired of her outsider looking in career, is in need of her own escape clause, just in time to help a wayward prince in need And she soon discovers that sometimes a girl s gotta sweep a prince off his feet.For any girl that s ever held out hope that some day her prince would come or better yet, hoped that some day she d come to him.

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      Jenny Gardiner is the author of 1 Kindle Bestseller Slim to None and the award winning novel Sleeping with Ward Cleaver Her latest works are the It s Reigning Men series, featuring Something in the Heir Heir Today Gone Tomorrow Bad to the Throne and the upcoming Love is in the Heir She also published the memoir Winging It A Memoir of Caring for a Vengeful Parrot Who s Determined to Kill Me, now re titled Bite Me a Parrot, a Family and a Whole Lot of Flesh Wounds the novels Anywhere but Here soon to be re released Where the Heart Is the essay collection Naked Man on Main Street, and Accidentally on Purpose and Compromising Positions writing as Erin Delany and is a contributor to the humorous dog anthology I m Not the Biggest Bitch in This Relationship Her work has been found in Ladies Home Journal, the Washington Post and on NPR s Day to Day She has worked as a professional photographer, an orthodontic assistant learning quite readily that she was not cut out for a career in polyester , a waitress probably her highest paying job , a TV reporter, a pre obituary writer, as well as a publicist to a United States Senator where she first learned to write fiction She s photographed Prince Charles and her assistant husband got him to chuckle , Elizabeth Taylor, and the president of Uganda She and her family now live a less exotic life in Virginia.


    1. A big disappointment. I love royal romance, that's the only reason I finished this. The narrative and how the characters spoke, reminded me of an old British comedyjust not the funny kind. Do people actually speak like that?The ending felt rushed. Prince Adrian went from really liking Emma to all of a sudden proposing, kinda blind sighted me. I thought they'd spend more time getting to know each other considering originally they only hung out for a few days. I have book two as a freebie, but I w [...]

    2. I’ve been hearing really great things about Jenny Gardiner and her fun chick lit reads. When I was contacted about reviewing this one, I was really looking forward to it. I read quite a few serious, drama-filled, extremely emotional books, so it’s really nice mixing some enjoyably fun chick lit reads in to lighten my reading mood.Emma, a successful US photographer, and Adrian, Prince of Monaforte, conspire together to spend some time in hiding. Adrian is desperate to avoid his mother, who is [...]

    3. My Review:This is a book that is just as fun as that super-cute cover. I'll admit, I'm a sucker for a good cover and I loved this one which immediately caught my attention. This book is every girl's fantasy growing upet a handsome prince and fall desperately in love. But it isn't Emma's fantasyt anymore. She's met a few too many frogs and simply doesn't believe in happily-ever-afters anymore. But that hasn't changed the fact that she's simply a nice person. So when the prince begs for her help t [...]

    4. I have always been a sucker for a royal romance whether it be in real life or fiction, so the premise of this book immediately appealed to me and I stayed up late several nights in a row reading Something in the Heir because it was so engaging. The story opens with Prince Adrian of Monaforte, who's in DC on royal business, deciding he's had enough of not only his boring duties, but his matchmaking mother, and taking off with an assist from his loyal equerry and a woman he's just met, event photo [...]

    5. The blurb made this book sound so interesting, but I wound up hating it! Emma was a smart-butt heroine, but the author used it too much, making her come off as immature rather than sassy. I liked how Adrien kept trying to get Emma to accept the compliments he paid her and acknowledge that not all men were like her exes, but Emma kept having her head in the sand regarding all of that, and it stunted her growth as a character. In fact, it made the romance between Adrien and Emma more about sex and [...]

    6. I have been too lazy to write the reviewLet me think.Ok so there was prince Adrian with the English last name from some Alp? kingdom. Also since he had never watched tv his knowledge of "new" words like "horny" and others were terrible. Are you kidding me? damn that prince be stupid. So the only way to learn new words is telly thenwell ok Prince I do not know this language you are speaking Miss American.Ok so I could just check, but, eh I forgot her name. Emily? Was it that? I guess I will see w [...]

    7. Deze heb ik gratis gedownload via kobo. Dit was een leuk verhaal. Had meer fairytale achtig verwacht, maar dat was het totaal niet. Echt zo'n tussendoor boek.

    8. This was a really cute book. Prince Adrian of Monaforte, is desperate for a temporary escape from his matchmaking mother, the queen. He wants some time to figure out who he wants to be. Emma is in a bit of a doldrums with her current job. While it is a great job, it has become a bit stale. When Adrian stops Emma on her way to her car after the party she has just finished photographing, she agrees to help Adrian hide out for a bit. I loved how open Emma was to helping out Adrian while trying to p [...]

    9. What happens when you combine a prince with the need to wander and escape out from under the thumb of the queen and a fun chance taking photographer caught dreaming of change? Well you get an unlikely combination that brings you Adrian and Emma! With Adrian begging Emma to help him escape his life even for a day or two, she can’t say no to the charming prince and so their adventure begins!Something in the Heir is such a fun read! While the scenario of meeting a prince is unlikely the author wr [...]

    10. Check out my review here bookschocolateandwine/reviThe synopsis for this novel intrigued me very much so. It also started off with a bang which I something I absolutely love in novels!Emma the main character is a fun loving girl who has a budding career as a successful photographer and seemed bored with a life that was going nowhere really. I found myself giggling quite a few times at things that came out of Emma’s mouth and never not once did I find her annoying or over the top.Though Adrian [...]

    11. Releases a sigh of frustration why? Because this book sounded like it was going to be so much fun and I was in the mood for a light-hearted, funny romance. Sadly, I found myself skimming through large chunks of the book, mostly because Emma babbled so much ridiculous drivel I found my mind drifting off. I just couldn't engage and seeing as how I can be quite satisfied with a basic, formulaic Mills and Boon, this is not a good sign!But most of all, and this is a huge beef with me as a lover of ro [...]

    12. Light and fluffyThis was a sweet story of pure fantasy for every girl that's ever wished to be a princess. Although the ages of the adults in the story were in the their mid twenties, the whole book felt like I was reading about some high school kids. Perhaps because the story was so light? Or maybe because of the actions of the characters?Overall, it was a fun little diversion from what I normally read, but since I'm not usually a fan of YA I wouldn't read more in this series.

    13. Ha ha! Typical Hallmark movie type book with a Royal Prince and a commoner who fall in love. But the Queen is really sweet in the book unlike the Hallmark movies in which it takes some convincing.Fun to read and nice characters. The Prince Adrian himself is like a normal guy and a sweetheart. Emma is like any normal girl. Friends Darcy and Caroline of each of them are nice characters too. In general a good book for entertainment! :) :D

    14. Something in the Heir reviewSomething in the Heir is a cute and funny first book in It's Reigning Men series written by author Jenny Gardiner.

    15. In the style of Roman Holiday or The Prince & Me, Something in the Heir follows a royal who needs to escape from it all. The Crown Prince of a little known kingdom takes a unexpected and much needed holiday from his royal duties hiding from his overbearing family. He just so happens to drag Emma along for the ride.The plot itself was somewhat predictable and the enjoyment factor was from the rom-com style banter between the two protagonists. This book plays of the fantasies of little girls [...]

    16. Okay, so I usually base my rating on the overall feel of the book, how entertaining it was (the escapability from reality factor), and whether I would want to reread it again. Looking past the editing and grammar issues throughout the book it was okay overall, but I don't see myself rereading this in the future. I don't like to rate a book too low, because as long as I could read it through and it allowed me some escape for a short time it's worth a read. The main character was sort of boring, a [...]

    17. As a sucker for a good royal romance, I was happy to find Something in the Heir for free on my Kindle. It's not the best of the genre, but it satisfies the romantic, Disney-worshiping five year old that lives in my heart. I did get annoyed at Emma for not just giving in, but at the same time I thought her point was valid. It was all a little too rushed and wrapped up very neatly. It feels like all the conflict could have been easily resolved if Adrian had actually had a conversation with any of [...]

    18. I have been provided with a copy of Something in the Heir by the author for an impartial review. I really enjoyed this story. This book had some really interesting characters that just made you want to be friends with them and just have them in your life. This story is about Prince Adrian finding out who he is and what his life is by running away from his family and he accomplishes this task by having the help of the photographer Emma that he meets at an event that he had to attend. This book wa [...]

    19. You'll likely predict that this predictable story about a predictable Prince and a predictable commoner is well, predictable. But we saw that coming right? Emma is a photographer and during a shoot meets the Prince of somewhere he's desperate to escape his strict life and his impending forced marriage. Adrian instead slips away into the night, stumbling across Emma and begging her help. It was an ok freebie which passed the time easily and summoned up dreams of being kidnapped by my own Prince C [...]

    20. This was my first book by Jenny Gardiner but it won't be the last. Not War and Peace, but an entertaining read. Our Prince is tired of his mother's matchmaking and needs to escape his duties to regroup and avoid an arranged marriage. Our heroine is a photographer at a reception honoring the prince and the president. Afterwards, our hero waylays her. The rest may be predictable but it is very enjoyable to read. I love the title of Gardiner's series "Reigning Men"!

    21. Run away groom.Their to the kingdom is taking a break from reality as his mother tries to get him married to a friend of the family. He doesn't want the marriage but can't figure out how to convince mother. So he sneaks away and kidnapped the photographer. She agreed to shelter him for a while. Great romp fun read.

    22. Este libro cumple su función te entretiene y ya, sin expectativas, es simple y predecible con algunas curiosidades y algunos momentos cómicos así como momentos aburridos, no está bueno pero no es malo, es ok como esas revistas que lees cuando esperas en la fila del super sin pena ni gloria simplemente no pasa nada si la lees o no

    23. Hittade den på en sida som tipsade om tillfälligt gratis e-böcker.En helt okej bok, läste den på en dag. Kändes som om det byggdes upp till någonting till slutet och så var det bara ett "Vill du gifta dig med mig?", "ja", "okej". Typ. Lite disappointing. Jag visste ju att det skulle vara ett självklart och förutsägbart slut men uppbyggnaden var lite otillfredsställande.

    24. I almost stopped reading this book multiple times, but I hate to abandon a book after starting it. The dialogue felt unnatural and forced between the characters. The plus side was that it was a free book on , but I did delete it from my que.

    25. 2.5 stars. Emma's "woo is me, no one will ever love me" attitude was getting on my nerves. Though the story was predictable i am a little curious about Caroline & Darcy's story. Maybe I'll read it. I hope the American's have no class stereotype is watered down in book #2 That bothered me too.

    26. Loved it I really loved this modern day fairy tale the characters we believable and completely loveable. Hopefully they will be available in KU I would live to read more and look forward to reading about the second characters

    27. Something in the Heir(It's Reigning Men Book 1)I enjoyed reading about Emma and Adrian aka The Prince and how one common woman stole his heart and made him realise that love is all that matters.

    28. Another boring read, it was such bad writing that I just had to stop, I couldn't finish it. The poor girl meets rich boy story is so lame and overused. The characters were boring and one dimensional. Don't waste your time on this one.

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