El perfume: Historia de un asesino

El perfume Historia de un asesino Jean Baptiste Grenouille es gracias a su prodigioso sentido del olfato el mejor elaborador de perfumes de todos los tiempos pero es un ser grotesco deforme y repulsivo a los ojos de las mujeres Com

  • Title: El perfume: Historia de un asesino
  • Author: Patrick Süskind Pilar Giralt Gorina
  • ISBN: 9788432217456
  • Page: 174
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jean Baptiste Grenouille es, gracias a su prodigioso sentido del olfato, el mejor elaborador de perfumes de todos los tiempos pero es un ser grotesco, deforme y repulsivo a los ojos de las mujeres Como venganza a tanta ofensa sufrida a causa de su aspecto f sico elabora un raro perfume que subyuga la voluntad de quien lo huele As , Jean Baptiste consigue el favor de lasJean Baptiste Grenouille es, gracias a su prodigioso sentido del olfato, el mejor elaborador de perfumes de todos los tiempos pero es un ser grotesco, deforme y repulsivo a los ojos de las mujeres Como venganza a tanta ofensa sufrida a causa de su aspecto f sico elabora un raro perfume que subyuga la voluntad de quien lo huele As , Jean Baptiste consigue el favor de las damas de la alta sociedad y el dominio de los poderosos Existe un nico problema para conseguir la esencia elemental de la m gica fragancia se necesitan los fluidos corporales de jovencitas v rgenes, y para ello el perfumista no duda en convertirse en un obsesivo, cruel y despiadado asesino.

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    1. Patrick Süskind Pilar Giralt Gorina

      From 1968 1974 he studied medieval and modern history in Munich and Aix en Provence In the 80s he worked as a screenwriter, for Kir Royal and Monaco Franze among others After spending the 1970s writing what he has characterized as short unpublished prose pieces and longer un produced screenplays , Patrick S skind was catapulted to fame in the 1980s by the monodrama Der Kontrabass The Double Bass, 1981 , which became an instant success and a favourite of the German stage In 1985 his status as literary wunderkind was confirmed with the publication of the novel Das Parf m Die Geschichte eines M rders Perfume The Story of a Murderer , which quickly topped the European best seller list and eventually sold millions of copies worldwide.


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    2. I was predisposed to love this book no matter what. I love perfumes. The fact that this book had blood and murder was just a bonus.For me, perfumes and scents are a visceral thing. I love perfume. I have never been a visual person, my memories are composed of layers of scent.I remember as a child, growing up in Vietnam, visiting my elderly neighbor's house and having him give me a cup of black tea infused with jasmine. Those jasmines would put the pitiful little star jasmines to shame. They were [...]

    3. Because sometimes you just have to read about an 17th century perfumer who may or may not be the Anti Christ and goes on a killing spree, before starting aa giant omnisexual fuckfest and being voluntarily cannabilized. Ah literature. That's why I read you, the class. The class.

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    5. I had a heck of a time thinking who I'd recommend this to. It won a Fantasy award, yet I can't call it Fantasy. It's set in a bygone period, but it doesn't play with history, so it's not Historical Fiction. It's about a murder, yet it's not terrifying like Horror, nor is it a mystery. It's just the story of a peculiar boy who became a dangerous and most interesting man. He was born without an odor, you see, and lacking that part of identity, became obsessed with smell. That identity crisis trigg [...]

    6. This book was different and brilliant. The story of an orphaned boy born without a scent, but with an incredibly refined sense of smell, the book drags a bit in parts, but the ends justify the means, in more ways than one.All things considered, the book is a valentine to the beauty, elegance, and power of smell. A truly underrated sense, Suskind reminds the reader of just how powerful an effect our sense of smell can have. Although Jean-Baptiste Grenouille (one of the great names in contemporary [...]

    7. There are some books which can be called unique. They may be good, bad or indifferent: but their authors strike out from the trodden paths of narrative themes and structure to explore totally new vistas, so that the product becomes unique. Perfume by Patrick Suskind is such a book.Jean Baptiste Grenouille is "an abominable and gifted personage, in an era which was not lacking in abominable and gifted personages". Born a bastard in the stinking heart of the city of Paris in the eighteenth century [...]

    8. I want my last 2 weeks back. I dove into this book expecting a hell of a lot more than I dragged out of it. From the very beginning I did not like the author's writing style and should have known then that this book just wouldn't be for me.This book is set in the mid-1700's France and centers around a horrid man who has no redeeming qualities other than the fact that he has likely the most perfect sense of smell in the history of mankind. But he uses this skill for selfish and evil purposes and [...]

    9. I'd like to make something very clear with my review of this book. I normally don't go overboard with the whole "the movie vs. the book" argument because I'm not interested in making people's decisions for them, even though I'm strongly opinionated about the subject. But this is a case where I have to speak out. Süskind has created here a work of literary art in prose, and I take that seriously. I admire lots of books but I wouldn't say this about any old novel. The movie "Perfume" makes an utt [...]

    10. Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer is simply one of the greatest horror novels ever written. Taking place in 18th century, France, it begins with an infant born with one difference from the rest of the world: Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is born with the ability to smell anything and everything in the world around him. Although not a novel of the supernatural as commonly defined, in a sense, it is, because his ability can only be defined as that of supernature. While not being the most prolific author [...]

    11. Due to a bit of a cold lately, I couldn't smell the cinnamon sprinkled on my Frothy Coffee, nor the aromas of fresh croissants walking past the patisserie, or the preparation of an evening meal consisting of mussels cooked in garlic butter. I love these smells, they are just as important to me as taste, damn this cold!, if only I had the nose of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, having a cold wouldn't have made any difference, I could smell the fresh fish markets from a mile away!. No interest though in [...]

    12. Let me begin by telling you that this book is hilarious, and I am mildly obsessed with it. I loved it. Grenouille is my new favorite literary character. I’ve even started doing little impersonations of him when I'm feeling particularly annoying, which I think is going over pretty well around my house. He lurks in the shadows, is mildly hunchbacked, and sniffs the air like a total freak. Anyway, as you may know, Perfume is the story of Grenouille, a man born with the ability to smell every litt [...]

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    15. To be entirely honest I still haven't decided whether I loved the book or hated it. XD I loved the writing style and the idea behind it but at the same time I was disgusted by the vivid pictures it provoked. It was way too easy to get lost in the "Perfume" and I swear I could literally smell the book while I read it. *lol* All things considered it actually was a very good read and I can recommend it to everyone who's into haunting stories. I read that book a while ago and I'm still thinking abou [...]

    16. Pero qué novela tan interesante ha escrito Patrick Süskind… Este es otro de esos libros que yo veía en los estantes de la librería, o sobre el cual, muchos lectores reseñaban pero que no había tenido yo la oportunidad de leer.Es verdaderamente original y sorprendente la manera en que Süskind crea el personaje de Jean-Baptiste Grenouille. Sencillamente brillante. Han existido en la literatura famosos asesinos (creo que Raskólnikov de "Crimen y castigo" es uno de los más emblemáticos), [...]

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    18. If I could only have one word to describe this novel it would have to be "original". What an idea, what a concept Suskind came up with for this story, for this character. Fortunately I have more words available and I have to use them. Words like creepy, disgusting, sick, vile, etc. etc. It's the story of a serial killer in 18th century France. The victims - young girls, virgins. Predictable you say, well not so much. Sherlock Holmes would have struggled solving this case I believe. Very well wri [...]

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    20. Smell, they say, is the strongest of the senses.Hmmmmm,I remember a time, years ago, on the beach.I could smell the lake, the night airFeel the Harley spinning out of control as it hit the sand. No pain justThe smell of wet leather and silk Bob Seger singingMoonlit endless sandThe taste of beer and cigarettesHis scent……mine….mingled.That’s the thing about smell; it commands an immediate and visceral response. It is instinctive, automatic; void of conscious thought or will, all the while [...]

    21. "So what did you think of it?" she asked. "I've been trying to write something, but all I can come up with is that it's a weird story about a guy who has an unusually good sense of smell."She stopped, struck by a thought. "Wait a minute. You've got a pretty acute sense of smell yourself. I've noticed, don't try to deny it. That thing with the toaster. Right?"He was cornered, and vaguely assented, hoping she would drop the subject. But she persisted."So you must have read it too. What did you thi [...]

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    23. A cross between The Silence of the Lambs and a period drama. That's how I would describe Perfume, the great German classic of the 1980s. Basically, it's an eighteenth-century murder story, except that it doesn't focus on the victims and the hunt for the killer, but rather emphasises the life and times of the murderer, who is an unusual protagonist to say the least.Perfume tells the story of Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, an eighteenth-century Parisian with a unique gift: a prodigiously well-developed [...]

    24. I don’t know what compelled me to finish this book but it was the worst book I’ve ever read. I get that Jean-Baptiste has an extraordinary sense of smell and that his obsession leads him to murder. I understand the irony of it all: that he was born abandoned and died in an act of love. Even so, there was nothing about the story that was vaguely likable. I know it’s fiction but it seemed completely unrealistic and ridiculous to be even remotely appreciated. Furthermore, it takes forever to [...]

    25. This book had me likeUnlike anything I've ever read, but I loved it. Especially the whole last chapter had me laughing morbidly at scenes the author probably did not intend to be satire. The circumstances of Jean-Baptiste's birth and upbringing were also hilariously awful to me.During the rest of the book my general reaction was this:I wasn't sure if I was gonna be sent straight to hell for rooting for the main character so I tried to keep my opinion out of the general reading process. (I say th [...]

    26. This book was lent to me by a friend. This friend was really a great writer and kind of a genius but also an asshole. I should have known about this friend. Her name means sadness and she carried herself either in awkwardness or fierceness or hipper than you savagery or a combination of all of those or none of them and I’m just constructing a mythic version of her. Her writing was amazing. It was zany, rich, violent and grotesque. It would reach down into intense emotional depths and then get [...]

    27. To say this book is just a book of murder is to confine Patrick Suskind's words to banality. It is a story of love and obsession. Of one destined to be a captive of the senses.Jean-Baptiste Grenouille is a slave to scent. As some people are captivated by the scent of roses or lilacs, so Jean-Baptiste is captivated by the scent of women. In his dementia, in his lonely mind, he seeks to forever hold this scent of innocence and beauty, so much so it drives him to the brink of insanity, forcing him [...]

    28. In 18th Century France a baby is born who lacks any scent. He does, however, have a deep and strong survival urge. Although he is treated as a pariah by many for his condition, he possesses a parallel condition, a heightened sensitivity to aroma. It is his quest to experience life through smell, and he does so. He is also a cold-hearted sociopath who seizes opportunities where he can to advance his particular desires. It ends badly for him, but that is a good thing.The authorThis is a very inter [...]

    29. Reto #44 PopSugar 2017: Un libro que tenga lugar a lo largo de la vida de un personajeLo primero que quiero comentar es que este libro no es lo que yo esperaba. Pensé que sería un thriller trepidante, pero me encontré con un relato lento, que se centra en desgranar la psique del personaje principal y en narrar las circunstancias que lo acompañaron durante toda su vida, para que el lector pueda comprender su forma de pensar, actuar y ver el mundo. La verdad, también me gustan mucho ese tipo [...]

    30. Este libro es una experiencia sensorial olfativa, el libro no se lee sino se huele, se aspira y se exhala Es un clásico situando en Francia del siglo XVIII descrita como un lugar desagradable, apestoso, caótico, nauseabundo y en medio de todo nace esto Grenouille, nuestro protagonista, en un mercado lleno de pescado y fruta podrida es abandonado por su madre al nacer y tiene que aprender a sobrevivir a muchas pruebas a lo largo de la historiaLo interesante de este personaje es que tiene la cap [...]

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