Jake WARNING This book contains graphic scenes in sexual nature and language Not intended for anyone under the age of or those easily offended Jake Wilson is a very successful tattoo artist in Californi

  • Title: Jake
  • Author: Hilary Storm JacobWilson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 464
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • WARNING This book contains graphic scenes in sexual nature and language Not intended for anyone under the age of 18 or those easily offended Jake Wilson is a very successful tattoo artist in California He lives his life on the go and there s not a shortage of women at his disposal at any point in time His life is perfect for a man who has no desire to commit and thWARNING This book contains graphic scenes in sexual nature and language Not intended for anyone under the age of 18 or those easily offended Jake Wilson is a very successful tattoo artist in California He lives his life on the go and there s not a shortage of women at his disposal at any point in time His life is perfect for a man who has no desire to commit and the stories he could tell you would either terrify you or have you intrigued and hoping to become his next treat What happens when he meets the first female to challenge him Addi Woods is a very successful club owner who has just recently relocated Her partnership with Jax Wilson brings her face to face with Jax s twin brother Jake His sexy charm won t work on her because she sees right through his intentions What happens when Jake is determined to break through her sophisticated demeanor and show her his true personality Will she fall for his wild existence or will she be the one to leave him always wanting

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      Hilary Storm lives with her high school sweetheart and three children in Oklahoma She drives her husband crazy talking about book characters everyday like they are real people She graduated from Southwestern Oklahoma State University with an MBA in Accounting Her passions include being a mom, writing, reading, photography, music, mocha coffee, and spending time with friends and family She is the author of the USA Today Best Selling Rebel Walking Series, Bryant Brothers Series, Inked Brothers Series, Six, Seven, Mr Darkness and co author of The Elite Forces Series, Alphachat Series, and Quarterback Sack.Sign up for her newsletter here goo forms d0UON5HIUCSocial LinksFacebook facebook pages HilaryWebpage hilarystormwritesTwitter hilary_storm


    1. Oh, how I really wanted to like this but it just didn't do it for me. I knew it wasn't going to be some great piece of literature, but I thought it would at least be enjoyable and I don't really think it wasd I feel really bad saying that. I adore Jacob Wilson, he seems like such a doll in real life, but I think he needs to stick to his day job.I'm not really sure where this serial is goingere didn't seem to be much of a plot to this first installment, except a lot of sex, and not very hot sex a [...]

    2. DNF @ 37%I love the cover. it's hot.So I've picked up like 5 novels and dropped 3 of them and this is one of the three.I don't know if I'm gonna give this another try. It seems like I'm not in the mood for not so exciting novels that's why I've been dropping books non stop. It started with a sex scene, with two girls. I wasn't expecting another sex scene, with a customer. I skipped even before that scene, those that I didn't find that interesting. But after the second S Scene, I started to skip [...]

    3. I loved the book cover, but the story is empty. The hero just fucks everything that moves and nothing more.

    4. Yowsers!! Lord that made me feel all kinds of tingly hot (hides face in shame)d what an exciting thrill ride that was to experience.Jake is a sexy as sin tattoo artist who gets way more than he can handle from eager clients to pretty much any women he comes in contact with. Add to this fact that he has a twin brother who has just opened up a successful nightclub (where scantily clad women abound) with hot business partner Addi, and you have one delicious recipe for a big mess of trouble. This fi [...]

    5. This was a quick enjoyable read. We get introduced to Jake and Addi. Jake is quite the manwhore, a very typical magnet to ho's. And then he meets Addi, his brother's business partner. She's gorgeous, smart and wants not much to do with Jake, she's not falling to her knee's or fawning over him.As I said this was a quick read, and in my opinion should be seen as an introduction to the world according to Jake Wilson, it shows us the type of life he leads, and its just a beginning, its not the whole [...]

    6. You can tell this was written by a man but unfortunately it's probably to be read by men, like playboy. I expected lots of sex no issues there, guy a manwhore no issue there but a girl wanting to thank him for the tatt he gave her by giving him a BJ. 'I didn't know how else to thank you', how about paying him in cash hunny. I found that a little insulting. I didn't see the female perspective in this story at all and it was co-written by a woman, I would love to know what her contribution was bec [...]

    7. OMG OMG If I could give this book a kazillion stars for hawt scenes I would "Jake" is a hawt read I loved it Hilary and Jake Wilson knew what they were doing when they wrote this book! I loved it!!! I want all my friends to go and get this book and read it NOW!

    8. This book is amazing, I loved how well this book was written. I also loved that the characters were very well developed. I couldn't put this book down. I can't wait for the second book. I highly recommend this book to anyone and everyone.

    9. Ok, so no, just no. Thought this book was about Jake & "Addi".early I was very, very wrong. It was actually about Jake & every single girl he came in contact with and slept with all of them. First by this author, but sadly it will be the last. This just made me feel yuckyd I needed a shower. If a book is not about an actual coupleat may be a great thing to disclose in the descriptionjust sayin.did not finish, got about 60% in and realized it wasn't getting any better. In the description [...]

    10. Wow, I have loved everything that Hilary has written and this was no exception. Hilary and Jacob have done a freaking awesome job writing this book.Jake was hot, sexy, and dirty, I mean, what's not to love. I loved the fun loving, carefree attitude he had with women and life. His honesty was funny, and seeing the way he left women in his wake was epic. The sex was steamy as shit, raw and gritty. The other thing I loved was how Jake was loyal and loved his twin brother Jax and his tattoo shop and [...]

    11. Super short story that just suddenly stops. No way I'd pay for this story in pieces. The whole thing sounds like a guy talking shit with his buddies unbelievable, egotistical braggart. No respect for women, or Bitches as he calls them. He is a God in his world. Nothing redeeming about him so far, except his succesful business, unless you want to worship at his feet. As a woman with no problem reading erotica, this was a major miss. Might appeal to college boys, but MY bad boys have got Jake's bo [...]

    12. This book was getting a lot of press on my FB newsfeed, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Especially since I could get it through Kindle Unlimited. Well, I thought it was terrible. As other reviewers have pointed out numerous times, lots of sex. Not that I'm apposed to sex in books at all, but if it adds to the story. This seemed to be some sex scenes with other scenes thrown in. I was hoping for some sort of direction, but I just didn't see it in this installment at all. In fact, I was left wond [...]

    13. This is a serial; so we really don't get any resolution to a story. An the story I'm not sure where we are going. Jake is a total manwhore. This seems to be a endless description of his sexual escapades with various women. I really didn't like this guy although he was honest with all of women what he was about. Then he meets Addi, who appears to be a mystery woman so we don't really know about her other than she is disgusted with his behavior. Don't know if I would wait for the next one since it [...]

    14. This is first installment in a serial and by the end I was left needing book two like yesterday This is a short, seriously hot, pantie wetting story It will leave you in need of a cold shower haha .But I devoured this book within an hour Jake is a hot, badass tattoo'd man whore who everyone wants This little book shouldn't be missed and I seriously can't wait for the story to be continued on .

    15. Where do you begin with a book that is this HOT!! I thought the words were going to burn my brain! Great start to a HOT ALPHA SERIES! ! Can't wait to see what Hilary and Jacob have in store for us over the next couple of months.

    16. I love this author and was excited for this series, but ended up disappointed :(I couldn't find a true plot hidden between the sex scenes. Don't get me wrong, those scenes were hot, but they just weren't enough for me to continue on to the next installment.

    17. Only bother if you want to read about the hero having sex with multiple woman, because how else can an author build a male character???

    18. 3.5 Star Review Jake (Inked Brothers: Jake Book 1) by Hilary Storm and Jacob WilsonI had the honour to meet both Hilary Storm and Jacob Wilson whilst attending the Tennessee author event in July 2014. They are wonderful and genuine people and I am excited to see them again in Melbourne, Australia later in the year.This is their first collaboration together and I must say that it is certainly full on. There is an amazing amount of sizzling hot sex scenes. This is the story of Jake, a successful b [...]

    19. Inhaltsangabe: Jake ist Inhaber eines gut gehenden Tattooladens und liebt die Frauen. Oft und viele! Als ihn sein Bruder zur Eröffnung seines neuen Clubs, an dem er Teilhaber ist, einlädt erhofft sich Jake einen lockeren Abend mit Freunden, Frauen und Alkohol. Doch dann begegnet er Addi, der Geschäftspartnerin seines Bruders. Meine Einschätzung: Hmm, ich gestehe, dass mein Klappentext nicht allzu viel her macht (glaubt mir, der von klang deutlich vielversprechender, aber ihr seht ja was ich [...]

    20. When I heard that Hilary had gone into cahoots with Jake to write this book well as others on the wayI was so excited I screamed for joy and my husband had to come running to make sure I was okay lol. I had been waiting forever for it to come out and since I had pre-ordered it when Midnight rolled around signaling the 10th of February I checked my kindle and low and behold it was THERE!!!! While I wanted to start reading it I had work early so had to go to bed and here it is two days later!! I f [...]

    21. TRACY'S REVIEW5 STARSJake Wilson is the hot, tattooed, non-commitment type so many of us like to read about. Thinking he can get any woman he lays eyes on, never having to work to get a girl into bed. Yeah we all know that type. The ones we hate but secretly wish we were the one he was taking to bed. Like most guys, it takes one female to reject him for him to see her as a challenge. For Jake that woman is Addi Woods, the girl who sees right through him and knows what he is really after.Although [...]

    22. Darn where to start. "Jake" by Hilary Storm, Author & Jacob WilsonIt's a great storyline & I just adore the details & Brutus. (as a Bulldog owner I can just hear him snore & know the look in his eyes) Can't wait for volume 2 & wouldn't mind a complete series of each character after this one, even Rikki!what's the story about?Jake's got a good fuck-system going untill he meets Addi Woods, successful club owner (partnership with Jake's twin brother Jax Wilson). His charm doesn' [...]

    23. Looking for a quick hot read? Jake Volume 1 is definitely that! We meet Jake who is a tattoo artist with a healthy appetite for sex, but not relationships. The first chapter of two will definitely drive that point home for you.Jake is hot, and knows what he wants, but I feel as if he's letting himself not really enjoy life since he won't allow women really into his life. I mean don't get me wrong, his scenes with the many girls are hot and will have you fanning yourself. But I'm a sucker for get [...]

    24. BANG right from the start Jake is going at it burning up the pages of this serial !! I was reading this in my husbands truck in the dance studio parking lot while he napped on Valentine's night !! It was snowing , he had to go plow and we were waiting for our kids to be done their dance party !! Sadly we do not have the life of Jake !! Had we been in a more secluded parking lot maybe we would have fogged up the windows !! So after the first bit we get that Jake loves sex and he has it anytime an [...]

    25. Amazingly Hot!A new venture by Hilary Storm and Jacob Wilson as co-authors just for our reading pleasure! It didn't disappoint and may have melted a few parts of my Kindle. This new series will be on-going so get ready to join in the fun and not miss a second of the heat. Jake is sex-on-a-stick with the ink and muscle to back that claim up and he knows it. He uses it and his rules to keep himself one very happy man without attachments. Running his tattoo shop by day and working his way through v [...]

    26. 3.5 starsJake is a tattoo artist and is very successful. He's also a serious manwhore. He was with four or five different girls in a couple of days, and apparently has women throwing themselves at him often. If you're looking for a book with some sexy times, this is it.When Jake's twin, Jax moves back into town and opens a fancy nightclub, Jake meets Addi, Jax's new partner. She caught him in one of the restrooms with a random chick so doesn't fall for his flirting. Jake is definitely attracted [...]

    27. Jake is book one in the ‘’inked brother’’ series and is also the first book of Hayley/Jake’s that I have read. Although I thought this book was OK, I wasn’t gripped by it. That being said, I WILL read the second part of Jake’s story. Other than the steamy scenes (which were extremely hot) there wasn’t much of a story in my opinion. This just seemed like a diary of Jake’s daily hook-ups, which is ok if there were at least a gripping story around them, but there just wasn’t whi [...]

    28. HA HA…….First off, If you don’t like crudeness and potty mouth, don’t read these books :-) The sexy start to the book had me from the start. Tatted, hot bodied, motorbike riding Jake, opening up the story having a threesome in his tattoo shop, well, my kind of story!!We hear the story from the male point of view which I enjoyed. It was a welcome change. It makes for a different reading experience. Instead of make up and pillow fights, it’s admiring each others cars and fist fights. I l [...]

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