That Part Was True

That Part Was True Reminiscent of ONE DAY meets CHARING CROSS ROAD THAT PART WAS TRUE is a bittersweet story about falling in love and risking it all When Eve Petworth writes to Jackson Cooper to praise a scene in o

  • Title: That Part Was True
  • Author: Deborah McKinlay
  • ISBN: 9781409146681
  • Page: 230
  • Format: Paperback
  • Reminiscent of ONE DAY meets 84 CHARING CROSS ROAD, THAT PART WAS TRUE is a bittersweet story about falling in love and risking it all.When Eve Petworth writes to Jackson Cooper to praise a scene in one of his books, they discover a mutual love of cookery and food As their letters criss cross the ocean that lies between them, friendship and then romance blossoms despite JReminiscent of ONE DAY meets 84 CHARING CROSS ROAD, THAT PART WAS TRUE is a bittersweet story about falling in love and risking it all.When Eve Petworth writes to Jackson Cooper to praise a scene in one of his books, they discover a mutual love of cookery and food As their letters criss cross the ocean that lies between them, friendship and then romance blossoms despite Jackson s colourful love life and Eve s tense relationship with her soon to be married daughter Little by little, Eve and Jack begin to believe that they may have a chance to change their lives and possibly get a second chance at happiness They just need to actually meetA gorgeous, escapist read about food, friendship and falling in love from afar

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      Deborah McKinlay has published half a dozen non fiction titles in the UK, and her books have been translated into numerous languages Her work has appeared in British Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Esquire She lives in South West England The View from Here is her first novel.


    1. This was a perfectly pleasant story about a man and a woman and their correspondence about life and food and how it gives both of them the strength to make the changes they need to make in their lives. I saw a lot of comparisons to The Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society, but there was nowhere near that same depth. It was cute but forgettable. Recommended for: people who like books with pretty covers.

    2. mrs-margot/3,4 I enjoyed reading this, I felt a great empathy for Eve, she's a lot like me character, lives in anxiety, love to cook and read, I think it describes me perfectly.I don't think it's a book very pretentious, it is a simple, very real history, problems and common stories in many families. The typical conflict of a mother who always had a distance with her daughter and did not relate to the same and that when she decides to get married, the mother begins a reflection on these issues. [...]

    3. British Eve Petworth writes a fan letter to Jackson Cooper, a popular American detective fiction author. In this part-epistolary novel they find a shared love of gourmet cooking. Jack and Eve both are also facing midlife challenges. As the novel progresses and they get to know each other, their letters get more personal.Jack is dealing with writer's block, his second divorce, and meeting women. There are many humorous moments in Jack's life especially when he plans elaborate dinners, but his new [...]

    4. This was a gracefully written thoroughly enjoyable book; Eve is a comfortably well off but lonely and isolated Englishwomen, one day she picks a book up at random in a charity store and enjoys it so much she writes to the author. Jack is the author, an American whose most recent wife just left him. Superficially successful, he is to a large extent aimless and when he writes back to Eve a rather charming correspondence commencesWhile we follow Jack and Eve's stories separately the unifying dialog [...]

    5. I received a copy of this book for free through First Reads.How do you take a simple, ordinary, every day storyline and turn it into something spectacular? Ask Deborah McKinlay. She knows."That Part Was True" is an amazing journey of "normal", told in such a real way that you can't help but feel every ounce of emotion. The happiness, the sadness it's all there.I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy this book. 10 pages in, and my thoughts were "At least it's easy to read" (the writing is superbly fl [...]

    6. When Eve Petworth writes a fan letter to an Jackson Cooper about a scene in one of his books, it begins a back and forth correspondence between them. Their letters mainly focus on food and cooking but gradually personal bits start to be included and they share the things going on in their lives with each other. Plans to meet in person keep being offered but they never work out. Right up to the last page, it's unclear whether these two will ever meet, even as they become more and more important t [...]

    7. A gorgeous little novel that leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy. It's a sweet exploration of love and identity.** disclosure: I work for the publisher & had early access to this title **

    8. This is one of those books where what as much understanding comes from the unsaid parts as the bits the reader is privy to.Eve Petworth, a wealthy privileged middle-aged English woman writes a letter to American author, Jackson Cooper, after reading one of his novels. They have a meeting of minds over food in their short missives across the Atlantic. Both have reached a stage in their lives where they realise things have to change but neither seem to be able to work out what they need to do to a [...]

    9. Ora cá está um livro em que a capa nada remete para o conteúdo. Olhando para a mesma fica-se com a sensação que vamos ler um romance histórico. Foi a ideia que tive quando vi o livro pela primeira vez. E foi a leitura da sinopse que me fez querer lê-lo.É o romance contemporâneo, que se lê extremamente bem, bastante espirituoso, como eu tanto gosto e que, de uma forma divertida, aborda temas como a amizade à distância e algo bastante em desuso, que é a troca de correspondência por c [...]

    10. A lovely book that was just so well written. The kind of prose that just flows, and you do not know why, but it's quite lovely.It's the story of Eve who has always stayed in the background. Shy, bullied by her own mother, and with a rocky relationship with her daughter. Izzy whom I first liked at the end. When it all came together, forgiveness and understanding.And it's the story of Jack, a writer struggling to write, who loves food, and who goes from woman to woman.Last it is the story of how t [...]

    11. I picked up this book off the Barnes and Noble Bargain Books table recently wanting a quick, light read at the holidays. That was pretty much what I got. The characters were a bit annoying at times, but overall, I liked their development and how their stories came together.

    12. A delightful delicacy of a read. Yes, perhaps a chick read in that it may appeal more to female audiences, but not necessarily, and it certainly is not a flimsy or lightweight one! The thematic messages are compelling and universal. It is not "a coming of age" novel in the traditional sense, but it definitely is so - to middle age! Therefore, I think the audience who will appreciate this lovely,lyrical prose will be readers aged over 30! The themes of friendship, love and loss, regrets, and emot [...]

    13. Eve e Jack não se conhecem, vivendo mesmo em continentes diferentes, ela doméstica e ele um escritor. Eve após a morte da mãe, não consegue definir um rumo para a sua vida habituada a que a mão sempre a criticasse e por isso foi-se anulando como pessoa. A filha Izzy prestes a casar-se revela-se uma jovem quase parecida com a avó, mas a chegada do pai Simon e dos meios irmãos fá-la perceber, que existe família para além da avó.Jack encontra-se sem inspiração, depois de relações fa [...]

    14. A lovely little book. An American writer and an Englishwoman correspond about food and their lives. Sections alternate between the correspondence, his life, and her life. The writing was often beautiful and the story felt true and real to me throughout. It made me think about how many other hidden gems there are out there.

    15. I received an advance copy of this novel at BEA. It features an image of the Eiffel Tower on the cover with tulips in the foreground, so I thought it would make a good choice for reading on vacation or during a lazy summer day. I was also drawn to the back cover description, which involves a growing friendship between a bestselling American author, Jackson Cooper, and an Englishwoman, Eve Petworth.The story begins when Eve writes Jackson a fan letter and he replies. They discover they share a lo [...]

    16. This is the first book I've read by Deborah McKinlay and it was AMAZING! It was like a present--beautiful writing and engaging characters all wrapped up with a perfect ending in just over 200 pages. This novel is about the power of words--how we use them to tell a story, to heal ourselves and those around us, even to help us find love. When 46-year-old British Eve Petworth sends a fan letter to Jackson Cooper, a slightly older successful American author, an unlikely friendship develops that chan [...]

    17. I found McKinlay’s writing so delicious I had to say some of the lines out loud just to savor them on my tongue ~ Sheila Eve Petworth finds her 40′s to be a bit of a rocky road. Living in London on her own after a divorce, and struggling as her own adult daughter is about to be married and leaning a little too hard on Eve, Eve takes solace in books written by a popular American Novelist, Jackson Cooper. When Eve writes to Cooper informing him of her appreciation of his books and comparing on [...]

    18. I'm a sucker for a great cover. Unfortunately, not all great covers open to great reads. I know that, but stillI almost missed this little gem because of that ho-hum, no-color cover. It looked all hearts-and-flowers, sugary romance, and, though I enjoy a good romance with complications and complex relationships, sugar-sweet is not my style. What a delightful surprise awaited me.This is a lively read, short, but it packs a lot of plot into very few pages. There is the famous guy-novel writer on t [...]

    19. The best part for me of “That part was true” was that it is a fast and easy read. The significance of the title was totally lost on me. I checked during my reading but did not discover what part was true, and what part wasn’t.The characters, well-off and gentle Eve, and self-centred and handsome Jack Cooper, meet over their correspondence. Do people really spend the cost of a postcard or letter to write one sentence, which is what happened at times? At other times, there was disclosure, wh [...]

    20. It's not often that I have an afternoon to pass with just a book. But yesterday, a sweltering 104 degree day, proved me wrong. All I could do was drink ice water and readWhat a delight to meander through this novel. An unpredictable, but simple plot, with well rounded characters and great movement and pacing through the story. I love good food, and real, handwritten letters, so this story personally appealed to me, and I especially appreciated the character building that seemed all together huma [...]

    21. British reader Eve Petworth writes a letter to American author Jackson Cooper and thus begins the "relationship". Both have reached a stage in their lives where they must change but are not quite sure how to go down their paths. A lovely communication/friendship develops through a beautiful correspondence between the two.Eve must learn how to manage her relationship with her A-type personality daughter and manage her memoirs of her deceased mother. Jackson is at a milestone in his life and must [...]

    22. I had read this book before and enjoyed it. This reading was to see if it held up over time. I had the bliss of this book being the third work of contemporary fiction IN A ROW that I read/re-read and adored.No salacious action. Believable characters with aspects I could identify with, who grew through the timelines in the book. No, there isn't much action. It's about self-discovery with an unexpected, albeit trusted, friend.Add in a love for food and marrow-deep appreciation for what good food a [...]

    23. That Part Was True, a tale of two one-per-cent-ers who become pen pals and live ever after.This was a cute story, and started out like cotton candy light, fluffy, sweet, but not very nourishing. Things got deeper towards the end, when Eve started dealing with her anxiety and smoothing out her relationship with her daughter, and Jack started dealing with his midlife crisis.The ending was a pleasant surprise, and not an altogether bad one.One issue I had, though? It's hard to connect with 2 char [...]

    24. I liked the feel of this book - the relaxed lifestyle pacing and descriptions of food. Also, the writing was pleasant and mostly felt realistic and true. However, I didn't really care about the characters or story. I didn't dislike them, but also didn't like them. Overall, the book left me feeling flat, though near the end I did feel it started to develop some emotion and connection. The marketing compares it to the Guernsey Literary & Potato Peel Pie Society, which may be unfair to this boo [...]

    25. As mother of the bride, Eve's life is full of stress and anxiety. She suffers panic attacks during normal everyday life so now every thing is in a panic. She writes a letter to a well known author going through some problems of his own. Their correspondence helps them both cope with their life. They write about cooking and life. A nice story , well written by an author I want to read again.

    26. Eve writes to author American Jack Cooper from her lonely house in England, beginning a relationship over correspondence (letters, not email). Eves daughter is getting married, forcing her to face the truth about their relationship. Jack is discovering why after 2 failed marriages, he is still alone. Others said this book was predictable, but I think it was a charming little gem.

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