City of Blaze

City of Blaze The city is crumbling beneath a mountain of indulgences Its soldiers find entertainment in the beds of the castle s servants rather than fight believing they are safe from the deadly embrace of wield

  • Title: City of Blaze
  • Author: H.O. Charles
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 453
  • Format: ebook
  • The city is crumbling beneath a mountain of indulgences Its soldiers find entertainment in the beds of the castle s servants rather than fight, believing they are safe from the deadly embrace of wielders Wars are fought to encourage otherwise absent mortality, and countless citizens suffer the terrible pangs of nalka the hunger for intimacy All the while, Cadra s kingThe city is crumbling beneath a mountain of indulgences Its soldiers find entertainment in the beds of the castle s servants rather than fight, believing they are safe from the deadly embrace of wielders Wars are fought to encourage otherwise absent mortality, and countless citizens suffer the terrible pangs of nalka the hunger for intimacy All the while, Cadra s king concerns himself with choosing which of his disappointing concubines to execute next The duty falls upon his son, Morghiad, to restore the city s strength and the army s purpose As Morghiad attempts to do just that, he uncovers darker horrors and encounters a young servant who could either be his greatest ally or his greatest hindrance.

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    1. H.O. Charles

      H.O Charles is author of The Fireblade Array a 2 best selling series across Kindle, iBooks and BN Nook in the Sci Fi and Fantasy categories 1 would just be showing off, right Okay, it did hit 1 in Epic Fantasy in all those places BUT DON T TELL ANYONE.Though born in Northern England, Charles now resides in a white house in Sussex and sounds like a southerner Charles has spent many years at various academic institutions, and cut short writing a PhD in favour of writing about swords and sorcery instead Hobbies include being in the sea, being by the sea and eating things that come out of the sea Walks with a very naughty rough collie puppy also take up much of Charles time.


    1. Oh. My. God. What just happened? This book. Is. Awesome.That’s it. Awesome.It has:- One attractive-yet-vulnerable-and-not-quite-perfect-while-effortlessly-manly male lead.- One female lead who isn’t a total wet flannel and/or an idiot.- One male sidekick who is subtly hot, whilst being fallible enough not to overshadow his mate. - Castles.- A bad guy who has reasons for being bad.- Horses. I love horses- A batshit mental magic system (Men get shagged to death? Hilarious).Okay. First points t [...]

    2. I enjoyed the setting and a novel magic structure, but I found the story itself to be so incredibly implausible that I simply couldn't get into the story. The kings son is hiding a mythical warrior and training her right under the kings nose in the castle. The writer makes a point of stating the King had been very successful in war so he must be quite shrewd, yet he has no idea any of this is going on? Not only does the king not know, but the hundreds of servants and other nobles bustling throug [...]

    3. I don't even know where to begin with this review because I became so completely obsessed with this book. It was absolutely incredible, and I'm dying to buy the second book and continue the series.The world that this book is set in is fascinating. Not only are their wielders (females) and kanaala (males) that can harness blaze energy (a type of magic basically), but everyone is also immortal unless they are killed. Because of this, wars are incredibly common place as a way of keeping population [...]

    4. I picked this ebook up from during a promotion (it was free, you can't go wrong there!) as it was recommended to me. My impressions are that the actual story is pretty good but it takes a while to warm up and in terms of the promoting the series, the author has done well as I bought the second book to find out what happens next and I will probably go for the thirdThe reason I have this as 3 star instead of 4 or 5 is that there are some plot jumps as the story unfolds and I found it a bit discon [...]

    5. I received this from First Reads. I loved this book. I didn't want it to end and wanted to read more and more. Great story and pictures. Front cover looks really good. A lot of weird and wonderful imagination used with the different types of people etcWould definitely read more of these. Note for Author: Thank you for the lovely bit of art work in the book, nice touch.

    6. It’s no secret I’ve fallen behind on my reviews, but I read this baby last autumn and it’s taken me this long to tell you lot about it. (Yes, I’m a horrible blogger. Bad me.) I really wasn’t sure what to expect when I started the book. I grabbed it under the old cover because it was Epic Fantasy and it was free for Kindle and that combination is like a siren song to me. It sat around on my Kindle for Lord knows how long before I read it, but once I did, I got involved, I got emotional, [...]

    7. This was a great read except for a few things. The Positive: Great characters, a fun storyline, and a cute mostly drama free romance. I enjoyed Morghiad's sense of honor, honesty, and his rapport with his men. I really likes how Artemi shakes up his world, and how dedicated he is to not only keeping her safe but to helping her become powerful and self-sufficient. I definitely want to read Book 2, particularly since Book 1 ends on a cliffhanger (readers be warned).The Neutral: I normally hate rei [...]

    8. I saw this in Bookbub and thought, "Meh," but downloaded it anyway because it was free. Man, was this book anything but "Meh"! City and Nation have become part of my ALL TIME favorite fantasy series (and I've read a few!). I've yet to read the third, but I'm sure it won't disappoint. H.O. Charles is a genius and a brilliant writer.

    9. Don’t think of City of Blaze as its own book. Think of it as a really massive free sample for The Fireblade Array, and you’ll be doing yourself a favor. I’m not starting at the beginning here, and I know its a sin, but the thing readers should be warned about is this: this book, on its own, will not give you a satisfactory conclusion to any of the storylines contained therein. I suspect this is intentional; Charles has decided to release City of Blaze as a free novel, and then provide what [...]

    10. I picked this up as an freebie, and I am so happy I did. Wow. Seriously, wow. H.O. Charles has written an intriguing and unique fantasy, with strong, complex characters set in a fascinating world. It was perhaps a little slow to start, but once the pace picked up it was difficult to put down. I must admit, opening the book to find one of my personal shuddering horrors—a glossary—nearly had me running screaming for a different book. But the glossary was short, and the author introduced the ' [...]

    11. ***THIS BOOK WAS GIVEN TO ME IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW*** First of all, I would like it known that I tend to chew on my lip when I am immersed in something enthralling. The point being, this book ended up costing me money to read it - because I needed chap stick! I won't go into details, but just know this I had no idea how many hours had gone by while I was reading this.I loved this book. The world H. O. Charles created was amazing, and the characters were not ones I will easily forget. [...]

    12. I am a huge fan of the fantasy genre. City of Blaze is centered around the hero Morghiad a Kanaala ( a male that can control Blaze energy through a wielder) and the heroine wielder Artemi (a woman that can access Blaze energy) Wielders are very powerful and are to be killed. Morghiad discovers that Artemi is a wielder and decides to spare her life. This is a complex story with elements of romance, reincarnation and magic. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but the concept of nalka was fasci [...]

    13. Couldn't put it down!!!!!##the book revolves around two main characters Artemi and Morghiad. Artemi is the reincarnation of a warrior women who wields the power of the blazes and is forced to abstain from sex or else her partner when she reaches climax will be incinerated by the power of the blazes. Morghiad is the Kar(Prince) of the land and also the captain of the kings army, often refer to as walking stone, Mor strives to better the army and the country rebelling against the selfish and cruel [...]

    14. I wish I liked it as much as all the other reviewers but I just didn't see what all the fuss was about. Going from nearly no understanding of each other's character (as Artemi frequently mentions) to them being madly in love was just one of the areas of this book where I was left wondering if a couple chapters had just disappeared in the editing process. Also frustrating to have to read a glossary of terms to figure out what the author was talking about vs. getting a sentence or two quick explan [...]

    15. I was so excited about this novel after reading the description and obtaining it as a free nook book. I was not disappointed. Though the beginning was a bit slow to get into. Once I got a few chapters in I could not put it down. Artemi is the woman we all want to be. Throwing her attitude and independence at every man she meets, at a time when women are though of as nothing. In enters morghiad. The prince sees through to the strong woman beneath and sees what her future will entail. I loved the [...]

    16. This was a really good book with a completely new plotline. It took a while to understand all the complexities of the characters and their world. I was reading it avidly and at the end it was all I could do to keep from throwing the book across the room. I felt completely betrayed by what happens and it seems such a ridiculous end for such a strong character. I scanned the next book to see if it really happened and it does. I get the whole "rebirth" theme but really I'm not sure I trust the auth [...]

    17. Excellent fantasy bookthis book is very well written.lots of intrigue action drama. the characters are well engaged in dialog that tells a great story that will keep u captivated. lots of action magic and love. fantasy readers will enjoy this book and look forward too all the books in this series. you won't want to miss a single book. if u like to read fantasy magic love action then you will enjoy this whole series

    18. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. You can't leave a book there!H.O Charles I commend you. I must get the next in the series! I need to know what happens!!!!A very good read I loved the world and the different concept of sexual relations as well as the magic created.Impressed with this considering it was a freebie!

    19. 2.5 starsThe idea behind this novel was very intriguing to me. The writing was fine, the beginning of this book was AMAZING - gotta love the angst - buuuuut the ending (from about 80%) was too slow and I strongly dislike the way the author chose to go with the story ((view spoiler)[ Morghiad's heritage (hide spoiler)]).

    20. Shocking ending!I really enjoyed this book, for many reasons Creative back story, characters that I could empathize with, good vs. evil conundrum, and a shocking ending. What more could you want? I got this book in a giveaway and chose to leave my honest review

    21. Woah, I was not expecting that ending. I took my time reading this book, finding the plot very slow, but in the end well. I think I have to read the second book now.

    22. Not gripping. There are lots of planning and lack of descriptive action events. At the end of the book, it gets better and more interesting.

    23. Boring.Mostly at least. This book had areas of real promise! The overall story was great. Some of the writing was FANTASTIC but then I would be bored. Dieing for action! For dialogue! For something! This book spans the time of several years and I feel like it took me that long to read it. I won’t be continuing this series!

    24. Why hello there, you wonderful little surprise!Okay so when i was looking for books in my recommendations, and this came up because it was labelled as similar to Sora's Quest- The Cat's eyes chronicles and Altdorf- The forest knights series So I just HAD to read it but it was with a large amount of skepticism and huffing that i began reading this oneI mean have you guys read sora's quests? It's amazing!But I digress The skepticism and huffing is because i'm in love with the two above mentioned s [...]

    25. This book has been sitting in my kindle under my 'New Books' section for a while. I was shifting around looking for something new to read when I accidentally clicked it open and decided to go with it. At first I was confused there's terms used that aren't cleared up immediately, or described to make it easier for the reader to understand and it's only through continued reading that you can get the gist of the idea behind them. Doesn't explain much of the history or the why of longevity or other [...]

    26. Wait. WHAT?!?! Holybajeezus.A city crumbling under an unjust ruler. An army lead by the ruler's righteous son. A land where any sign of a wielder with blaze energy is snuffed out. All until one woman, with the blaze of many past lives, arrives to tempt fate.Upon opening this book I thought nope, not going to work for me. It starts with a glossary of terms; I must educate myself before I dive in? Nope, I don't think so. But not wanting to back down from a challenge, I pushed through. The prologue [...]

    27. This is a difficult story for me to review, for a couple of different reasons. It is very well written, but it also feels like it should read faster than it does. I thought that I would be able to read it in the two days I was home ill, but it has taken me, so far, over a week, and I still have six chapters to read!One of the things that does bother me about this story is that the author tends to introduce characters and then they disappear and you don't see them again, or when you do, they are [...]

    28. I kept reading in hope that the plot would thicken but there really was no plot. Nothing really interesting happens the whole book. Started off interesting with a cool world and semi-interesting characters. But it was just boring.

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