Enflame Book Three in the Affair Series A standalone with new characters in this steamy erotic romance series Talia Merchant dropped the idea of a forever kind of love after the first guy she loved stole not

  • Title: Enflame
  • Author: StaceyLynn
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  • Page: 227
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  • Book Three in the Affair Series A standalone with new characters in this steamy erotic romance series.Talia Merchant dropped the idea of a forever kind of love after the first guy she loved stole not only her heart, but also took her virginity d then he took off.Now, busy with caring for her father and trying to save her teen shelter, doesn t need the messy entanglemenBook Three in the Affair Series A standalone with new characters in this steamy erotic romance series.Talia Merchant dropped the idea of a forever kind of love after the first guy she loved stole not only her heart, but also took her virginity d then he took off.Now, busy with caring for her father and trying to save her teen shelter, doesn t need the messy entanglements that come with real relationships.But after a mysterious benefactor saves her free clinic and reveals himself everything changes.Donovan Lore doesn t just want in Talia s bed, which is the only thing she offers he wants inside her heart and he doesn t care what type of fight Talia puts up He s determined to break through every one of her walls until she s pliable and needy in his hands and writhing beneath him.And Donovan always gets what he wants.Cover Reveal Release Blitz hosted by Between the Sheets Promotions Sign up for Release Blitz here bit 1cWNT0Q

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    1. This it the story of lovers Donovan Lore and Talia Merchant. Talia and Donovan came from completely different worlds. Talia being from a poor, single parent family, and Donovan coming from an elite rich family. Talia knows they are from different backgrounds, but that doesn't stop her from completely falling for Donovan, and giving him her virginity. She wakes up later that night all alone. Donovan has abandoned her in the night, without even a note to let her know where he has gone. He leaves h [...]

    2. S LayneEnflameWell she has done it yet again! Time after time Stacey leaves me speechless with her writing and Enflame is no exception!Enflame, book three of the affair series, introduces you more into the world of Talia Merchant and the one person who has the ability to break through the safe and bubble wrap she has carefully placed her heart in after the devastating heart break she endured 8 years ago.Running a teen shelter and trying to care for her father, while barely keeping her head above [...]

    3. I must say that when I read the blurb I knew I need to have this book and was so thankful when I was given a chance at an ARC. Needless to say, I devoured the book in one sitting and yes, that meant heading to work the next day with heavy eyelids, but It. Was. So. Worth. It!!Donovan and Talia have history and not just any history. The kind of history where you've found The One!! Just like anything, Talia knew it was too good to be true. Little did she know though that it had nothing to do with h [...]

    4. Oh my freaking goodness. I LOVED this book. Donovan is hot! Talia is amazing! This book took my heart in its hands and ripped it to shreds, then pieced it back together again even better then before. It made me smile, I sat down & read this book in 3 hours (I'm a fast reader). Not once did I put it down except to use the restroom it was that good! This entire series was! I love all of S. Layne's book so far and I can't wait for more!

    5. Arc received in exchange for an honest review. Well that was. good greatfantastic awesome. Ever been reading a book, that you like so much that you will it to be finished, but then trying to hold it over a longer period of time jyst so it lasts that little bit longer Enflame was that book for me, and worse is the fact I can't say why. There was just something that had me "hooked".I believe that the author, S Layne created great characters that were likeable, but also people you could relate to. [...]

    6. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review“His eyes and how they slowly roam down the length of my body, taking in every inch of my covered skin. I may be wearing an oversized sweatshirt and yoga pants, but I’ve never felt so naked in my life. My hair is in a sloppy ponytail, my makeup washed off. I should feel like a slob, but as Donovan continues closing the space between us, I know he doesn’t care about any of that.”4 stars. I really like this third book in the series! It was su [...]

    7. Talia runs a non-profit organization that helps youth who are experiencing trauma or homelessness. The rest of her time is devoted to her father who recently suffered a massive stroke. Funding for the shelter is becoming scarce, and neither Talia or her father have the means to continue paying for his medical and extended care needs. She is shocked when a man she never thought she'd see comes to her shelter to retrieve his nephew. Donovan and Talia were together in college until Donovan's wealth [...]

    8. Oh my, this book certainly has it all and then some! I loved the first two books in the series, but for completely different reasons. This book features Laurie's (from books 1 & 2) best friend Talia.Talia is going through some really heavy stuff, both in her personal and professional lives and has pretty much reached the bottom of the barrel and has no where else to turn for help. Until someone from her past comes back into her life after radio silence for eight years.He recognizes that Tali [...]

    9. I was kindly given an ARC from the author for an honest reviewI am not giving away any spoilers for this book I loved the book as soon as i started reading it i couldn't put it down. I loved Donovan Lore from the very beginning when he showed up by coincidence. He knew immediately he was going to get Talia Merchant back. She gave him a little run for his money but the heart knows what the heart wants. Talia's heart wanted Donovan even tho he broke her heart all those ago. She sees what he went t [...]

    10. Absolutely love this series, even though this is the third in the series you don't have to read the other two first, this book is a standalone.This is Donovan and Talia's story. Donovan broke Talias heart eight years and she never recovered from it, so when she saw him standing outside her office her heart dropped. The chemistry between these two is explosive! They have a love that never faded and both have huge hearts. Not only is this about true love it's about family and excepting others as f [...]

    11. Since meeting Talia in the first two books of this series (Entice/Embrace) I’ve been excited to hear that she was getting her own story! She was an awesome friend to Laurie in those books and I knew I’d love her as a heroine in her own story. Now that I’ve finished reading this book, I can see that I was totally right! As with the first two books, this one was also an unexpected delight and a really great read. I know this series is classified as erotic romance, and believe me, it totally [...]

    12. ******ARC given for an honest review******We met Talia in the first books, she is Laurie’s best friend. Born the daughter of a mechanic, Talia has never known a life of ease. She was raised by her father after losing her mother at a young age to a traffic accident. They may not have had much but she has always had love.Talia runs a shelter/counseling center for at risk teens, it’s in danger of being shut down due to lack of funding. She also needs money to keep her father, who had a stroke, [...]

    13. **I received an ARC for an honest review.**Wow!!! This is the best book of this series yet! I am so in love with Talia, Donovan, Jeremiah and even Allan. You will meet all of the most important men in Talia's life and you will fall in love with them just like I did. We even meet some characters that I can not wait for more of their stories to unfold. So, we met Talia in books one and two of The Affair Series as Laurie's best friend. I knew that I would love her from those books. I liked her pers [...]

    14. Enflame is book 3 in The Affair Series by S Layne. You need not have read the previous two books as this is a standalone outing. It's an emotional, moving and all encompassing read that makes you really think about what's important to you in life: wealth, status and power or happiness, honesty and love? Talia Merchant will be familiar to you if you've read previous books, if not she's a fighter, a resourceful and determined woman but keeps herself closed off to people; they let you down and hurt [...]

    15. 3.5 starsReview copy provided by authorWhen I first started this book, it didn’t seem all that different from others I’ve read. Wealthy man sees something he wants and he makes it happen – and to be honest, there is an element of that here, but there is also love and history to make the story interesting. Talia and Donovan dated in college, his father died and he disappeared only to reappear 8 years later needing her help. I really didn’t like Donovan at first. He was egotistical and col [...]

    16. 4 stars Enflame was another scorcher by S.Layne. Dear lord, are these books hot and steamy!!! In this installment, we meet Talia. She is a newish character (she is friends with Laurie Baker from the first 2 books). Talia runs a center for at risk teens. She loves her job, but her life is imploding. Her dad had a stroke and is in a coma. His medical bills are piling up. Now the center is running out of funding and she needs a miracle. As if things can't get any worse, Donovan Lore walks back into [...]

    17. **MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS**Let's start here, I read Book 1 in this series, Entice and loved it. I have not read Book 2 yet (but intend to). Since this is Book 3 in the series, but is a stand alone (meaning it's not the same story as the first 2 books) I figured I'd be okay even thought I haven't read Embrace yet. Essentially you're fine, however, if you intend to read Book 1 and/or 2, you may want to wait on reading Enflame. Simply because there is mention of an event from the prior 2 books and I n [...]

    18. 4-4.5 stars. Talia Merchant is in need of either a miracle or a lot of money. Her dad requires rehabilitative care after suffering from a stroke and her teen shelter is faltering without any extra funds to spare. Talia, who is Laurie's best friend, is the sort of woman who will stand up for her principles and does things for the greater good. She has a real passion for the teenagers that come to her shelter and also possesses a charismatic and trusting quality that makes them feel safe with her. [...]

    19. Enflame is the third story in this series, although is can be read as a stand alone.Eight years ago Talia's heart was broken when the man she loved walked out of her life. She's moved on and now runs a shelter for kids/teenagers. Unfortunately she's experiencing financial problems. Her father recently suffered a stroke and the medical bills are growing, plus she needs more money to keep the shelter open. Jeremiah is one of Talia's favorites kids. He's quiet and doesn't show up at the shelter all [...]

    20. I received an ARC of this book in return for my honest review and that is exactly what you will receive.This is book #3 in the series. I have had the pleasure of ARC'ing all 3 books and have loved them all equally. I do feel that this one could be read as a standalone, but the series is so amazing that I would still highly recommend reading them all, and in order. This is NOT about the couple/ couples in the first 2 books. There is no cheating in this book like there was in the first 2 books eit [...]

    21. Combustible***ARC provided in exchange for honest review***Once again S. Layne has blown me away with such a touching and wonderful story of second chance love and compassion that you can't help but fall in love with this story. Talia has given up on love after her first love took her virginity and never looked back. Donovan was that first love but had issues of his own to deal with and has regretted the decision he had made. What brings them back in each other's lives is Donovan's nephew who vi [...]

    22. Enflame is book three in the Affair Series. It has new characters and can be read as a standalone but it does cross paths with the characters in the first two books, so I would recommend reading them first.Right from the beginning I knew this was going to be a good read. The first two chapters were written really well where I got a great feel for what kind of character Talia was going to be. Her personality came out easily in the writing. I could feel how desperate her situation was and how much [...]

    23. Talia lost her heart to Donovan years ago when they were together and she lost her virginity to him. Unfortunately he broke her heart leaving her before she woke the next morning and cutting off all communication with her. Damn the man. Now Talia works with teens in trouble and keeps her heart protected never wanting to feel that kind of pain again. Then she runs into him when she least expects it and he comes to her with a proposition. Turns out one of the troubled teens coming to her center is [...]

    24. Oh my goodness Enflame was absolutely amazing! I've totally loved this whole series but let me tell you there was just something breathtaking about Taila and Donovan's story. This was a second chance love story perfected. I without a doubt did not want this book to end! These two had such a dynamic together. Not only did we have spunky and determined Talia, we were gifted with hot, alpha Donovan with a heart of gold. I loved Talia's job and passion and how initially it brought these two back tog [...]

    25. Donovan and Talia were together in college but he left her and disappeared out her life,when they meet up again he has a proposition for her. This is a really good second chance romance but it's a little different, the story has lots going on and I loved that it's not the usual get back together and have kids formula. Talia and Donovan are brilliant charcters, they are both strong and determined, Donovan is single minded in the beginning but throughout the story you see the changes that she brin [...]

    26. An amazing read! This is the third in a new series by S Layne but can be read as a standalone. Talia is a character from the 2 previous books and this is her time. There is great depth and richness to this character and her reunion with Donovan brings out more layers. I did not quite enjoy how these two first reunite however once the agreement was reached story line developed more organically. There were some very strong themes in this story and for me what reached me was the definition of famil [...]

    27. Talia's story is going to make you cry but I swear they are going to be happy tears. I think this may be my favorite book so far in this series. Talia and Donovan's story is amazing. Donovan is clueless on how to take care of anybody other than himself. Talia is a nurturer and knows how to talk to anybody. Talia and Donovan had been together in the past and Talia has her guard up. Donovan learns how to break those walls and turn her life around. Grab the tissues and sit down when you have the ti [...]

    28. This was such an incredibly romantic story that I had to finish it as soon as I started reading it. I needed to know how Donovan and Talia were going to reunite and rekindle the love they both had found in each other years earlier. Donovan came into Talia’s world and claimed his place. He was so determined that he was not going to risk losing her again. Talia was scared to take another chance on Donovan but she knew their chemistry was too strong to deny. I loved this story about second chance [...]

    29. 5 Crazy Ass Must Read Stars!!!!!S. Layne does it again! I'll be honestI really wasn't into the book at the beginning. The whole "buying you for a month" thing turned me off but I muddled through it and realized I had it all wrong. Boy, did I have it wrong. I fell in love with all the characters. It was great to get glimpses on Laurie & James from books 1&2 of the series. Mrs. Bartol had me in stitches with her antics. I cried for Ben. Donovan made me swoon. I can't wait to see what's nex [...]

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