The Faerie Tree

The Faerie Tree How can a memory so vivid be wrong In the summer of Robin and Izzie hold hands under The Faerie Tree and wish for a future together Within hours tragedy rips their dreams apart In the winter of

  • Title: The Faerie Tree
  • Author: Jane Cable
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  • Page: 306
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • How can a memory so vivid be wrong In the summer of 1986 Robin and Izzie hold hands under The Faerie Tree and wish for a future together Within hours tragedy rips their dreams apart In the winter of 2006, each carrying their own burden of grief, they stumble back into each other s lives and try to create a second chance But why are their memories of 1986 so different How can a memory so vivid be wrong In the summer of 1986 Robin and Izzie hold hands under The Faerie Tree and wish for a future together Within hours tragedy rips their dreams apart In the winter of 2006, each carrying their own burden of grief, they stumble back into each other s lives and try to create a second chance But why are their memories of 1986 so different And which one of them is right With strong themes of love, grief and family relationships, The Faerie Tree is a contemporary women s novel as gripping and unputdownable as Jane Cable s first book, The Cheesemaker s House, which won the Suspense Crime category of The Alan Titchmarsh Show s People s Novelist competition It is a story that will resonate with fans of romance, suspense, and folklore.

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      Perhaps writing is in my blood My father, Mercer Simpson, was a poet my cousin, Roger Hubank, a novelist Roger s uncle, John Hampson was also a novelist and fringe member of the Bloomsbury Group And it s even rumoured that John Keats is somewhere back there in the family tree.No wonder that I have always scribbled But it took me until I was in my forties to complete a full length manuscript And then another, and another Writing stories became a compulsive hobby I could lose myself in my characters, almost live their lives, and I started to long for readers other than my mother and a few close friends to be able to do the same.It was reaching the final of The Alan Titchmarsh Show s People s Novelist competition in 2011 which made me take my writing seriously The Cheesemaker s House, a gripping romance suspense, saw the light of day in September 2013 and I was delighted when it received great reviews from book bloggers and, just as importantly, from the people who bought and read it My second novel, The Faerie Tree, came out in March 2015 and is a suspenseful romance about the tricks memory plays.Shortly afterwards The Cheesemaker s House won the independent novel of the year prize awarded by Words for the Wounded and as a result of this I was signed by the Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency and then by Endeavour Press who published Another You at the end of 2016.


    1. I found it difficult to let go of this book. I sat up reading it during a power failure, with an LED headlight strapped to my forehead. I had to find out how two people who love each other so much could have such a gross misunderstanding. Can experience really be shared? There were moments when I doubted truth and love. I cared about the protagonists, both frail and flawed human beings. I valued their attempts to hold on to each other, feared for them when they failed, I couldn't wait to see how [...]

    2. Having really enjoyed Jane's debut novel, The Cheesemaker's House, I was really looking forward to reading this, her second book - and I wasn't disappointed. Her writing seems to have changed slightly with this book - it's still excellent, as before, but this time its also a little bit edgier which fits perfectly with the two main characters - Robin and Izzie.Izzie and Robin haven't had the best of lives - Izzie is now widowed at only 44 and Robin has had his share of heartbreak and loss too. Wh [...]

    3. The Faerie Tree by Jane CableThe Faerie Tree is a story of second chances. The story alternates chapters between Izzie and Robin who have fallen in love but it is not to be. Twenty years later they meet and timing seems to be in their favor. Izzie, 44 and recently widowed with a teenage daughter and Robin reeling from his own losses fall back into each other’s lives. It is a story of loss, grief, depression, the healing of nature with a bit of folklore and paganism. Thought it was beautiful an [...]

    4. In Hampshire Izzy is preparing for her first Christmas as a widow, wanting to make it ‘good-enough’ for her teenage daughter Claire but still unsure what form her grief will take next. One day after dealing with the probate office Izzy bumps into a man she knew years ago, from before her marriage and motherhood. The man she saw was one who had disappeared from her life, someone she never dreamt she would see again.Izzy is curious after all the man she bumped into looks like he has been livin [...]

    5. The Faerie Tree is Jane Cable’s second novel and, I think, in many ways, it is better than “The Cheesemaker’s House”.It is well written and the pace is just right throughoutThis book tells the story of Robin and Izzie; of their loves and griefs and how their lives are affected by these two powerful emotions. The story begins with Izzie being recently widowed at the age of 44, left to bring up her teenage daughter, Claire, and continue her work as a teacher. When she bumps into a tramp, s [...]

    6. The Faerie Tree is a contemporary family relationships drama. It is primarily set in the county of Hampshire. We meet Izzie and her daughter Claire just before Christmas, this will be their first Christmas without Conner, husband and father, who died a few months ago. Everything is still very raw, both are trying to be strong for each other.By chance Izzie bumps into a tramp in Winchester and realises it's Robin, a man she hasn't seen for twenty years. Back in 1986 Robin was an office manager an [...]

    7. This book was different to my normal romance reads. I enjoyed the premise of the story with Robin and Izzie meeting after parting twenty years previously (almost before their relationship had begun). I found the circumstances under which they were reunited intriguing and wanted to know more, particularly about Robin's story. I liked Claire, Izzie's daughter, and enjoyed her growing relationship with Robin. Theirs seemed one of the most normal and positive relationships in the book. I found both [...]

    8. Read this book in less than 12hrs. Granted I had no distractions but I think even with distractions it wouldn't have taken long. Grabs you right from the beginning and just doesn't let go till the end. Excellent characters who you really feel that you know. Highly recommended and a good price on kindle.

    9. I received a copy of this book from Netgalley in return for my honest review.I was drawn to this book by the promise of something a little bit magical. Both the title and cover hint at this, but somehow the magic doesn’t evolve quite as I’d hoped. The story is one of loss, grief, belief, understanding, promises made and broken, and eventually, hope.Izzy and Claire are mourning the recent loss of their husband and father Connor, and contemplating their first Christmas without him. A chance en [...]

    10. Central to this story is The Faerie Tree, a magical place where people leave messages and gifts in the hope of them being answered by the fairies. In 1986 Robin took Izzie to the Faerie Tree and they both realised they were in love. Unfortunately the same day brought tragedy and the couple parted and didn’t see each other again for 20 years.2006: Izzie and her daughter Claire are facing their first Christmas without husband and father Connor who died a few months earlier. While out shopping Iz [...]

    11. When Izzie meets Robin again after a gap of several years, there is much about them that lays hidden. Shared memories are hidden deeply away, locked in a place where hurt can no longer find them. Both Izzie and Robin have known loss and heartbreak and both have found love but in the intervening years they have never found the passion they once felt for each other.In The Faerie Tree, the author sensitively explores the layers of memory that bind us together and just how deeply we lock away those [...]

    12. I have fairly eclectic tastes when it comes to reading but probably what underlies my reading choices most is a mystery. I wouldn't put this book into my usual choice category, but it did seem to have an air of mystery about it and I hoped the romance element wasn't going to be too prevalent. The title indicated to me that it was going to be a stretch of the imagination with tales of folklore and such like - how wrong could I have been.Wow - what a surprise this book was. I found it totally enth [...]

    13. I absolutely loved this book! I was immediately engaged by the story of Robin and Izzie, two people who were falling achingly and beautifully in love when tragedy struck. They come back together twenty years later, much changed and damaged people, try to put the pieces back together, make sense of what happened and see if the love is still there. The story is quite beautifully written and perfectly paced - where The Cheesemaker's House was perhaps identifiable as a first novel, the author's styl [...]

    14. I love books that can manage a bit of magic and still seem so real. This is definitely one of those stories that makes you believe in the power of love. I think what made me like this novel more than anything else, was the way the characters mirrored real people. The conversations didn't feel forced and I saw multiple sides of each character so by the end it was like I had known them forever. There were times during this story when I was surprised by the level of emotion the male lead character [...]

    15. The Faerie Tree is not about tiny delicate beings with sparkly wings and magic wands. This is a very real tale of love, loss, grief, depression, friendship, memories, forgiveness and hope.I loved the whole pagan concept of the faerie tree, where children could write letters to the fairies. The way it brought people together, gave children answers and others a purpose, really touched me. I received a tiny letter from the Tooth Fairy when I was 9 years old. I had 6 teeth taken out at the dentist, [...]

    16. In 1986 Izzie and Robin meet, and are drawn to the Faerie Tree on the banks of the Hamble. The Faerie Tree is reputed to grant wishes, so amongst the ribbons, necklaces, and letters, Robin and Izzie wish for a life together. Just a few hours later, tragedy sets events in motion and their lives take separate paths.In the winter of 2006, after Izzie’s husband dies, Izzie and Robin’s paths cross once again. They have each faced their own heartbreaking moments, and the tragedies of those moments [...]

    17. This book felt like peeling an onion , unwrapping the central characters Robin, and Izzie, layer by layer with the excitement building as you get closer to their centres. Their lives intertwine over the years and the impact they make on each other comes back as a recurring theme through their relationships with other people. When their relationship is rekindled after a chance meeting it causes them to question their memories of the past and all that has been built on them.All of the characters a [...]

    18. I have to say that I'm bitterly disappointed with this sorry.The book had a magical premise and the blurb made it sound as though this magical theme would be explored. True the pull of the tree is central to Robin's character development and his relationship with Izzie/Bella. However, that's about it. There was little exploration of the faerie folk or description of the "pagan" rituals other than as a footnote to the story. The relationship is very fragile and the differences in the recollection [...]

    19. I enjoyed this book immensely. It is such a beautiful story,though somewhat sad at times. I borrowed this book from my daughter after she won it in a competition. She made me read it and I'm very glad she did.

    20. Review: The Faerie Tree by Jane Cable Published by: Matador (28 Feb. 2015) ISBN-13: 978-1784622220 Source: Publisher, via Netgalley Rating: 3.5* Synopsis:How can a memory so vivid be wrong? In the summer of 1986 Robin and Izzie hold hands under The Faerie Tree and wish for a future together. Within hours tragedy rips their dreams apart. In the winter of 2006, each carrying their own burden of grief, they stumble back into each other's lives and try to create a second chance. But why are th [...]

    21. I recently took part in the blog tour for this book, the author wrote a great article about writing books with women readers in mind, however I hadn't finished reading the book at the time, and I have been a little nervous in case I ended up disliking it. I worried unnecessarily, following her superb debut novel The Cheesemaker's House the Cheesemakers house, Jane Cable's writing skill has matured and become even more well rounded.I must admit I especially loved her debut novel because of the se [...]

    22. Whilst the actual faerie tree of the title is so very central to this story, I must admit that 'themes of paganism' would not be my usual choice when selecting a novel to read. However, there is so much more to The Faerie Tree than magic and spells. This is a story of human relationships, it's also modern and gritty and so so elegantly written. I was quite swept away by the whole story.The central theme that I take away from The Faerie Tree is that of memory and loss, and how the human mind can [...]

    23. This novel of missed connection and destiny will wrap itself around your heart as surely as young lovers who come to the faerie tree to encircle it in their arms and make wishes. Izzie and Robin are two such young lovers whose very real troubles get in the way of wishes and magic trees. Circumstances tear them apart. Twenty years later, newly widowed Izzie sees Robin on the street. The man she once loved is now a homeless tramp, dirty and barely recognizable. The slow unwinding of how Izzie and [...]

    24. This is a story about lost love rekindled. Izzie quite literally bumps into Robin one day. They haven't seen each other in decades and, we learn, last time they were together, they were just starting out together in a relationship before tragedy struck and Robin disappeared. Izzie has recently been widowed and her, and her daughter Clare, are facing their first Christmas without husband and father. Meanwhile, Robin appears to have lost his way as he presented himself to Izzie as a tramp.Not bein [...]

    25. Not my usual genre but the synopsis of this book intrigued me. Two people who share an experience under a "mythical oak tree" who then have differing versions of subsequent events. Which one is the truth? I was also drawn by the fact that the heroine Izzie is a similar age to me.Recently widowed Izzie bumps into a vagrant and realises it is Robin - her first love. A first love she never recovered from because of the heart breaking way it ended.The book covers the theme of depression, both of Rob [...]

    26. Thanks to Matador for the ARC via NetGalley.The Faerie Tree is a deeply engrossing, enchanting read. The writing is clear, richly evocative, the characters solid, believable, painfully human.The themes are admirably interwoven in a wonderfully paced narrative with a satisfying and touching conclusion.The strongest and most impressively developed theme is that of memory and how traumatic, life-changing events can alter it beyond recognition until a person's drawn into an all-consuming struggle ag [...]

    27. Not quite what I had expected.Izzy and Robin's first attempt at love is curtailed by tragedy and their paths diverge as a result. It is another twenty years until they meet again in a wonderful scene outside a cafe. Time has changed them both but maybe love can blossom again?They are well drawn characters, along with Izzy's teenage daughter, Claire, who often has more sense than the adults. However I did find it a bit strange that such a brief relationship while they were both quite young, would [...]

    28. This is a well written and unusual love story which I was given to read and review by NetGalley.The Faerie Tree is a story which looks at loss and grief and the numbing and life-changing deep depression that this can lead to. With that premise it should be a dark and miserable book but it is actually quite uplifting mostly because Robin, the male, lead is a gentle, vulnerable but proud and caring character. Jane Cable tells us the story of his second chance of happiness with the love of his life [...]

    29. Having not read Jane's debut novel, The Cheesemaker's House, I was looking forward to discovering a new author. A lot of my favourite reading blogs had recently taken part in Jane's blog tour for The Faerie Tree and I thought it sounded like an interesting concept.The story follows the two main characters, Robin and Izzie who are reunited after 20 years apart. Izzie is has recently been widowed at only 44 and is dreading her first Christmas without her husband. Robin is now homeless and at first [...]

    30. Review originally published on Rebel AngelAs I said, I decided to read another Jane Cable book shortly after the first, so I must have enjoyed it enough! The summary of the book seems to focus on a forgotten or misremembered memory of two people, Izzie and Robin who meet under the Faerie tree in 1986 then are torn apart by tragedy then fall back upon each other 20 years later, but their memories of their previous time together are apparently different. In reality, not much of the book focused on [...]

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