The Vanishing Year

The Vanishing Year Zoe Whittaker is living a charmed life She is the beautiful young wife to handsome charming Wall Street tycoon Henry Whittaker She is a member of Manhattan s social elite She is on the board of one o

  • Title: The Vanishing Year
  • Author: Kate Moretti
  • ISBN: 9781501118432
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback
  • Zoe Whittaker is living a charmed life She is the beautiful young wife to handsome, charming Wall Street tycoon Henry Whittaker She is a member of Manhattan s social elite She is on the board of one of the city s most prestigious philanthropic organizations She has a perfect Tribeca penthouse in the city and a gorgeous lake house in the country The finest wine, the moZoe Whittaker is living a charmed life She is the beautiful young wife to handsome, charming Wall Street tycoon Henry Whittaker She is a member of Manhattan s social elite She is on the board of one of the city s most prestigious philanthropic organizations She has a perfect Tribeca penthouse in the city and a gorgeous lake house in the country The finest wine, the most up to date fashion, and the most luxurious vacations are all at her fingertips What no one knows is that five years ago, Zoe s life was in danger Back then, Zoe wasn t Zoe at all Now her secrets are coming back to haunt her As the past and present collide, Zoe must decide who she can trust before she whoever she is vanishes completely A dark, twisty, edge of your seat suspense Karen Robards , The Vanishing Year combines the classic sophistication of Ruth Rendell and A.S.A Harrison with the thoroughly modern flair of Jessica Knoll Told from the point of view of a heroine who is as relatable as she is enigmatic, The Vanishing Year is an unforgettable new novel by a rising star of the genre.

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      Kate Moretti lives in Pennsylvania with her husband, two kids, and a dog She s worked in the pharmaceutical industry for ten years as a scientist, and has been an avid fiction reader her entire life.She enjoys traveling and cooking, although with two kids, a day job, and writing, she doesn t get to do those things as much as she d like.Her lifelong dream is to buy an old house with a secret passageway.


    1. Can I just say how thrilled I am to be kicking off the blog tour for Kate? I love finding a book/author combo that I feel comfortable backing even before I've read the book! I had been eyeing The Vanishing Year for months before finally snagging an e-galley from Atria, and am so glad they asked me to be a part of the tour as the book was phenomenal! Domestic suspense has been a top selling genre in 2016 and it's easy to see why; the plots are typically relatable while allowing us a "degree of se [...]

    2. Ingenious! The cunning and well laid out plot sucked me into a web of intense suspicion and edgy suspense. For Zoe, a woman with a deeply troubling past, falling in love with Henry, a very wealthy man, who practically sweeps her off her feet, it’s a dream come true, almost like a fairy tale. Even after a year of wedded bliss, she still keeps pinching herself, unable to believe how fortunate she is.But, Henry is not fully aware of Zoe’s past, so when she becomes the victim of a few break-ins [...]

    3. I was torn between giving this 2.5 and 3 stars, so I'll round up.When you watch a thriller or crime movie, at some point a character tells the beleaguered protagonist, Trust no one. If they listen to that advice, they find themselves questioning everyone's motivation, second-guessing seemingly innocent gestures even from people they know. (That is if they're smart, which characters in thrillers or crime movies rarely are.)I operate the same way when I read a thriller or crime novel. I guess I've [...]

    4. A stunning novel by Kate Moretti. I devoured this in a single weekend. An edge-of-your-seat thriller with an ending that completely took me by surprise. This is a must read for fans of domestic suspense!

    5. 4 Great Stars"As you are woman, so be lovely:As you are lovely, so be various,Merciful as constant, constant as various.So be mine, as I yours for ever."Zoe was adopted. Her adoptive father died in a car accident when she was a baby. Her adoptive mother died of cancer five years ago. Zoe’s birth mother left her in the nursery. Zoe is married nearly a year with Henry. She runs a charity. She is deeply attached to the cause of helping adopted and orphaned children. At the charity a couple call h [...]

    6. Enthralling and emotional domestic suspense! THE VANISHING YEAR is the story of Zoe, a woman on the run from her dark past. Her new husband, Henry, has pulled her into his opulent world of wealth and power. Zoe will never want for anything again, as long as she can keep her secrets buried deep. Then one day, her seemingly perfect world begins to unravel.I thought that this was a well-written psychological thriller. Gave me a feeling of unease from the beginning. I wasn't sure which characters to [...]

    7. When you've stayed up till 1:30 AM to finish a book, you know it's a good one! I've learned today that domestic thrillers are not my genre (which I should have known when I read The Silent Wife). This one started off a little erratic and dramatic, I didn't know where it was all going. But it came together quite nicely. The writing is very well done. I enjoyed this suspenseful read and will definitely be reading more by Kate Moretti. 3.5 stars rounded up to 4 because I couldn't put it down.

    8. This domestic psychological thriller kept me interested all the way though. Zoe is a beautiful woman and has a wonderful husband, Wall Street tycoon, Henry Whittaker. Zoe lives in a penthouse, has a very prestigious life and does not want for anything. But Zoe's life has not always been this way and she is battling to keep her past from coming back to haunt her, if it does her life will change immensely. As the story moves along Zoe must decide who she can trust and who has an agenda that may be [...]

    9. I won this twisty, compelling book due out in September from the author, and I was on the edge of my seat turning each and every page! From the first chapter, I was intrigued by Zoe's past, and there were several stunning cliffhangers that kept me enthralled throughout. Highly recommended!

    10. THE VANISHING YEAR,Kate Moretti’s latest is a tale of dark secrets, shocking lies, deception, and a dangerous obsession.Top 50 Books of 2016!The perfect example of “Good books don't give up all their secrets at once.”Patience. It is WORTH the wait, as the web of deceit unfolds in this grip-lit domestic suspense. Unputdownable. 2014—New York City:Zoe Whitaker is married to the handsome and charming Wall Street tycoon, Henry Whittaker. Manhattan’s finest. From clothes, jewelry, travel, l [...]

    11. It’s hard to review psychological thrillers without giving away spoilers so this will be a short summary. Zoe Whittaker is hiding from her past life in New York City. A past that she has kept a secret by creating a new identity. She has run from a former life of danger that included involvement with questionable people and shady business dealings. Today, she is married to Henry, a Wall Street executive. Henry is a generous husband but controlling and on the possessive side. Zoe is bored but fi [...]

    12. Holy cow!!!! What a thriller of a book!!! I loved it from the very first page to the very last page. The detail the author tells is point on!! When it got towards the end of the book, I was holding my breath when reading some of the pages. Highly recommend!!

    13. Slow start but hard to put down once the details of the mystery are slowly revealed. Also, some of it was predictable but I actually gasped out loud at some of the twists. Very good psychological thriller. I will be reading her other books. 4.5 star!

    14. Zoe Whitaker has it all. She is a high society Manhattanite with an eye for design and a handsome, wealthy husband. But she has secrets from her past that look to have caught up to her. And why does her husband try to control herwhat she wears, what she does, who she sees, what she eats?I found myself suspicious of everyone in this story from the start. The tension builds chapter by chapter until I raced to finish this brilliant book. Read this book and then watch the Alfred Hitchcock movie "Reb [...]

    15. The Vanishing Year is a riveting, edge-of-your seat domestic thriller!! Zoe is living in Manhattan, the wife of a successful businessman, living a dream life in Manhattan. What nobody know is that Zoe used to be someone else, a young woman who lived a completely different life than her current one. Now she has reason to believe that her past is catching up with her, and she is terrified that the truth will come out. This book will take you on an emotional roller coaster, a story that will have y [...]

    16. The Vanishing Year is one of those books that you just don't want to put down until you're finished. Definitely suspenseful and plenty of mystery, for once I had the who done it but not at all the why! Zoe Whittaker is a socialite who appears to have it all but everyone knows that she is from a different "circle." What they don't know is what she is running from - or what she has run in TO - and neither do we until the very end. However, despite the twists and turns and surprise ending, the stor [...]

    17. What a treat to get to read this one early!Framed by an intricate plot and loaded with real, breathing characters, The Vanishing Year keeps you guessing, and caring. Moretti delivers the best of psychological suspense: urgent, modern and smart. I'm addicted to Moretti's books, which just keep getting better.

    18. It's a 3 star for the writing skill. The prose was clear, and the nuance of modern culture to what is "in" for floral decor, art decoration, foodie low-carbs, and all kinds of Manhattan scenario societal best is a 4. It's really a 2.5 for me, but I can't round it up.Because Zoe was just plain self-involved uninteresting to me. And Henry her husband, seemed a sociopath in his control issues of every ilk from the get-go. So I could never become embedded. This was absolutely not my cup of tea. I on [...]

    19. A few years ago, I read Kate Moretti's debut Thought I Knew You. After that, I knew I had to get my hands on anything else she wrote. She's a skilled novelist, making her stories and characters feel so real that they practically jump off the pages. The Vanishing Year is further proof of this. It's part women's fiction and part psychological thriller, fitting it into the category of "grip lit." Well, it definitely is gripping! I couldn't get enough and when I reached the climax, I had to put asid [...]

    20. Loved, loved, loved this book! It had everything a great domestic thriller should have to make it an excellent read! Intrigue, love, obsession, money, mystery! Highly recommending this one! No bookmark needed!

    21. The Vanishing Year is a standalone, mystery/psychological thriller novel written by Kate Moretti. I found this story to be a consistently engaging read for me personally, with a plot twist that I did not see coming AT ALL. I ended the book totally flabbergasted. The more I thought about the the turn of events, the more I thought that many elements featured beforehand didn't quite make sense given the nature of this revelation, but I decided to not be nitpicky and just enjoy the speechless feelin [...]

    22. What a fast paced thriller full of complete mic drop moments. Every time I thought I had this book figured out Kate Moretti threw another curveball and sent me down a different path. If you're looking for a fast paced thriller that keeps you guessing The Vanishing Year is for you!

    23. Thank you so much to Atria paperbacks for sending me a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. I read a lot of thrillers, so it's very hard to impress me with this genre. This book is good, don't get me wrong, but it took a long time to finally get interesting. This book is only 290 pages and it took me a month and a half to finish it. A month and a freaking half. It never takes me that long to finish books, especially thrillers. So it's safe to say the premise and story wasn't holdi [...]

    24. 3.5 bumped to 4 for excellent narration. This is a review of the Audible version narrated by Mandeleine Maby. Soere's Zoe (who I imagine looks just like Zooey Deschanel)She's from San Francisco. She's adopted. She's been poor. She's got a dark past she's left behind. d there's Harrya dashing NY tycoon with blond tousled hair and piercing blue eyes (insert Camille Lacourt)Fate has brought them together after what may be consider as serendipitous circumstances. Two opposites who fall in love and m [...]

    25. “The Vanishing Year” by Kate Moretti is one of the best psychological thrillers I’ve read in a long time. I haven’t read any of Moretti’s work before this novel. She will be a “go-to” author when I’m in the mood for a captivating page-turner.The story unfolds through the eyes of Zoe Whittaker, a newly married woman trying to find her niche in the wealthy elite of Manhattan. Zoe wants to be substantial, make an impact, and be benevolent with her wealth as a wife of a successful Wa [...]

    26. A woman runs from an awful past, assumes a new identity as Zoe, and becomes an apprentice at a flower shop. That’s when she’s swept off her feet by the very rich Henry Whitaker. From the start, you see that Henry likes to exert his control, but it’s not like he’s keeping her locked up in the house. Zoe has her charity work, and while Henry is overly interested in how she spends the hours of the day, he seems like basically an OK guy who’s just a little on the domineering side. I liked [...]

    27. Full review to come closer to pub date.Quick thoughts:Smart and cunning. Zoe is a character that readers won't be able to get enough of as she pieces together what is happening currently in her life- does it have to do with her past? Kate Moretti writes Zoe in a way that you can't help but flip pages faster to see what happens next.

    28. I think I'm reading way too many psychological thrillers. This may have been my red flag to move onto some other genres:)

    29. There are some things that I liked about this book, but overall it is trying too hard, and it shows in the plot. All the loose ends are tightly tied together, so much together that I felt like it becoming a tangle and a real issue with how reasonable is such a plot. Sometime less is much more would be a good fit for this one.Some (major) parts reminded me of Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter, while trust no one is a great advice for any thriller, there are some that take it one step further. Slaug [...]

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