Gonzo Gonzo has not only had to come to terms with the loss of his entire family but he also barely survived being shot in the chest multiple times while still a human and was then later turned into a wer

  • Title: Gonzo
  • Author: Candace Blevins
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  • Page: 282
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  • Gonzo has not only had to come to terms with the loss of his entire family, but he also barely survived being shot in the chest multiple times while still a human, and was then later turned into a werewolf during a vicious attack while hiking as he tried to put his life back together.Constance has had her own losses to deal with, and while nowhere near as bad as Gonzo s, tGonzo has not only had to come to terms with the loss of his entire family, but he also barely survived being shot in the chest multiple times while still a human, and was then later turned into a werewolf during a vicious attack while hiking as he tried to put his life back together.Constance has had her own losses to deal with, and while nowhere near as bad as Gonzo s, they ve left a mark on her as well She s determined to live her life without a partner though, because her two sexual experiences in college convinced her she s asexual.Gonzo s a biker people cross the road to avoid, while Constance has multiple doctorate degrees and works as a research scientist for a leading pharmaceutical firm Gonzo doesn t trust women, Constance has no use for men and yet they re going to find themselves working toward the same goals.Can they form a team to do what needs to be done

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      Candace Blevins has published than thirty books She lives with her husband of 19 years and their two daughters When not working or driving young teens all over the place, she can be found reading, writing, meditating, or swimming The family s beloved, goofy, retired racing greyhound is usually at her side as she writes, quietly keeping her company.Candace writes Urban Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Contemporary BDSM Romance, and a kick ass Motorcycle Club series Her urban fantasy series, Only Human, gives us a world where weredragons, werewolves, werelions, and three different species of vampires exist, as well as a variety of other mythological beings.Candace s two paranormal romance series, The Chattanooga Supernaturals and The Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club, are both sister series to the Only Human books, and gives some secondary characters their happily ever after Her three paranormal series are written so you can read one series, or all three, should you prefer only a particular genre.Her Safeword Series gives us characters who happen to have some extreme kinks Relationships can be difficult enough without throwing power exchange into the mix, and her books show characters who care enough about each other to fight to make the relationship work Each book in the Safeword series highlights a couple with a different take on the lifestyle.You can visit Candace on the web at candaceblevins and feel free to friend her on Facebook at facebook candacesblevins and CandaceBlevins You can also join facebook groups CandacesKinksters to get sneak peeks into what she s writing now, images that inspire her, and the occasional juicy blurb.Only Human series Urban Fantasy Only Human An Unhuman Journey Of Humans and Monsters Unhuman Acts Chattanooga Supernaturals Paranormal Romance The Dragon King Riding the Storm Acceptable Risk Careful What You Ask For Hallowed Destiny Forged by Darkness Uncaged Slave A Dark ish Faerie TaleRolling Thunder Motorcycle Club Duke Brain Bash, Volume I Bash, Volume II Bash, Volume III Horse Gonzo Nix Ghost Bud RazorThe Dark Underbelly of The Chattanooga Supernaturals Pride Indentured Freedom Owned by the Vampire Leashed An Elegant WeaponSafeword series BDSM Romance Safeword Rainbow Safeword Davenport Safewords Davenport and Chiffon Safeword Quinacridone Safeword Matte Safeword Matte In Training No Safeword Matte The Honeymoon No Safeword Matte Happily Ever After Safeword Arabesque Safeword Mayday TBA


    1. When Gonzo first showed up, he seemed a bit damaged, but that's okay. Then he played a part in Brain's book and I loathed him. Gonzo is messed up in the head and either needs to get his shit together or be put down like the mad wolf he is. He pissed me off and I found it hard to believe Ms. Blevins would feature him in a book of his own. Why would he need it? Gonzo's life is simple in my mind. I can sum it up in two sentences. Life happened. He made a bad decision and it cost him a lot. How he t [...]

    2. **ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review**Gonzo is one character I was most interested in getting to know when he appeared in Brain's story. Damaged, and scary, with a deep hatred for women, I was curious how he would get his own HEA.Constance (Connie) appears out of nowhere with part of Gonzo's unknown life in her hands. Making the choice to reveal a secret that is both devastating and life changing for Gonzo. Working together for the same goal allows these two to become cl [...]

    3. Kitty's review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsI have a new book boyfriend. I am absolutely, positively, unequivocally head over heels in love with sweet, loveable, big, bad Gonzo. Oh. My. God. The man of grunts is really a puppy dog with a huge heart that just needed the right motivation and the right woman to bring him alive again.I don’t even know where to start with Gonzo. I don’t, in any way, want to give away the premise of this book. You NEED to read it to see the wonderful tra [...]

    4. There was something about Gonzo that made him angry all the time and in this addition to the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club Series we find out exactly why he is the way he isd it's heartbreaking!I have to say I was not a fan of Gonzo's when he was in the other books but wow, I totally understand the grumpy don't f@ck with me attitude now, and the way he makes a 180 in this book has you believing that the love of a good woman can heal anything. Constance considers herself asexual so she has swor [...]

    5. I’ve been patiently waiting for Gonzo, I’ve read the others and so totally fell in love with the RMTC series, I was lucky enough to receive a ARC for Gonzo from the Author in exchange for my honest review. Wow Gonzo, if I hadn’t met Gonzo in the previous books I’d have not known he was the same man. We know when something tragic happens in our life one or two things can happen. We fold within ourselves and either become angry and bitter or bitter and sad both instances lonely. Gonzo put [...]

    6. I was practically doing cartwheels when Candace Blevins sent me a copy of Gonzo. I should feel embarrassed since I think I may have worn her down with all the “I Can’t Freaking Wait!” comments I left her.This was an emotionally driven book but we knew it would be since it was Gonzo’s story. He had zero respect for women because he had been betrayed by his second wife which resulted in the death of his children. I felt for him, but I still thought he was a complete jerk. With no use for w [...]

    7. *ARC copy provided by author for honest review*'Tis a thing of beauty, this revealing tale about the heretofore monster that is Gonzo. Insights into the man will surprise and please readers of the RTMC series, and will engage every emotion available to new readers. There is a beautiful, organic flow to all the relationships Gonzo develops and nurtures, and the results surprise even him. Though all of the key characters make their presence felt in profound ways, this is wholly Gonzo's story. I mu [...]

    8. Spoiler Ahead This was book 7 in the "Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club" Dwight "Gonzo" Wells lost his whole family he first lost his parents and brother when he was fourteen than he lost his first wife to cancer and then his second wife shot him and killed his two children. While hiking he was attacked and turned into a werewolf and he didn't want to turn back to being human. Constance has had to deal with her own share of loss her sister Sandy died of a drug overdose and she was left to raise he [...]

    9. “Gonzo” is my first Candace Blevins novel and I was so curious to read it, I asked to join a list so I could receive an ARC of the Roller Thunder Motorcycle Club book 7 (yes, there are other yummy books in this series that I will need to indulge in further). Both the male and female leads in the story have seen their share of heartache. Seriously, so. And through a series of circumstances that should not have happened (avoiding spoilers), Gonzo and Connie have been thrown together and not on [...]

    10. I really did not know what to expect when I started reading Gonzo’s story, but what this author brings about in telling his story is a man who has suffered, a man who has to learn to adjust due to unforeseen circumstances, a man who may learn to love again.Gonzo meets Constance when she imparts some very big news, big enough to change his life. Together they work to make things work in their new roles, they also get to know each other better. Love the paranormal elements, he is a werewolf and [...]

    11. Motorcycles. Bad boys. Werewolves. Romance. Then there was Gonzo. This man has lived his share of deep, deep, deep tragedy, heartbreak, and just down right major tragedy. He has every right to keep the chip on his shoulders and bring down the shutters to his soul more than most. He was walking through life with one purpose and that was to protect the innocent. While needing a true purpose for his life. Bad, bad boys need someone to love, protect, and cherish as well has have it returned. There w [...]

    12. Gonzo is one of those books I enjoyed because of the underlying theme (whether the author intended it to be a theme or not) - sometimes, your closest family is the one you make for yourself. There’s a lot of subtle emotion in this story. Yes, some of it is in your face, but a lot of it creeps under the surface. It’s more than just the relationship between Gonzo and Constance.It is so hard to write this review without giving away any spoilers. There’s a reveal that is so huge for Gonzo, one [...]

    13. I was not a Gonzo fan coming into this but it didn’t stop me from being curious enough to want to know his story. What was his deal? Why was he so angry at the world? The Gonzo in this story was a different person. It was hard to reconcile the Gonzo I thought I knew with the Gonzo I came to know. In the end I couldn’t help but love him. He was patient, thoughtful, and kind. The way he dealt with Connie and the kids coming into his life was definitely something.Not sure how much I liked Conni [...]

    14. *ARC copy provided by author for honest review*Kindle copy preordered on Let me start by saying I love love love the RTMC series and I have had a soft spot in my heart for Gonzo from book one. Most people see him as just a grade A jerk, but I always wanted to chip away at his crusty outside to see the real man inside. I was not disappointed--Gonzo stole my heart! He is my new favorite RTMC member, sorry Brain!Gonzo has been through a hell I can't even begin to wrap my head around. To avoid compl [...]

    15. Gonzo never really stood out for me in the previous books, but after going back and doing a little re-reading I’m not sure why I didn’t notice him more. He seems to be the most broken of the RTMC members, having suffered loss after loss. His general views of women aren’t good, but at the same time he is quick to jump in and help a woman in distress.Constance is very structured. Everything in life has a place and everything needs to be in its place. Having kids about the same age, she left [...]

    16. At its heart, this is a sweet romance about grief and loss. But on top of that we have all sorts of other crazy themes--wolf shifter, aunt raising her sisters kids, secret baby, motorcycle club, opposites attract--all kinds of fun that make this a really good time. Gonzo was really dead inside and kind of awful earlier in the series. He hates women and acts like it. We get to know why in this book and Blevins does a great job making him into a wonderful hero. I like the quiet, fierce, practical [...]

    17. Gonzo.A supernatural, shifter novel. Book 7 in the RTMC series.Let me start by saying Gonzo is not likable throughout this series. He's been dealt a rough hand and walks through life rather than actually living it. Sooo.he's rough and he's tough and he's not the nicest guy, especially to women. Really, really not nice.Cue Connie. She's convinced she's asexual. When she and Gonzo meet, it's not love or like at first sight. No spoilers - but when Connie reveals her secret, she and Gonzo find some [...]

    18. Gonzo is a broken man. He doesn’t relate to people beyond his brothers in the RTMC and doesn’t participate more than he has to. He’s a scary man I’d cross the road to avoid.So I was curious to see how Candace Blevins would bring him to life and give him a story I’d be interested in. I should have known she’d find a way.Gonzo’s life, which has been tragic, and enough to make anyone step away, takes a turn for the better. There is something out there to pique his interest, to make hi [...]

    19. Received ARC. Emotionally charged storyline for this member of the MC club. Sex was almost subtle in the context of the, at times, wrenching story. You get the eroticism Candace is so famous for, but the story of redemption overshadows it. Great story with Constance and Gonzo, small side story, but wholly about 2 completely different people finding each other bound for a common goal. How they get together is a huge spoiler, so it's hard to put into words the emotional deliverance Gonzo gets in h [...]

    20. Bikers, werewolves, and a smart heroine are again on center stage in this series. Having read each of the books in this series, I loved getting to know the back story of Gonzo. Despite his initial trepidation, Connie is a great match for him. (view spoiler)[Seeing him with his children was also a revelation. (hide spoiler)] I'm quite happy to be team Gonzo now.

    21. So I took a little break from this series because book 6 was boring and brutal to finish. So just picked up again to see if I wanted to continue. I'm glad I did. This book was a true redemption for this series. Once again I'm wanting to continue the series.

    22. My heart went out to Gonzo when he discovered he had children. His joy in seeing his twins was palpable. Constance, the prim and proper scientist, knew it was the righr thing to do in letting Gonzo know about his twins. The surly man seemed to come to life before her eyes. While she had many reservations about him and his lifestyle, the love he had for Chloe and Declan was so apparent the reservations took a back sest. The begin to co-parent the lively children at the same time moving toward a m [...]

    23. Gonzo & ConnieWow! What a beautiful love story. It was sad & happy & loving mixed along with the RTMC way of life. I cried so much for Gonzo & his loss. But also for the love story that unfolded along the way. I read it so quickly, I just couldn't put it down. All the other books have love stories in them just not as touching as this one. Enjoy!!! I definitely did!! Thank you Candace!6

    24. How can you not feel good at the end of this story. Gonzo's HEA. WOW to have loved and lost twice and the second time being one of the worst. Way to hang in there Gonzo.

    25. Fans of shifter reads will find some familiar mythos in this scorching story along with a few inventive twists that sets this apart from the rest of the genre. From its political system to its hierarchy between those born and bitten that shows differing strength, the depiction of pack life is an intriguing one and is perfectly blended with the mentality of the MC world to keep readers invested in this story. Add in a hero who's difficult to define, a heroine that left me a bit frustrated, and a [...]

    26. I’m fairly new to both the MC and ‘shifter genre. I’ve decided I’m kind of in love with both, and the combination thereof is even MORE fun.Oh, and I forgot to add my penchant for stories that star a damaged hero with a dark past and the heroine who saves him — and gets saved herself in the process. GONZO has that too! PLUS,, there’s some SERIOUS sexytime here.While this is the 7th book in the Rolling Thunder Motorcyle Club (RTMC) series (what is it with me coming into the middle of s [...]

    27. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.I love motorcycles, men with beards, and paranormal romance, so obviously I was immediately sold on Gonzo. Sadly, the book fell short of my expectations and my first foray into the Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club is likely to be my last.Dwight “Gonzo” Wells is left reeling when he’s unceremoniously informed he’s unwittingly fathered twins. Almost instantly Gonzo accepts responsibility for the children and is [...]

    28. I loved Gonzo's story. I love reading MC books and I had no idea what to expect when I started reading Gonzo’s story. Gonzo is a wolf shifter but there is more about the human side of Gonzo than the paranormal side of this shifter in this story line. As I was reading many times I want to reach inside my Kindle and just give him a hug. Gonzo is a damaged man that seems to hate most people until Connie comes into his life with news that he never expected to hear. Without telling you what that ne [...]

    29. And how can you mend a broken heart?How can you stop the rain from falling down?How can you stop the sun from shining?What makes the world go round?How can you mend this broken man?How can a loser ever win?Please help me mend my broken heart and let me live againThis song played through my mind throughout this book. Gonzo is a sincerely broken man. He lost his wife and kids and was turned into a werewolf. He exists for his brothers in the club and that’s about the extent of his living. Until h [...]

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