Zombies: The Recent Dead

Zombies The Recent Dead You can t kill the dead Like any good monster the zombie has proven to be ever evolving monumentally mutable and open to seemingly endless imaginative interpretations the thralls of voodoo sorcerer

  • Title: Zombies: The Recent Dead
  • Author: Paula Guran Steve Duffy Max Brooks Nik Houser Andy Duncan David J. Schow Joe R. Lansdale Neil Gaiman
  • ISBN: 9781607012344
  • Page: 401
  • Format: Paperback
  • You can t kill the dead Like any good monster, the zombie has proven to be ever evolving, monumentally mutable, and open to seemingly endless imaginative interpretations the thralls of voodoo sorcerers, George Romero s living dead, societal symbols, dancing thrillers, viral victims, reanimated ramblers, video gaming targets, post apocalyptic permutations, shuffling sidekiYou can t kill the dead Like any good monster, the zombie has proven to be ever evolving, monumentally mutable, and open to seemingly endless imaginative interpretations the thralls of voodoo sorcerers, George Romero s living dead, societal symbols, dancing thrillers, viral victims, reanimated ramblers, video gaming targets, post apocalyptic permutations, shuffling sidekicks, literary mash ups, the comedic, and, yes, even the romantic Evidently, we have an enduring hunger for this infinite onslaught of the ever hungry dead Hoards of readers are now devouring zombie fiction faster than armies of the undead could chow down their brains It s a sick job, but somebody had to do it explore the innumerable necrotic nightmares of the latest, greatest, most fervent devotion in the history of humankind and ferret out the best of new millenial zombie stories Zombies The Recent Dead.Contents ix Preshamble 2010 essay by Paula Guranxii The Meat of the Matter 2004 essay by David J Schowxxii Deaditorial Note 2010 essay by Paula Guran29 Twisted 2009 novelette by Kevin Veale54 The Things He Said 2007 shortstory by Michael Marshall Smith64 Naming of Parts 2000 novella by Tim Lebbon128 Dating Secrets of the Dead 2002 shortstory by David Prill142 Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed 2007 shortstory by Steve Duffy171 The Great Wall A Story from the Zombie War 2007 shortstory by Max Brooks178 First Kisses from Beyond the Grave 2006 novelette by Nik Houser218 Zora and the Zombie 2004 novelette by Andy Duncan239 Obsequy 2006 novelette by David J Schow267 Deadman s Road Reverend Jedidiah Mercer 2007 novelette by Joe R Lansdale293 Bitter Grounds 2003 novelette by Neil Gaiman334 Glorietta 2009 shortfiction by Gary A Braunbeck334 Beautiful White Bodies 2009 novelette by Alice Sola Kim342 Farewell, My Zombie 2009 shortfiction by Francesca Lia Block354 Trinkets 2001 shortfiction by Tobias S Buckell as by Tobias Buckell 362 Dead Man s Land 2009 shortfiction by David Wellington378 Disarmed and Dangerous 2009 novelette by Tim Waggoner395 The Zombie Prince 2004 shortstory by Kit Reed409 Three Scenes from the End of the World 2009 shortfiction by Brian Keene420 The Hortlak 2003 novelette by Kelly Link445 Dead to the World 2009 shortstory by Gary McMahon458 The Last Supper 2003 shortstory by Scott Edelman

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      401 Paula Guran Steve Duffy Max Brooks Nik Houser Andy Duncan David J. Schow Joe R. Lansdale Neil Gaiman
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    1. Paula Guran Steve Duffy Max Brooks Nik Houser Andy Duncan David J. Schow Joe R. Lansdale Neil Gaiman

      Paula Guran is senior editor for Prime Books She edited the Juno fantasy imprint from its small press inception through its incarnation as an imprint of Pocket Books She is also senior editor of Prime s soon to launch digital imprint Masque Books Guran edits the annual Year s Best Dark Fantasy and Horror series as well as a growing number of other anthologies In an earlier life she produced weekly email newsletter DarkEcho winning two Stokers, an IHG award, and a World Fantasy Award nomination , edited Horror Garage earning another IHG and a second World Fantasy nomination , and has contributed reviews, interviews, and articles to numerous professional publications.


    1. I must admit that I liked more the second volume of this series. Not that there are bad stories here, but I felt that the other ones were at a better level than those here.I'ved enjoyed some of them, but surprisingly there weren't any texts out of the ordinary. Good ones, true, but not at the level I've been expecting it.

    2. 8 Twisted, by Kevin Veale.Ended too suddenly. Would have liked more.5 The Things He Said, by Michael Marshall Smith.9 The Naming of Parts, by Tim Lebbon.Creepy, good.Dating Secrets of the Dead, by David Prill?9 Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed, by Steve Duffy.5 The Great Wall: A Story From the Zombie War, by Max Brooks.Loved WWZ, but out of context this wasn't so great.7 First Kisses from Beyond the Grave, by Nik Houser.Kinda weird. I didn't get the ending.6 Zora and the Zombie by Andy Duncan.8 Obsequy [...]

    3. Like many collections of short stories, this one was a combination of hits and misses. I've realized that I'm a bit of a classicist when it comes to zombie stories. I want my zombies to be ZOMBIES; I don't want them to be seducing people in their bedrooms (are you kidding me, Kit Reed? If you want to write a vampire story, write a fricking vampire story), or having a teenage crisis about dating other zombies (no offense, David Prill, but what *was* that?), and I don't even want them to be maybe [...]

    4. I'm going to rate this like I usually do with anthologies. Otherwise it'll all be forgotten. Here goes so far:(2 stars) Twisted by Kevin Veale - Not so much. I liked the two main characters and I think I like the premise but the prose wasn't for me at all. (3 stars) The Things He Said by Michael Marshall Smith - better than the first IMO and definitely a shocker and I again liked the premise.(5 stars) Naming of Parts by Tim Lebbon - This may be the best one yet. Lebbon does a great job tackling [...]

    5. Every single one of the stories was readable and entertaining, in a lighthearted zombie way. The one novella, Tim Lebbon's "Naming of Parts" was excellent, as was "Dating Secrets of the Dead" by David Prill, "Deadman's Road" by Joe Lansdale, "Trinkets" by Tobias S. Buckell and "The Last Supper" by Scott Edelman. Recommended for those who enjoy Zombie stories that are a little bit scary and only a little bit gory.

    6. There are some anthologies that aren't mixed bags, that actually have more good stories than bad ones, or more bad stories than good ones. This was not one such anthology. Full review to come.

    7. The fast and dirty version is that I was entirely impressed with this anthology, and found it a thoroughly enjoyable read with some new and interesting spins on the broader zombie mythos.Given that these are short-stories and I want to avoid spoiling anything, these are going to involve a short precis of what makes the story distinctive, before covering what I thought.With that said, on to the details! In order of appearance, we have:Introductory SectionsThere is an introduction-in-three parts, [...]

    8. Thankfully the 2nd half of this book picked up considerably and while I still prefer the sequel, the stories in the last half helped make this book a pretty good read!

    9. I'm gonna go one by one. I've read other anthologies and can't remember which I like and which I don't. So I'll do it this way for my future reference* Twisted--Kevin Veale I've read this before in another anthology. Didn't like it. ** The Things He Said-- Michael Marshall Smith It was ok. Kinda weird and even before I got the twist I thought the guy was a creeper.**Naming the Parts-- Tim Lebbon It was ok. I thought it was kinda long winded. ** Dating Secrets of the Dead-- David Prill It was a l [...]

    10. based on her editor's introduction, i think paula guran is probably smarter than the majority of the authors in this collection. her introductions and commentary are really great, but i think she tends to be more generous in her evaluations than i would be. too many of the stories were simply tedious - either a little too earnestly bent on providing "social commentary" (without really understanding that social commentary doesn't work if you use zombies as a plot device or catalyst to force insig [...]

    11. I've never understood the attraction of the zombie mystique. Dead people walking around for no real purpose. But I saw that several of my favorite writers had stories here, and so I couldn't pass it up. I'm still not entirely sure what the attraction of zombies is but the stories were intriguing and different than I expected. So all in all a pretty good read.

    12. I like Zombies. I like Short Stories. Zombie short stories? Sure, why not? Yeah, I picked this book up because I love zombie/post apocalyptic novels and feel that sometimes all you need is a short concise story. I wanted to like it, butThis book lurked in my list for a long time. I would read a story (I really only found one I tolerated) and then put it off to the side, coming back every so often to bite a small chunk off, get bored and then put it aside again. So I would say I slogged through t [...]

    13. I reluctantly give this collection of short stories three stars, even though I was leaning towards two. Some of these stories, in simple terms, were pretty horrible. Nevertheless, there were some standouts - "The Things He Said", "Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed", "Deadman's Road". Of course you can't hate on a "World War Z" excerpt either. Was this collection worth the read? Yeah, I think the good stories were VERY good. And even some of the stories I would categorize as a little corny were pretty de [...]

    14. There's a ton of variety among these stories, with everything from classic terrifying zombies to humorous spoofs to social commentary. As is the case with almost every short story collection I've read (especially one with stories by different authors), I liked some stories more than others. For the most part, though, I enjoyed the collection. Zombie literature is popular right now, so authors are going to have to be creative to keep it fresh. This collection contains a lot of original ideas that [...]

    15. Some of the stories in this collection are amazing. The authors explore many different aspects of the zombie idea. There are voodoo zombies, metaphorical zombies, ghouls, revenants, conscious zombies, and dangerous insatiable flesh eating zombies. The contributions from Neil Gaiman, Max Brooks, and Francesca Lia Block were among my favorites. Intriguing, thought provoking, occasionally disconcerting, Paula Guran made some excellent choices about what to include, but this collection suffers from [...]

    16. Not my favorite zombie antho, but there were some great highlights. The writing is great; I just wasn't as interested in all the stories this time around. Dating Secrets of the Dead had me roaring in bed, which annoyed my husband late at night. Kudos for David Prill for making me cry with laughter at a zombie tale -- just doesn't happen that often. I also enjoyed Joe R. Lansdale's short, Deadman's Road, which is beautifully written. I recommend this for zombie lovers, but don't try to read it wh [...]

    17. Excellent collection, very well edited, even preshamble (how clever is that) was interesting. In these stories zombie-ism was used as metaphors for various things, which was very interesting, though there was plenty of guts and gore that fans of zombie fiction are accustomed to. I only wish there were more original stories, since I've read a bunch of them before in different collections, but if you're relatively new to zombie or horror fiction, I highly recommend this collection as a starting po [...]

    18. Zombies are so in right nowd that is usually when I avoid something. This has a short story by Neil Gaiman so I HAD to check out his contribution. His story referred to an earlier story so I wound up reading that one too. These two have an interesting perspective on Zombies that I am unfamiliar with. Not that I am a Zombie expert, but I have seen the movies and killed my share of video game zombies. I suppose if I were totally into zombies, I would read the whole book, but I think I will walk aw [...]

    19. Fun little collection of short stories of the undead. I really liked it because you have all these different authors, and all these different interpretations of the word Zombie and the concept that it brings to mind.I mean, you have the traditional Western and Voodoo zombies, alongside social beauty zombies, zombies un-rotting and intelligent, and so forth.A must for any fan of zombie fiction.

    20. The long and the short of it - I really liked this collection of short stories about zombies. They mostly weren't the shambling "braaaaains" type, and there was some weirdly romantic stuff in here, if not a bit of what might border on zombie erotica. Bonus fact - Zora Neal Hurston is mentioned in at least 2 stories. I guess that's what she gets for taking a photo of a zombie in a hospital back in the day.Anyway, my sister got this for Christmas, so I took it, read it, and enjoyed it.

    21. This is supposed to be a anthology of zombie short stories, and the stories are zombie related, but besides "The Great Wall" by Max Brooks, and maybe a few others, there is very here for the hardcore zombie fan. The definition of a zombie is used loosely when it came to choosing stories for this book, which includes what I would consider ghost stories and other stories only tacitly zombie related.

    22. I enjoyed the first two stories in this book ("Twisted" and "The Things He Said"), but the rest ranged from hated/weird ("Dating Secrets of the Dead"??? Seriously? Who published this drivel??), couldn't get into (even "The Great Wall" by WWZ author Max Brooks -- boring!), to why did I read that? The last story, "The Last Supper", was probably the one I liked 'best' after the first two. Would not, could not, recommend this book.

    23. This book had some really great stories, but around the 2/3 point you can tell that the editor just gave up. I put it down after I couldn't get through a single page that didn't have a misspelled word, improper punctuation, or even a switch from 1st to 3rd person within a paragraph. The first half is definitely worth a read if you like zombie stories (there's even one by Neil Gaiman!) but if you're a grammar nazi, the last third is something truly scary.

    24. There were several good stories and bad stories. I didn't like the "body snatcher" zombies that re-animated zombies with higher functions like shooting guns and driving cars. There were several that were really well written and made the poorly written stories stand out. The good out weighs the bad so 4 stars.

    25. Overall a great collection of short stories. I had only read one of them before (the Max Brooks contribution) so most of the stories were new expposures to me. I really liked the different interpretations of the zombie as a charater type. Many different types of zombies were presented.e slow, the fast, the passive, the aggressive, the ugly and even the beautiful. A book worth reading.

    26. This book was not for because, I don't like when stories just end, without actually endin. All the stories in this book where like that. A few ended enough that it wasn't so bad. I now own this book and it's one that I'll never listen to again; I try not to read reviews because some people don't know how to add SPOILER ALERT to them, and in this case I wish I would've.

    27. Too many stories that are about the undead and ghouls rather than zombies. Zombies don't think, speak, date, or be swarthy Casanovas. They shamble and eat people.Don't get me wrong, I really liked a lot of the ghoul/undead stories, but they don't belong in a collection of zombie short stories anymore ham a werewolf in a vampire anthology.

    28. Pretty cool selection of short zombie fiction. Lots of different takes zombies. My two favs were the first story and one thattakes places a decade or so after the zombie holocaust. I like the latter for it's "what does living mearly to survive" take. Needless to say, once the zombie uprising happens, the outlook for humanity is bleak.

    29. If you enjoy a good Zombie story there are some real gems in this collection. The two that stand out for me are First Kisses from Beyond the Grave and Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed. First Kisses from Beyond the Grave would make a great movie - although they might want to edit out the necrophilia.

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