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Iain Burnett - Highland Chocolatier



East India Company

Lalith Lenadora, Tea Master of the East India Company

Mr Lenadora has built his encyclopaedic knowledge of tea with a career which he started at the age of 18 as tea planter in his native Sri Lanka. Mr Lenadora’s wealth of experience working in some of the great Sri Lankan tea estates has helped him develop an innate understanding of and expertise in the seasonal qualities of tea.

EBC Communications

Tea Masters film crew 2000 metres up in the Chinese hills

EBC Communications
Secrets of The Tea Masters is just one of EBC Films new releases. If you enjoy gardens and gardening you'll also enjoy our three-programme exploration of inspiring Mediterranean gardeners. We are currently developing a TV/DVD/Online six part series looking at the ebb and flow of art, music and cookery along the ancient Silk Road - that's one to look out for in 2015.